Nicholas Pierce and The Darkest Book

Hey World. I had no time this weekend to write the story i wanted to have up by Monday. But i found an old one that i started so i'll put up a couple chapter of that :) Chapter One Midnight Whispers “He is dead,” ...

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Hey world! Hope everyone is okay. Well after a long break due to death of love ones and sickness, i am back starting Monday. Going to make sure i have something all pretty and nice ready by Monday for you all. Love you all. Have a great weekend.

Writer's block

Something terrible has happened....i have a major writers block. Heart broken and very no new ideas. SO sad. hope i can get over it soon. So Sorry for the people who read my world. hope to be back soon. If anyone has an idea to get out of it..Please tell me. Love you all. Bye for now.

Who you are

Today a girl got killed by her boyfriend because he found out she was a transgenders. So im here to talk about gays. Bi, lesbian, transgenders, ect. I want to ask why it is a big deal. If someone likes someone else why should it matter who. if u r...

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School :O

Okay. First day of school. I want to know what you hate the most about the first day of school. For me it is learning that all my classes are as far as away from my locker as possible. I think they plain it that way. Hmmm. But i'm not the new kid about to go befriend one tho. Well tell me your stories. kinda sad just talking to myself at 4 in the morning