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In case you didn't know, this is a roleplay based on the manga "Doubt". If you haven't read it, GO DO SO! It's amazing, and only about 20 chapters~ If you don't care to read it, you can ask me about how it goes and I'd be happy to explain it!

Basically, your character(s) play a game called "Rabbit Doubt", a game where you are a Rabbit, and your goal is to find the "Wolf" in the group of people you play with. It's a game mostly for cell phones, and others players can be identified by the Rabbit cell phone charm. As your character(s) meet up with other players, you mysteriously end up being dragged to a strange, abandoned hospital, and forced to play the game. But this time...

It's real.

~For those who know the series, the basics are that this time, the murder just wants one big round up. So, she has wolves keeping people coming. Oh, and its a really big hospital. ^_~


LEADER- Zoeys Creatures/kyouyarenge- Destiny/ Zero
COLEADER- littlepooch- Lulu
MoonsMedly- Charlie/Gabriel
lapaperninja- Shun
tutcat- Torri
ChiyukiChan- Jack


kyouyarenge- 100yen
littlepooch- 100yen
MoonsMedly- 100yen
lapaperninja- 100yen
tutcat- 100yen
ChiyukiChan- 100yen
kittychan0688- 100yen

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The story behind Rabbit Doubt

New Member- kittychan0688 OC:Shira

Name- Shira

age- 18

gender- female

appearance- Short red hair,one brown eye and one red eye,has a french accent and very pale skin

bar code location- thigh

outfit- burgandy beret that always covers her red eye,black long sleeve that that hangs off of one of her shoulders,long dark ripped jeans(flare bottom),black high heel boots, and silver star shaped studs

personality- Quiet,shy,mysterious

likes- darkness,scaring people

dislikes- public places

occupation- high school student

how they came to know the game rabbit doubt- she was looking at a list of games for her cell phone and saw it

other background- Moved from Paris. Know one knows much about her other then that.

A Little Game?


At first I WAS in a hurry to get to the meeting spot buut… Then I got… Distracted. I kept my arms spread apart as I balanced and walked across the edge of the side walk. Some people at my college would frown upon this, but hey, you do only live once~

By the time the road had lead me to the meeting spot I saw that two people were there. “Wow, I’m not late..” I smiled and quickly finished before looking behind me with a grin. Perfect score! 100! Never fell off once.. I started to walk towards the two of them smiling happily that I finally got to meet them face to face.

"You must be Destiny! And... Zero?" I tipped my head to the side. He had said he would probably be wearing black and red… And it couldn’t be Shun cause he had piercings and Gabriel was younger and would have shown up with Charlie.
"Yep!" Destiny replied with a smile "You must be... Lulu?" She said and tipped her head still unsure."Yeah!" I nodded in reply. "We're the first ones here, apparently. Others should come shortly," Zero told me and I nodded.
"Hey! That's the first I've heard you talk!" Destiny pointed out and laughed. I laughed too. Zero hadn’t even talked much for the game. Just than Shun showed up so nowwww… We were missing Jack, Torri, Gabriel and Charlie. And as if on cue, someone walked up to us.

"Um...are you part of the game?" Destiny asked a bit confused but never the less, cheerful. The guy flipped his hair out of his eyes and nodded. I tipped my head to the side and crossed my arms over my chest. This wasn’t Torri… Cause Torri was a girl… As far as I knew… And it didn’t really fit my imaginary picture either of Jack Gabriel or Charlie..
"I thought there were only three guys playing. Gabriel is supposed to be younger than you, isn't he?" Shun pointed out and I nodded.. Though I guess he could have lied or was just oddly tall for his age. He shrugged and slid his hands into his pocket, taking his cell phone.

Flipping it open I looked down at it as it read “Jack”. I made a face. No way. I thought Jack looked totally different."Oh! You're Jack, then? Nice to see you." Jack nodded and looked at the streets. I smiled and walked over to him. No matter. Jack didn’t give us a very big description of himself anyway, so I shouldn’t be surprised on how he looked.

