My Second OC: Zero

Well, I'm using my awesome leader powers to grant myself a second OC, for good reasons, I promise. However, I am not at liberty to tell you why~

Name: Zero (actual name he doesn't like to tell, and he'll tell you that Zero is his alias.)

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearance: Dark, shaggy hair, hazel eyes, semi-pale skin, about 6', 150lbs.

Bar Code Location: Left wrist

Outfit: Black jeans, sneakers, blood red t-shirt

Personality: doesn't talk much, smart, and always thinks things through. He's not a blind follower, but will make his own decisions. You can pull him out of his shell, but it may take a while.

Likes: chocolate, friends

Dislikes: annoying people, bitter food, being forced to be louder

Occupation: fresh out of high school, in transition and preparing for college

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: It was the craze among the seniors. He joined later, in order to win a bet that he wouldn't

Other backround: Grew up the only child of a single mother. Multiple times, he was nearly taken away by CPA due to his mother not caring enough to stay sober around him, and her refusal to clean their overly cluttered house (like, think the best of the worst of all those hording shows). Although she never like him, it was against her morals to hit a child. He moved out the day he turned 18, in order to avoid her wrath.