Btas, Wolves, Humans, Oh My (Contest)



I never really thought about dying much. And the few times I did, I always guessed I would end up like my mom. To die quickly but sadly alone lying in some hospital bed with tubes stuck into me. My death seemed not to be that in anyway. My death wound is one out of those nightmares that you can't sleep ever again after experiencing. Totally beyond anything I would have ever imagined. For my death was to be slow, so very slow and sadly not to die alone. I would have the laughing of my killer to be the last thing I would ever hear and his smile to be the last thing I would see. I would die knowing this is the way it had to be. This is mine...our punishment for knowing more than a hundred men would ever wish to know. So it would seem I must suffer more than a hundred men would ever imagine was able to be suffered. I was paying the price for two people, a death unimaginable. But it isn't really that bad. Really it isn't. At least, my baby sister is safe protected by those mon.... I guess I can't call them monsters anymore. They were willing to die for her, to face this man too. But still I couldn't let them. Couldn't bring myself to let my baby sister cry over their deaths. She cared too much for those...people...yes people that is what I will call them. Well anyway, I am not saying my sister didn't care about me. She did and she would have tried to stop me if she had known what I was up to. But I had made sure she nor would anyone else. They would try to stop me, talk me out of it, and it would have worked. So instead I am running to my death, welcoming it with open arms. It is for the best I try to tell myself even though I don't believe it. People. Hmm I should have called them that, I really should have. But it is too late now I guess. I have opened the gate and walked straight in, ready for what lies ahead. Goodbye William and Eve. Goodbye Christopher and Vienna. Goodbye Hazel and Javen. Goodbye Thomas and Treyton. Goodbye Rosuto. Goodbye Artemis.

Chapter 1 Welcome Home-Apollo

It has been ten years since my mom passed away. Now my father has chosen to move us from our New York City, New York to this stupid little Tulsa, Oregon. My mom loved little cities. My dad always promised to take her here, her childhood home. It only took him ten years to get her ashes here, I guess that’s something.
Yeah that’s something.
We just pulled up to this small two-story house that was....white I would guess was once its color. My sister was staring out the windows trying to see all there was to see. If she blinked she may miss the whole city. As the car came to a stop, we sat quietly in the car waiting for someone else to get out first. Finally, Artemis exploded out of the car with great excitement. One thing I liked about my baby sister was she was always getting excited enough for two people, meaning I don't have to fake my excitement. She ran around the house taking a look at every inch of our new home. I stayed in the car staring at the back of my father's head wondering what was going throw his head. He finally turned. I started at his tired face. The face that made him look older then he truly was. He had years of wrinkles and worry lines that started to multiply since my mother got sick. His gray hair no longer showed his natural black hair that I had got from him. His eyes were dull; you could barely notice he once had bright brown eyes. I couldn't help but worry that he may join my mother in the afterlife soon. As if he read my mind he spoke “I am fine.” Too bad I didn't believe a word out of his mouth. The staring contest continued till he sighed and finally got out of the car. He walked to the trunk. I glanced up at the house finally. Letting out a sigh I finally climbed out.
The bags were now on the ground. I grabbed my bags along with Artemis' too. I walked into the house that was waiting for us. “Apollo your two's room is...” my father began. “I know, I know” I responded not turning around still heading into the house. I pushed the door open and headed for the stairs. The house had all of the furniture already in it. I didn't need to turn my head to see the whole house. There was a living room to my left and a kitchen and dining room to my right. The stairs where in front of me. I headed up them trying to not bang Artemis' bags on the steps. Once I reached the top floor, I headed to mine and Artemis' room. It was actually supposed to be the master bedroom but it was the only room that would fit two beds and two dressers. I couldn't help letting a sigh escape my mouth. I have lived my whole life sharing a room with Artemis. She may be my twin sister but I have gotten tired of waking up to the smell of makeup and perfume every morning. But I loved my sister so I have put up with it for seventeen years. I decided to claim the bed closest to the window. I choose to take this moment of silence to unpack. Since I only had three bags, it only took a matter of minutes. When I was almost finished with my third bag, Artemis came running in with leaves and twigs twisted in her brown wavy hair. I let out a laugh, my first one since I had heard we were coming to live here. She stuck her tongue out at me but couldn't stop her smile from showing. I decided to leave her to try to untangle her hair in the bathroom in peace. I walked out of my room with Artemis whining as she tried to pull the knots out of her hair. As I ran down the stairs I yelled behind me “Going for a walk, bye Scott, Artemis!” Scott was my father's real name and he hated to be called it. “Wait” I heard Artemis yell behind me as a door up stairs was thrown open and slammed close. I grounded but waited for a less wild looking Artemis coming down the stairs. So much for some quiet I thought. But as I looked at her running toward me I couldn't help to notice that she reminded me of wild women even with her bright green eyes shining at me with excitement. Those eyes were the one of the things we had in common, the eyes of our mother. She smiled at me and we walked out the door. The car was gone, so I guess he had left to the hospital. The hospital was his true home and life, we all knew that. Artemis let out a sigh so I guess she was thinking the same thing I was.

