littlepooch's character: Liu

Name: Liu Diovana (pronounced just Lu) or better just known as Lulu through Rabbit Doubt

Age: 19(actual)/16 (explained in background)

Gender: Female

Appearance: long orange hair with black tips, green eyes, a little tan, a tattoo that’s on her back and you can see the endings of it on her shoulders and another one on her ankle/foot/up her leg. (hidden by her knee high boots.)

Bar Code Location: (not to be perverted and all buuut) on her right thigh. (her skirt mostly covers it.)

Outfit: A pink tank top but with a turtle neck, gray skirt, blue ribbon on the left side of her head, a navy blue wrist band, and blue and green boots.

Personality: Child like and immature for her age and she basically thinks of life as one big game. (Note: in away, she’s like the twins in Ouran and always making up funny little games) Also quite sly and tricky.

Likes: games and roller balding.

Dislikes: drawing a cat’s game (meaning there is no winner)

Occupation: Believe it or not, she’s studying to become a doctor .___.’’ But currently a college student.

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: She heard about it from a few people in her college.

Other background: Something between Lui and her sister happened when she was 16, something that she can’t forget. So as she says it, “she froze in time at the age of 16,” she got her tattoo because of her sister. Most of her past will be reviled as the rp progresses >3 And she’s meet up with Destiny before for a different Rabbit Doubt game. She talks to her every so often but has been caught up in her studies (she has too short of an attention span so she’s not doing too well in school) and doesn’t go out very much D: