Moonsailor's characters: Charlie and Gabriel

Name: Charlie Fletcher

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: wears a brown wig and and brown colored contacts. Pale skin. Her hair is actually blonde and curly, and without her contacts, her eyes are green.

Bar Code : palm of her right hand

Outfit: a pink poofy dress with a maroon bow tied around the collar. Maroon tights and white shoes with Velcro straps.

Personality: Around others Charlie is quiet and will do almost anything to avoid directing attention on to her. She also acts very kind. This is mostly just an act though. She is actually rather vain and self-centered, and is easily annoyed by those dhe believes to be below her.

Likes:acting, disguises, herself

Dislikes:annoying people, losing

Occupation: student/actress

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: she read about it in a magazine

Other backround: She's in disguise due a series of incidents leading to the police searching for her.


Name: Gabriel

Age: 9 (He's pretty brave)

Gender: male

Appearance: spikey light brown hair, dark brown eyes. He has really pale skin and his eyes always have dark circles under them.

Bar Code Location: on the palm of his left hand

Outfit: A white t-shirt with a blue sweatshirt and an oversized red coat over it, khaki pants and a pair of white keds.

Personality: very optimistic. Gabriel doesn't understand the difference between life and death, and is likely to treat a dangerous situation as a game. He is also a compulsive liar, as he thinks it makes his life more interesting.

Likes: stories, games, Charlie, stealing things, lying

Dislikes: being bored, his family, school

Occupation: student

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: Charlie taught him about it.

Other backround: may or may not have had something to do with a murder case, in which of his friends is the leading suspect.