“He may change” I tried.
“Don't worry about it so much”
She smiled at me halfhearted.
I tried to return it, but failed.

We started to walk. And walked right into the guy in front of us and knocked him to the ground
I started to say I was sorry but the guy started laughing. He smiled at us. He had beautiful blue eyes and black shinning hair. But his smiled was what made him glow. I reached out my hand to help him up and he took it. After he was on his feet again and dusted himself off we exchanged names. His name was Rosuto. “Rosuto?” Artemis asked, “Means lost in Japanese’s” he explained with an expression I couldn’t figure out. He laughed at our names for the Greek god twins. “New here?” he asked, “Yes” Artemis and I said at the same time. “Want a tour” he asked. “We don't want to intrude” I said. He explained that he had nothing to do anyway. So we walked around this boring city with Rosuto answering any question we had or saying anything he felt we should know. I enjoyed spending time with him. He made this city not seem so horrible now that I had someone beside my sister to talk to. By the look on Artemis' face she though so too.
We were near the hospital when we first saw them. There was eight of them each of them looked like they had fallen out of a modeling magazine. There were five men and three women. Rosuto saw the look on our faces and began to explain. “That is the Morgan family. The one with white blond hair in the doctor coat is Christopher Morgan. He is married to Vienna, the women next to him with curly honey hair. They adopted the rest of them since Vienna couldn't have children of her own. William is the tall guy with dark brown hair next to Vienna; he is with the short girl with the long red hair on his back. Javen is the guy with black spiked hair sitting on the ground. He is with the girl with beautiful wavy golden hair talking to Thomas the guy short brown curly hair and Treyton the one with short dirty blond hair. They moved here last year. Their dad is the best doctor this town has ever seen. Their mother is a teacher, her students see her as an angel. Well most people see them larger than life”. “They are so beautiful” Artemis said and I nodded in agreement. Rosuto nodded too. Suddenly, they looked over at us, some were smiling but all of their eyes were glaring. “Let's go” I said and Rosuto nodded in agreement but as we left the girl named Eve came bouncing over. She was smiling and I noticed she had golden eyes and white skin. So pale. “Hey Rosuto, Christopher said be home by dark. We are playing baseball tonight” she said this very fast that I think I missed half of the conversation but with a giant smile on her face. He smiled at her, “No problem, Eve.” Catching a look in her eyes he added “This Artemis and Apollo, they are new here. Their dad works with Christopher.” I don't remember telling him that but I guess their dad must have told them. Eve gave us a giant smile “Nice to meet you” then she skipped away. He smiled at her then turned back to us. I guess our surprised faces gave us away. “I am an orphan. The Morgan's adopted me when they moved here” he said, I had a feeling he was hiding something but I had not proof. “Shall we continue” he asked us. We nodded. He showed us the whole town and when we tried to bring up the Morgan’s, he found a way to change the topic.
When we go home the sun was seating. We wished dad was home to offer him a ride but he said he didn't want to trouble any of us. But he called Christopher to tell him he would be a bit late. I didn't hear most of the conversation but I could tell something was up with him. He was more guarded then he had been all day. As he opened the door to leave the house after the phone call there stood two of the Morgan’s. Thomas and Treyton I believe. They tried to smile at us but the looks were ones of anger and pain. Rosuto waved goodbye to us then walked away with them. As they were about to walk onto the road, Thomas turned and said “Thanks for watching out for Rosuto.” that was when he truly smiled at us showing his beautiful teeth. We watched them leave, till Artemis yelled “Can we come with you.” I don't know who looked more shocked to hear that. Thomas, Treyton, or Me. Rosuto was looking straight into her eyes, his eyes wide open. Thomas opened then closed his mouth. “I am sorry. Today is Javen's birthday and he wanted to enjoy a family game for his birthday. But you can come play real soon, Artemis and you too Apollo” Rosuto said with a face that looked like there was pain just under the surface. Thomas and Treyton stared at their new adopted brother with great shock on their faces. But Rosuto just gave them a giant smile and lead them away. That kid is weird. After they left, all I could think about was them. They were like the gold bank at Fort Knox. They were dangerous, I could feel it, but still I couldn't stop myself from wanting to find out that lies behind the walls they have made. The first wall it seemed was Rosuto.

Chapter 2 The Vision-Rosuto

The next day, it was raining and the sky was covered in a black blanket of clouds. The only thing that gave my room light was the lightning that filled the sky. I looked over at the clock that in red lights said it was four. I throw my covers off letting the cold air attack my body. The house was filled with whispers and quiet movements. I knew the rest of the house was awake but trying to be quiet for me. I walked to the closet. I didn't need a light to find a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, and my jacket. I quietly got dressed. I walked back to my bed setting on the edge of it slipping on a pair of socket. I stuck my feet into my shoes as my door opened reveling Vienna. “Will you want any breakfast” she asked very softly probably didn't want to be too loud since I just woke up. I gave her a smile “I am fine.” She eyes were soft and she said “I'll make pancakes just in case, okay?” I smiled and nodded. I open my mouth till I felt it. The shiver that flowed thru me. My vision became cloudy. I could see people, two people sitting in the back of is a restaurant....the local restaurant....I could see the people were Thomas and Artemis....they were just taking but something was up...Artemis looked shocked...Thomas was talking throw his teeth. He looked nervous...he grabbed her hand tight...I couldn't hear what he was saying but I could read his lips. He was telling her the secret...he was really telling her. She was just staring into his eyes. Then my vision began to fade. I could see my room returning and so was Vienna. She had moved in front of me laying a hand on mine. “Are you okay” she asked very concerned. I tried to smile but fail. I knew I could tell her or any of the Morgan's about any of my visions but I had lived sixteen years not telling anyone, only a year ago had I been able to tell someone. But I knew my visions were the reason they had adopted me for I was able to understand talents too. For my adopted family were all vampires. I tried to smile again and this one was a bit more convincing. She smiled at me but guessed I wasn't about to tell her what I had just saw. “Later” I promised her with a smile. She smiled nodding her head and left my room. I finished getting ready for school that was a couple hours away.
When I had brushed my teeth and hair, I walked down stairs. I was trying to spot Thomas. I didn't see him anywhere. I had a feeling everyone knew of my vision earlier since they were all giving me a secret look when they thought I wasn't paying attention. I walked to Christopher and asked “where is Thomas”, I knew he was wondering why I needed him but he just smiled at me and said “Library.” I walked there slowly hoping the others would stay where they were. I stopped at the door waiting for a second then opening the door. The library was filled with millions of books. Many where written in different languages. I loved this room the most from all the others. It was quiet and had that sense of peace and safety. Thomas was sitting at the little table reading some book that I couldn't see the title of. He looked up at me and noticed from the look on my face something was up.
