tutcat's OC: Torri

Name-Torri Onsuna

age- 21

gender- female

apperance- Short brown hair,fair skin,and a paw print tattoo on her cheek

bar code location- Her arm

outfit- Pink mini jacket,bright green tank top,pale blue skinny jeans,red sneakers,gold hoop earings

personality- Bubbly,girly,out going

likes- Her cell phone,charms,bright colors

dislikes- dark colors,emos and goths

occupation- unemployed

how they came to know rabbit doubt- She got a link about it in a mysterious text message

other background- She failed horribly in high school but still managed to gradute. She has a hard time keeping a stable job

Okay guys~ Almost time to start~ I'll be informing a person/people who have wolves about the other wolves soon.