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In case you didn't know, this is a roleplay based on the manga "Doubt". If you haven't read it, GO DO SO! It's amazing, and only about 20 chapters~ If you don't care to read it, you can ask me about how it goes and I'd be happy to explain it!

Basically, your character(s) play a game called "Rabbit Doubt", a game where you are a Rabbit, and your goal is to find the "Wolf" in the group of people you play with. It's a game mostly for cell phones, and others players can be identified by the Rabbit cell phone charm. As your character(s) meet up with other players, you mysteriously end up being dragged to a strange, abandoned hospital, and forced to play the game. But this time...

It's real.

~For those who know the series, the basics are that this time, the murder just wants one big round up. So, she has wolves keeping people coming. Oh, and its a really big hospital. ^_~


LEADER- Zoeys Creatures/kyouyarenge- Destiny/ Zero
COLEADER- littlepooch- Lulu
MoonsMedly- Charlie/Gabriel
lapaperninja- Shun
tutcat- Torri
ChiyukiChan- Jack


kyouyarenge- 100yen
littlepooch- 100yen
MoonsMedly- 100yen
lapaperninja- 100yen
tutcat- 100yen
ChiyukiChan- 100yen
kittychan0688- 100yen

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The story behind Rabbit Doubt

Moonsailor's characters: Charlie and Gabriel

Name: Charlie Fletcher

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: wears a brown wig and and brown colored contacts. Pale skin. Her hair is actually blonde and curly, and without her contacts, her eyes are green.

Bar Code : palm of her right hand

Outfit: a pink poofy dress with a maroon bow tied around the collar. Maroon tights and white shoes with Velcro straps.

Personality: Around others Charlie is quiet and will do almost anything to avoid directing attention on to her. She also acts very kind. This is mostly just an act though. She is actually rather vain and self-centered, and is easily annoyed by those dhe believes to be below her.

Likes:acting, disguises, herself

Dislikes:annoying people, losing

Occupation: student/actress

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: she read about it in a magazine

Other backround: She's in disguise due a series of incidents leading to the police searching for her.


Name: Gabriel

Age: 9 (He's pretty brave)

Gender: male

Appearance: spikey light brown hair, dark brown eyes. He has really pale skin and his eyes always have dark circles under them.

Bar Code Location: on the palm of his left hand

Outfit: A white t-shirt with a blue sweatshirt and an oversized red coat over it, khaki pants and a pair of white keds.

Personality: very optimistic. Gabriel doesn't understand the difference between life and death, and is likely to treat a dangerous situation as a game. He is also a compulsive liar, as he thinks it makes his life more interesting.

Likes: stories, games, Charlie, stealing things, lying

Dislikes: being bored, his family, school

Occupation: student

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: Charlie taught him about it.

Other backround: may or may not have had something to do with a murder case, in which of his friends is the leading suspect.

My Character: Destiny

Name: Destiny Fujioka

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Purple hair, pulled up into a messy, fluffy pony tail. Blue eyes, a soft ivory skin tone, and a bird tatoo on her hip. Medium-large "rack" for her age

Bar Code Location: upper right arm, just below her shoulder

Outfit: Her shirt is a boat neck, black top, that hangs of her shoulders. She has on blue jeans and purple converse

Personality: Happy, but when she feels really helpless, she's know to freak out. Otherwise, she's really helpful, smart, and a lot like a leader

Likes: her friends, the color purple, rabbits

Dislikes: choices, being alone, being afraid, being helpless or cornered

Occupation: student/ waitress

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: She saw a group of people at her job playing it, so she decided to check it out

Other backround: Nothing interesting. Her mother died when she was young, and she has an active social life.



2. 2 OCs to start, and you can have up to 2 living OCs without having to pay

3. No dissing other peoples posts. Kind corrections are okay, and your allowed to show that your annoyed, just don't put people down!

4. Cussing should be at a minimum with * spoiler text or strikethrough with a *

5. Please post at least 2 times a month! I don't have any way to enforce this other than threatening to kick you out, so just do your best to drag the plot through the slow points!

6. Don't just randomly have your character die, or refuse to believe that a character died. If your a wolf, please don't post like you're a wolf! We don't want to spoil it! Just pm a person that you're a wolf, and their character just died. If you find out someone is a wolf when one character dies, do not go blabbing it! Just make a post like: "MIRANDA DIED" and explain that a mysterious wolf came and killed them by ____ in the _____ room

7. Wolves MAY communicate between eachother. I will pm everyone with wolf characters a list of other wolves.



Points will be in Yen. Yeah, I know its plain, but oh well~


Switch your character from rabbit to wolf (no switching from wolf to rabbit though)- 500yen

Request a fanart from me: 300yen (don't expect it to be TOO great with out a reference, though.)

Another OC- 1000yen


Join- 100yen

Post- 10yen per LENGTHY post (no little one paragraphers...)

Fan art- 50yen

Banner- 50yen

Backround- 50yen

Contests/Missions- to be decided~

If you have questions, just comment me~

The Story of Rabbit Doubt

One day, a wolf snuck into a group of friendly rabbits. As the others fell asleep,the wolf appeared in its natural form. Day by day, one by one, the wolf killed and ate the rabbits. The rabbits, not knowing which was the wolf, arranged a meeting. ...

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