“Rosuto?” he asked. “I had a vision.” “Of me?” “Sort of.” “Oh...” he said staring at me seeing if he could find a hint. I set down in front of him not taking my eyes off him as I told him of the vision. He stared at me. When I was done, he keeps opening his mouth just to close it without a word escaping his lips. “The girl from yesterday?” he asked at last. “Yes” I responded. He remained quiet. “Is she the same girl you saw me with” he asked in a quiet voice that I barely heard. I looked at him for a minute not sure if I wanted to answer it. He looked at me with anger in his eyes, “Well?” I still didn't answer as I watched his eyes grow fierce. He stood up and yelled “Answer Me Damn It” I didn't have to blink before he throws the table to the side and slammed me against the wall. I bit my lip not letting a groan of pain escape. He breathed loud and fast. “Yes” I spoke softly looking into his angry eyes. He still breathed greatly his eyes searched my face hoping for it to be a lie. “Why” he spoke softly, “Why?” He let me go. He started to step away from me. His hand began to cover his face. I tried to reach for him with my right hand before pain hit. I grabbed my arm and bit my lip hoping Thomas didn't notice. He did. He reached for me but he never got to me. Treyton was now standing in front of me blocking me from him. “Don't” Treyton hissed. “I am so sorry” he said to me softly. I gave him a smile, “I am fine” I spoke to him and to Treyton, who hadn't moved. Christopher opened the door softly. He looked from Thomas to Treyton and back and forth. Then he looked at me. His eyes went from my face to my arm. He walked forward and lightly laid a hand on Treyton's shoulder. “It is alright, son. Let me see Rosuto's arm,” he spoke softly. Treyton gave him a look that I couldn't understand, but Christopher understood. “He'll be fine, I promise you” he said even softer then last time. He moved letting Christopher lead me out of the room. Before I left I turned and said to Thomas “It will be fine. Everything will work out,” I said to Thomas hoping it would help. He gave me a soft smile and mouthed I am sorry.
Christopher led me to the kitchen. “Sorry” I spoke softly. He turned and gave me a smile “You did nothing wrong. He is just worried about feeling for that human. It will be fine,” he said. We keep walking to the kitchen and on the way I told him of my vision earlier. He remained quiet for a bit. “If he chooses her, we will have to except her too,” he spoke like he was preaching. I remained quiet wondering what they said about me moving in. I knew it was hard for all of them.
In the kitchen, Christopher looked at my arm he said something beyond my understanding. All I got from it was it was hurt and would for a while. I smiled at him and gave him my thanks. The clock said six. We all climbed into the two cars. William, Eve, Javen, and Hazel in the 2006 Hummer. Thomas, Treyton and me in the 2000 Mustang Convertible. The ride was quiet. Treyton was driving never taking his eyes off the road. Thomas was in the front never taking his eyes off the window. I set in the back never taking my eyes off those two. I let out a sigh and closed my eyes. Even with them closed I could see the vision coming on. I bit my lip as I saw the vision unfold. Apollo and Artemis....they were running...through the woods....there is the Morgan's house....they were running with all they had to get was starting to rain...Christopher was waiting on them with a nerves game...tomorrow.... I opened my eyes letting out a breath. “You okay” they both asked. I looked at the ceiling. “Baseball tomorrow....Artemis and Apollo are coming, aren't they, Thomas” I said quietly. Thomas let out a breath of sorrow. “Okay” he said quietly, “Okay.”

Chapter 3 First day of School-Artemis

As we walked to school in the rain, I tried to remember everything Rosuto had told us yesterday. Hoping we didn't get lost or late on the way to school. Apollo was quiet as always on the way there. I hoped he will make some friends here. Maybe Rosuto could be his friend or one of those Morgan's. The Morgan's where my favorite thing about the tour yesterday. The guy with the brown curly hair, Thomas was in my dreams last night. It was peaceful but also weird for I mostly don't dream. He had been standing in a room filled with mirrors. His face was so beautiful but looked so sad. He held out his hand to me begging me please over and over again. I walked toward him and the closer I got the sadder it made him. Finally I was right in front of him I looked up into his golden eyes. “Please” he whispered. But he wrapped me in his arms, “Please don't” he spoke. I didn't have time to ask him any questions before I got hit by a pillow to wake me up. Apollo now had a fat lip where I hit him but a giant smile for a reason I am too afraid to learn. We found the school rather easier then I had imagined. As we walked into the school two cars pulled into the parking lot right behind us. We turned to see the Morgan's. Thomas' and my eyes meet for the longest time. Rosuto climbed out of the Mustang and walked over to us.
“Good Morning” he said as the rest of his out of the car. I hugged him and felt him twitch in pain as I pulled away I asked if he was okay. He told me it was nothing more than a little bruise but I caught the hurt look on the Thomas’ face and knew it was more than that. Rosuto's family stood behind him and one of the girls asked if he was going to introduce us. He smiled and went through everyone's names. We all shock hands. They each had freezing hands and each of them was pale not just the Eve girl. But when I and Thomas shocked hands I noticed how much more freezing cold his hands were. He pulled away fast. Rosuto flashed Thomas a look I couldn't catch the reason behind. We all stood still for what felt like forever. Then other students started to show up. “I guess we should all go to class” Thomas said then turned to leave as fast as he could to his first class. I left with Apollo and Rosuto, who offered to show us our classes. Mine was English with Miss. Hall, who looked like she belongs in the dinosaur age. Apollo along with Rosuto had Calculus with Mr. Newton, who Rosuto said “is the creepy old man who scares little kids for fun.” I found that not fair that they shared a class while I was left alone with strangers. Well I guess Rosuto could be a stranger since we know very little about him but still.
