School :O

Okay. First day of school. I want to know what you hate the most about the first day of school. For me it is learning that all my classes are as far as away from my locker as possible. I think they plain it that way. Hmmm. But i'm not the new kid about to go befriend one tho. Well tell me your stories. kinda sad just talking to myself at 4 in the morning

Against All Odds (Contest)

Day One The doctor told me to write down everything. How I felt, what I thought, Everything. He is hoping that it may help my issues. But I know something the doctor doesn't. The reason I am this why is because I was born to a pig of a fa...

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Welcome to H. O. Heaven HighSchool (Contest)

Part 1 Chapter 1 The News It was a late night about 11:00 p.m on July 4th. I was sitting in our dinning room with my mother sitting on the left end of the table and my father sitting on the right end of the table and me sitt...

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The Kouge and The Kanno (Contest)

Prologue Many years ago, there were two royal families. One was the Kouga family, they ruled over a kingdom called Hell Kingdom; it was surrounded by a forest and hills on all side but one of the sides that were not forest and hills was a ...

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Btas, Wolves, Humans, Oh My (Contest)

Bats Prologue I never really thought about dying much. And the few times I did, I always guessed I would end up like my mom. To die quickly but sadly alone lying in some hospital bed with tubes stuck into me. My death seemed not to...

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