ChiyukiChan's OC: Jack

Name: Jack (Actually Jackolyn, but she keeps that a secret)

Age: 14, but acts older

Gender: Female, but she dresses as a male and tells people she's a man.

Appearance: Short, scruffy gray-brown hair with bangs that cover most of her eyes and amber eyes. Tan skin with the occasional scar from a street fight.

Bar Code Location: Forehead XD

Outfit: Baggy white shirt that's mostly in tatters, and plain ragged jeans. Half-broken shoes, and headphones around her neck. She looks like your average skater dude.

Personality: Rough and unpersonable. She doesn't like to talk, so shut up. She doesn't want to fight, but she'll kick your arse if you keep annoying her. She doesn't make friends easily, and has a very suspicious character. Her face is set in a permanent scowl. Not fun to play around with, but she loves the game Rabbit Doubt.

Likes: Fights, blood, human complexities, doubt, lies, spiders and wolves

Dislikes: Innocence, rabbits

Occupation: Graveyard, since she dropped out of High School to pay her bills.

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: She stole a cell phone from some guy she beat up and it had the game on it. She got hooked. :3

Other backround: Her mother was strung up on drugs throughout all her childhood. The only things he would say to Jack were warning her a bout liars, like her father, telling her how evil the world was, and how weak women and friends were. (Probably why she likes Rabbit Doubt so much--"The Liar Must Die" she had heard it before.) That, and singing the same song, over and over, "You are my sunshine...My only sunshine...". She was always smiling, and with that, Jack grew up miserable. Jack's mother eventually started pushing her away, and after they had been distanced enough, her mother killed herself.
That song, You are My Sunshine, has haunted Jack ever since, falling into her dreams.