Miss. Hall talked about the rules, responsibility, and duty we will and have in this class. I noticed that Eve was in my class. She was sitting only a row away. She turned and noticed me and flashed me a halfhearted smile. I smile back with one I hope didn't look too fake. The rest of the class I drew a picture of Thomas. It was kind of sad that I could stop thinking about this guy I barely knew. When the bell finally rang, I ran into Eve and after I said I was sorry I ran off to my Calculus class the one Apollo just left. When I took my set I noticed my drawling from last period was gone and I turned red with embarrassment when I realized Eve must have it. So I set there try to think if there is any way I just had it in my notebook and didn't notice. But sadly, it wasn't in my notebook but that didn't stop me from spending the whole class period praying I would find it. When the bell rang, I found Rosuto, who had already shown Apollo to gym and had him lead me toward my Chemistry class. My teacher was Mrs. Black who was a skinny middle age women who had a giant smile. On the way I told him about the drawling and he said he would see if he could get it to me if Eve had it and before she showed it to Thomas if possible. He had a giant laugh at the fact I was crushing on Thomas. When he dropped me off at the door to my class he said I had him at lunch which was next and I had him last period. He also told me a secret. Thomas liked drawings of people, and said if I drew one in class it may catch his attention. I couldn't hide my excitement that hearing that bit of news. I ran into class with a smile. I spent the whole class trying to figure out what to draw in U. S. History. I tried to think of the perfect thing I could draw that wouldn't end up being horrible.
At lunch, Apollo was waiting for me with Rosuto. Apollo gave me a smile as did Rosuto. “Enjoy lunch” Rosuto said before he ran off for the library. Apollo and I decided to join him since our lunch had got ruined by the rain. As we set at one of the tables, I still couldn't find an idea to draw and I only had 3 more periods left in this school day. So I decided to ask Apollo who was no help but Rosuto showed me a photo in the book he was reading. The photo was a mother holding her baby in her arms close, the mother had a mixture of fear and happiness on her face, the baby was sleeping soundly in her arms. Rosuto explained that it was a picture taken during World War One. I took a look at the book and noticed it wasn't written in English. I gave him a look. He smiled kind of embarrassed, “I am fluent it many different languages” he explained. “Like” I asked intrigued to learn this of our friend. He blushed and said softly “German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, Chinese, and more.” Apollo was impressed which was very rare thing to accomplish. “Tell us about you” I asked, Apollo flashed me a dirty look which I didn't understand till I saw Rosuto's face drop. “I'm sorry” I said feeling horrible. He smiled and spoke softly “it is fine. I have been an orphan my whole life. Gone from foster home to foster home. Even lived on the streets for a while. My parents were murdered in front of me when I was 5 years old. I have never stayed in a place for very long. But when the Morgan's adopted me last year, this has become the longest time I have spent anywhere.” I watched his face. It looked like there was more to the story but I wasn't going to ask him anymore question. “I am so...” I started to say. “You have nothing to be sorry for” he said looking up at me with a smile on his face. We all remained quiet. “Our mother died when we were 7. She had cancer for a long time and was in and out of the hospital. She spent the last 3 years in the hospital. We watched her slowly die. Our father didn't know what to do and started to spend all of his time at work to escape her ghost. We barely see him. We almost had to move in with our Aunt Aurelia, who hates men and our dad most of all. Then our dad moved us here to do our mother's last wish. Which was to come back here the place she grew up. So now we are here” Apollo spoke not looking up from his book but I knew he wasn't reading it any longer. Rosuto looked at us and said “I am sorry you lost your mother.” I believed he meant that. There was another moment of silence. “Do you like living with the Morgan's” I asked. “Yes” he said but I felt he wasn't so sure. I guess the looks on Apollo and my faces gave us away. “I am just not sure Treyton and some of the others really like me being there” he said in a sad way. “The guy who came and got you yesterday with Thomas?” Apollo asked. “Yeah him” he said like it was no big deal but I had a feeling there was.