I put my arm around him and leaned on him for a second and smiled widely, “You look so down, Jack! Buck up, even Zero has said something!" I laughed steeped back, putting my hands on my hips. But now looking at him again, I just couldn’t shake the feeling…. That he reminded me of a girl. I frowned. But Jack had clearly stated he was a guy!... I think… I crossed my arms before smiling again.

A game. That’ll solve anything. If I can’t get his…Her REAL gender by the time we get to karaoke, I lose and have to forwardly confront Jack about it. If I get him/her to outwardly state he’s a he or… She’s a she… Then I win!

I smiled and unfolded my arms, “So, Jack-Chan! You’re 14, right??” He seemed not be too pleased about the “chan” part, but why guy wouldn’t? Not good enough, Lulu! He nodded and I kept pressing, “So what high school do you go to? Or are you still in middle school?” I took out my phone not waiting for an answer, “By the way, it’s just a little after 3, so you should have just from school. Wow, you must change out of your uniform fast! I like my college! No more uniform!” Jack looked like I was crazy and seemed to debate if he should actually answer me or not..


XD I hope you like it, Koda! Haha, Lulu will find out one way or another @___@ She loves to make up random games and HATES to lose…

Present, Even If Unaccounted For

Jack - I can't remember if there was a smirk on my face, or just another lifeless glare. I couldn't really feel it, anyway. There was always...

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[.:•:Shun:•:.] I watched the clock eagerly, I couldn't wait to get out of here,it want long ago when zero announced that we should meet up in real life,I agreed but that was before I knew that we were going to a Karaoke place. I e...

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I looked at my phone, twiddling the Rabbit charm. It was 12:30, and everyone else was suppose to meet me here at 12:45. Well, better early than late. The meeting place was this big park. From the north parkinglot, we decided to meet at the second tree on the right of the path. It was bent and grew in a wierd way that made it grow up until about my hips, then it grew strait across for a foot or so, then curved back to the sky. It was on that flat part that I sat, the tip on my toes touching the ground. Closing my phone, I pressed held it in one hand, pressed to the side of the tree.

About ten minutes later, I saw someone walking up.

"You must be Zero!" I smiled. The dark haired boy nodded.


I pulled my black truck up in the parking lot, getting out and walking down the path. According to the clock on my radio, I was about five minutes early. Walking down the path to the appointed location, I spied a lone girl sitting on the tree. Her purple hair automatically gave away her identity. Destiny, if I remembered right.

"You must be Zero!" she said as I walked up, wearing a large smile. I just nodded. "The only other boys are Gabriel and Shun, and Gabriel is just a kid, and Shun said that he had some piercings." Ah, so that's how she knew. None of us meeting today had actually met before in real life, but we decided to get together today and do some karyoke. I didn't think I'd actually sing, but why not spend time with everyone, right?

Actually, it was me who came up with the idea of meeting in real life. Charlie backed me up, and suggested karyoke. Lulu happened to know a place that's walking distance from here, so she set up the meeting point. Others that were coming were Torri and Jack. All of them would be girls, besides me, Shun, and Gabriel. I just hope people didn't get the wrong idea...

"Ah! Do you have your cell phone charm?" Destiny spoke up. Smiling, I pulled out my phone and showed her the hanging rabbit charm. She let out a sigh of relief. I guess it would be easy for someone to come and claim that their me in order to kidnap some kids or something. Everyone who played Rabbit Doubt had a charm. It's kind of a gruesome thing to be wearing on a cell phone.

Just then, I turned to see someone walking up to us.

"You must be Destiny! And... Zero?" said the girl. I nodded.

"Yep!" Destiny said happily, "You must be... Lulu?" Her orange and black hair gave it away. What was with girls and wierd hair colors?

"Yeah!" Lulu replied.

"We're the first ones here, apparently. Others should come shortly," I said.

"Hey! That's the first I've heard you talk!" Destiny pointed out. I simply smiled at her. Talking wasn't my favorite thing, unlike some people I know.


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