Welcome to "Rabbit Doubt"! Enjoy your game~


In case you didn't know, this is a roleplay based on the manga "Doubt". If you haven't read it, GO DO SO! It's amazing, and only about 20 chapters~ If you don't care to read it, you can ask me about how it goes and I'd be happy to explain it!

Basically, your character(s) play a game called "Rabbit Doubt", a game where you are a Rabbit, and your goal is to find the "Wolf" in the group of people you play with. It's a game mostly for cell phones, and others players can be identified by the Rabbit cell phone charm. As your character(s) meet up with other players, you mysteriously end up being dragged to a strange, abandoned hospital, and forced to play the game. But this time...

It's real.

~For those who know the series, the basics are that this time, the murder just wants one big round up. So, she has wolves keeping people coming. Oh, and its a really big hospital. ^_~


LEADER- Zoeys Creatures/kyouyarenge- Destiny/ Zero
COLEADER- littlepooch- Lulu
MoonsMedly- Charlie/Gabriel
lapaperninja- Shun
tutcat- Torri
ChiyukiChan- Jack


kyouyarenge- 100yen
littlepooch- 100yen
MoonsMedly- 100yen
lapaperninja- 100yen
tutcat- 100yen
ChiyukiChan- 100yen
kittychan0688- 100yen

Important links

The story behind Rabbit Doubt

My Second OC: Zero

Well, I'm using my awesome leader powers to grant myself a second OC, for good reasons, I promise. However, I am not at liberty to tell you why~

Name: Zero (actual name he doesn't like to tell, and he'll tell you that Zero is his alias.)

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearance: Dark, shaggy hair, hazel eyes, semi-pale skin, about 6', 150lbs.

Bar Code Location: Left wrist

Outfit: Black jeans, sneakers, blood red t-shirt

Personality: doesn't talk much, smart, and always thinks things through. He's not a blind follower, but will make his own decisions. You can pull him out of his shell, but it may take a while.

Likes: chocolate, friends

Dislikes: annoying people, bitter food, being forced to be louder

Occupation: fresh out of high school, in transition and preparing for college

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: It was the craze among the seniors. He joined later, in order to win a bet that he wouldn't

Other backround: Grew up the only child of a single mother. Multiple times, he was nearly taken away by CPA due to his mother not caring enough to stay sober around him, and her refusal to clean their overly cluttered house (like, think the best of the worst of all those hording shows). Although she never like him, it was against her morals to hit a child. He moved out the day he turned 18, in order to avoid her wrath.

ChiyukiChan's OC: Jack

Name: Jack (Actually Jackolyn, but she keeps that a secret)

Age: 14, but acts older

Gender: Female, but she dresses as a male and tells people she's a man.

Appearance: Short, scruffy gray-brown hair with bangs that cover most of her eyes and amber eyes. Tan skin with the occasional scar from a street fight.

Bar Code Location: Forehead XD

Outfit: Baggy white shirt that's mostly in tatters, and plain ragged jeans. Half-broken shoes, and headphones around her neck. She looks like your average skater dude.

Personality: Rough and unpersonable. She doesn't like to talk, so shut up. She doesn't want to fight, but she'll kick your arse if you keep annoying her. She doesn't make friends easily, and has a very suspicious character. Her face is set in a permanent scowl. Not fun to play around with, but she loves the game Rabbit Doubt.

Likes: Fights, blood, human complexities, doubt, lies, spiders and wolves

Dislikes: Innocence, rabbits

Occupation: Graveyard, since she dropped out of High School to pay her bills.