The bell rang and we got ready to leave for our next class. Apollo ran to get to his U.S. History class. Rosuto got his book and walked me to my Spanish class. On the way I asked him “do you like Treyton” I was embarrassed to ask him. He looked at me with a serious look on his face “you tell anyone I will tell Thomas so many embarrassing things you will put Little Red Riding Hood to shame.” It took me a second to respond but before I did Rosuto said “I am sorry. He just hates me and I don't want him to hate me more then he already does.” I looked at him and could tell Treyton meant a lot of him. “I promise” I said hoping he would believe me. He smiled at me and we walked to class in silence. Spanish went by fast as I tried to draw the picture Rosuto had shown me. It was harder than I thought. But it by the time class was over I had the baby and the chest of the mother drawn. I already knew where gym was so I got there early and continued to draw the picture. Today we didn't play anything in gym only went over the rules so I was able to get the mother's chest and lower part of her body done.
So when the bell rang for me to go to U.S. History the one class I had with Thomas I almost ran to the door hoping I would find Rosuto fast but instead Thomas walked right up to me. “Rosuto went home early to get his arm checked and asked me to walk you to U.S. History since I have it also” he sounded very nerves almost like he was in pain. “Thank you” I said as I felt my face turn warm. He was more beautiful then I had imagined. He tried to smile but it looked like it hurt him. Then he led me toward our class. On the way we didn't say a word till I asked “have you enjoyed today?” “Yeah I guess it was okay” “that is good” “how was your day” “it was fine, didn't get lost too much” He laughed softly at me. I had to smile. I found myself falling in love with his laugh. When we got to class there were only two sets left they were in the last two rows right by each other. I smiled at this, he grunted softly. We took our seat right by each other. I tried not to sneak glances at him. I remembered my drawling and as our teacher, Mrs. Robin told us about her class, I continued working on it. When I looked over at him I caught him staring at it. His eyes were soft and the smile on his face was filled with happiness. He looked up at me and our eyes locked. “It is a beautiful drawling” he said with a smile. I caught myself blushing “Thank you” I said. He looked away and I went back to finishing my drawling. With only 15 minutes left I had finished it. I signed it in the corner with my initial A.A.R. Then again when I turned he was staring at the picture again. I didn't think it threw in my head, I handed it to him. “Here you have it” I said softly. He took it slowly, and smiled at me sadly. He let out a breath of air then muttered under his breath something I didn't catch. He looked at me for the longest time. Then he turned away pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something down and handed it to me. “Would you like to go on a date with me tonight” he asked softly. I nodded my head and took the piece of paper before he could change his mind. I opened it and it was instructions to a restaurant in town. “I'll come get you at 7 o'clock” he said as he stood up. The bell rang and he walked out the door fast before I could say a word. I held on tight to the paper that was in my hand. A chance I though. I rushed out to find Apollo.

Chapter 4 The Truth-Thomas

I couldn't believe I had let Rosuto get to me. He is to blame for all of this. If he had just kept those stupid visions to himself I wouldn't have done it. I wouldn't ever have noticed her. I throw myself into the back seat of the Mustang. I knew I was lying to myself. I knew that she was mine since the day she was first on this earth. I have waited my whole life to love her. Rosuto was just trying to help me out with this future that was filled with danger at every turn. He may be able to help family...our family... I laid there letting the sound of the rain calm me down. Treyton got to the car after what felt like forever. He turned and stared at me for the longest time. Rosuto opened the passenger side door and climbed inside. Treyton didn't turn to look at Rosuto but I knew his thoughts were on our newest bro...I couldn't call him our brother knowing they had the hots for each other but I could call him family because I care about him. He turned and gave me a smile that showed me that he knew about my plans this evening. I closed my eyes and urn my head to face the ceiling. Treyton must have given up on me for he finally started the car and began to drive home. “We need to stop at Leaping Willows, need reservation for two at seven o'clock”, Rosuto said with a smile at Treyton. Treyton flashed him a look and asked “why?” Rosuto stuck his tongue out at him and said “if I told you what fun would that be.” They began to argue. They did that the whole time there. When we got there, I jumped out and got a reservation.
