lapaperninja's character: Shun

Name:Shun Haine
Age: 17
Appearance:short wild hair,spiky at the back,Orange/yellow colored eyes,Pale skinned,has piercings in both ears (small plugs,not the big ones!!)Has snake bites,and a tattoo of barbed wire in his left arm (it is usally hidden by his clothes)
Bar Code Location:in his back.
Outfit:White and black flannel,sleeves are pulled up,has black jeans,and black and white converse the lases are the same b &w.wears his ear phones everywhere,
Personality:has a "Bad boy attitude",is rude,bit of a masochist but he can be quite a gentleman, (with the girl's,) and flirts with them.
Likes:Spicy food,sweets,Math,art,drawing,playing in the phone.
Dislikes: English,school,
Occupation:currently a high school student but he works part-time. As a bartender.aspires to become a surgeon.
How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: he over heard it from one of his friends at school.
Other backround:He lives with his grandmother,his father is currently a navy marine general,and he really knows his mother since she tough he was nothing but a "accident" and left him,he is currently a 12th grader in a private school his father signed him up (since he was kicked out of his other schools for fighting with other students) he works since his grandmother actually forsed him to work if he wanted to live with her.
He actually suffers from a weak lung but doesn't tell anyone,since he wants to be treated like everyone alse.he actually likes math and is at the top of his class,(only for that class,and his anatomy)