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: She stole a cell phone from some guy she beat up and it had the game on it. She got hooked. :3

Other backround: Her mother was strung up on drugs throughout all her childhood. The only things he would say to Jack were warning her a bout liars, like her father, telling her how evil the world was, and how weak women and friends were. (Probably why she likes Rabbit Doubt so much--"The Liar Must Die" she had heard it before.) That, and singing the same song, over and over, "You are my sunshine...My only sunshine...". She was always smiling, and with that, Jack grew up miserable. Jack's mother eventually started pushing her away, and after they had been distanced enough, her mother killed herself.
That song, You are My Sunshine, has haunted Jack ever since, falling into her dreams.

tutcat's OC: Torri

Name-Torri Onsuna

age- 21

gender- female

apperance- Short brown hair,fair skin,and a paw print tattoo on her cheek

bar code location- Her arm

outfit- Pink mini jacket,bright green tank top,pale blue skinny jeans,red sneakers,gold hoop earings

personality- Bubbly,girly,out going

likes- Her cell phone,charms,bright colors

dislikes- dark colors,emos and goths

occupation- unemployed

how they came to know rabbit doubt- She got a link about it in a mysterious text message

other background- She failed horribly in high school but still managed to gradute. She has a hard time keeping a stable job

Okay guys~ Almost time to start~ I'll be informing a person/people who have wolves about the other wolves soon.

lapaperninja's character: Shun

Name:Shun Haine
Age: 17
Appearance:short wild hair,spiky at the back,Orange/yellow colored eyes,Pale skinned,has piercings in both ears (small plugs,not the big ones!!)Has snake bites,and a tattoo of barbed wire in his left arm (it is usally hidden by his clothes)
Bar Code Location:in his back.
Outfit:White and black flannel,sleeves are pulled up,has black jeans,and black and white converse the lases are the same b &w.wears his ear phones everywhere,
Personality:has a "Bad boy attitude",is rude,bit of a masochist but he can be quite a gentleman, (with the girl's,) and flirts with them.
Likes:Spicy food,sweets,Math,art,drawing,playing in the phone.
Dislikes: English,school,
Occupation:currently a high school student but he works part-time. As a bartender.aspires to become a surgeon.
How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: he over heard it from one of his friends at school.
Other backround:He lives with his grandmother,his father is currently a navy marine general,and he really knows his mother since she tough he was nothing but a "accident" and left him,he is currently a 12th grader in a private school his father signed him up (since he was kicked out of his other schools for fighting with other students) he works since his grandmother actually forsed him to work if he wanted to live with her.
He actually suffers from a weak lung but doesn't tell anyone,since he wants to be treated like everyone alse.he actually likes math and is at the top of his class,(only for that class,and his anatomy)

littlepooch's character: Liu

Name: Liu Diovana (pronounced just Lu) or better just known as Lulu through Rabbit Doubt

Age: 19(actual)/16 (explained in background)

Gender: Female

Appearance: long orange hair with black tips, green eyes, a little tan, a tattoo that’s on her back and you can see the endings of it on her shoulders and another one on her ankle/foot/up her leg. (hidden by her knee high boots.)

Bar Code Location: (not to be perverted and all buuut) on her right thigh. (her skirt mostly covers it.)

Outfit: A pink tank top but with a turtle neck, gray skirt, blue ribbon on the left side of her head, a navy blue wrist band, and blue and green boots.

Personality: Child like and immature for her age and she basically thinks of life as one big game. (Note: in away, she’s like the twins in Ouran and always making up funny little games) Also quite sly and tricky.

Likes: games and roller balding.

Dislikes: drawing a cat’s game (meaning there is no winner)

Occupation: Believe it or not, she’s studying to become a doctor .___.’’ But currently a college student.

How they came to know the game Rabbit Doubt?: She heard about it from a few people in her college.

Other background: Something between Lui and her sister happened when she was 16, something that she can’t forget. So as she says it, “she froze in time at the age of 16,” she got her tattoo because of her sister. Most of her past will be reviled as the rp progresses >3 And she’s meet up with Destiny before for a different Rabbit Doubt game. She talks to her every so often but has been caught up in her studies (she has too short of an attention span so she’s not doing too well in school) and doesn’t go out very much D: