Welcome to "Rabbit Doubt"! Enjoy your game~


In case you didn't know, this is a roleplay based on the manga "Doubt". If you haven't read it, GO DO SO! It's amazing, and only about 20 chapters~ If you don't care to read it, you can ask me about how it goes and I'd be happy to explain it!

Basically, your character(s) play a game called "Rabbit Doubt", a game where you are a Rabbit, and your goal is to find the "Wolf" in the group of people you play with. It's a game mostly for cell phones, and others players can be identified by the Rabbit cell phone charm. As your character(s) meet up with other players, you mysteriously end up being dragged to a strange, abandoned hospital, and forced to play the game. But this time...

It's real.

~For those who know the series, the basics are that this time, the murder just wants one big round up. So, she has wolves keeping people coming. Oh, and its a really big hospital. ^_~


LEADER- Zoeys Creatures/kyouyarenge- Destiny/ Zero
COLEADER- littlepooch- Lulu
MoonsMedly- Charlie/Gabriel
lapaperninja- Shun
tutcat- Torri
ChiyukiChan- Jack


kyouyarenge- 100yen
littlepooch- 100yen
MoonsMedly- 100yen
lapaperninja- 100yen
tutcat- 100yen
ChiyukiChan- 100yen
kittychan0688- 100yen

Important links

The story behind Rabbit Doubt


If you want to join, fill out this profile~

Name: (doesn't need to be first and last, just what ever)

Age: (what ever you want, from old man, to little kid, but little kids might get a bit freaked out)

Gender: (Not the place to tell us about which way they lean)

Rabbit or Wolf: (Basically, killer or not a killer. If you want to be a killer, YOU MUST HAVE READ THE MANGA! This part will be removed from your profile and kept private between me and one or two trusted consorts)

Appearance: (hair, eyes, skin, tattoos, etc)

Bar Code Location: (You only have one, and it will open exactly ONE door. After its used, it can't be used anymore)

Outfit: (only one~ No changing when your trapped!)




Occupation: (doesn't have to be a student!)

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: (just to know~)

Other backround: (can be as mysterious as you want!)


Other things may be added later as I see fitting~