If you want to join, fill out this profile~

Name: (doesn't need to be first and last, just what ever)

Age: (what ever you want, from old man, to little kid, but little kids might get a bit freaked out)

Gender: (Not the place to tell us about which way they lean)

Rabbit or Wolf: (Basically, killer or not a killer. If you want to be a killer, YOU MUST HAVE READ THE MANGA! This part will be removed from your profile and kept private between me and one or two trusted consorts)

Appearance: (hair, eyes, skin, tattoos, etc)

Bar Code Location: (You only have one, and it will open exactly ONE door. After its used, it can't be used anymore)

Outfit: (only one~ No changing when your trapped!)




Occupation: (doesn't have to be a student!)

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: (just to know~)

Other backround: (can be as mysterious as you want!)


Other things may be added later as I see fitting~