On returning to the car, I found that the two had stopped arguing. The ride home was filled with silence. “Why do you need reservations for tonight” Treyton asked finally. “Bug off” I snapped as I climbed out of the car. I wasn't in the mood for Rosuto being right. Treyton climbed out of the car and yelled “Human Lover!” I heard Rosuto hit Treyton then they started to argue. “Rosuto is always right” I yelled as I ran inside. I could hear Rosuto laugh and Treyton roll his eyes but smile all the same. I walked around the house till I found Christopher in his office. He was sitting at his desk writing away. I waited till he looked up and smiled at me to say “I'm telling her tonight.” “Okay” “Why are you taking it so easy? This could ruin everything for all of us.”

“Son, I trust you. I believe you are making the right choice. It was hard for me to turn Eve, Vienna, Javen, and you. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to give you all the same fate as I have. I had to trust myself and what I believe. Now I trust you and what you believe.”
“But I could make a mistake.”
“As you have said Rosuto is never wrong.” He laughed. He walked over to me resting his hands on my shoulders he said “It will all work out.” I looked into his eyes and nodded my head. As I turned to leave me said “Rosuto...I hope he gets found...” “As do I” he said softly. I stayed in my room thinking over what I may say, what I wouldn't say, what I should say, and everything else. Close to 7, Hazel walked in. She had roses in her hand and held them out to me. “Javen would kill me” I joked, she gave me a grin. “They are for the human girl. Try to make us sound better then the movies do” she said softly with her already soft voice. I took them from her and spoke in a low tone “Thanks sis.” Javen suddenly appeared behind Hazel. “William needs our help honey” he said then noticed the flowers and gave me a look. “Your wife is giving me roses” I said as I pointed at her with my free hand. Hazel laughed and kissed Javen on the check. “I like the rebel’s thanks” she said with a laugh in her voice. Javen exploded with laughter. Javen was a rebel against the British in the Revolutionary War before he was changed. They waved at me and in a blink were gone to help William. I took another look at the flowers then grabbed them and ran to Artemis' house. The clock hit seven as I knocked on the door. She came out in a black skirt and a dark purple top. She had her hair in wavy around her neck, thank the gods she was already mouth watering anymore would be painful. I smiled at her and she returned the smile to me causing her green eyes to glow. My heart would have stopped if I was human. I hoped she could still smile at me after tonight was over. I walked her to the restaurant. She talked about New York City and I told her about the few places we have visited over the years. She smiled at some of the stories I told her.
When we got to the restaurant, they were seated at a back table with privacy just as I had asked for. We were seated by a waitress who had been single too long and keep trying to flirt with me. I choose to ignore her. Artemis seemed to have noticed but I keep smiling. “One Coke, and...” Artemis said “Water” I added. “Tell me about yourself” I said interested about the girl who had won me over nothing flat. But I knew she liked me some way from Eve who found a picture she drew of me in English. I knew I should be deeply upset to know she loved a monster like me but my heart wanted her more than my brain told me not to want her. Artemis started to tell me about her mom, her death due to cancer, her older brother, her crazy aunt, her workaholic father, and everything else. I learned she loved animals, hated heights, favorite color was brown, loved classical music, enjoyed the outdoors, talented artist which I already knew, and much more. She talked until the waitress brought us our meals. She ordered the taco salad, I ordered nothing. “Now tell me about you” she said after she was now red from at the things she told me. “I am a vampire” I said suddenly and waited for her to say something. She looked at me into my serious eyes. “Prove it” that was all she said to me. “Okay after you eat” I said. “I will tell you my story while you eat. I was born in the year 1897. World War 1 was approaching in a few years. But I was never worried about that. I lived with my mother and father. I was an only child. My mother died when I was ten in a car accident. My father died in the war after I had died. I died when I was eighteen years old in 1915. I was heading home when a mob killed anyone they could get a hold off on the streets of Germany. But Christopher saved me...he saved me when I was bleeding to death in an alley. At first, I tried to run away from my new image. I refused to join Christopher's family for 10 year till I was sick of being alone finally. But I never truly felt whole until I met you yesterday. You changed everything, Artemis.” At that she turned red and stopped eating. “Why me” she asked softly choking on the words. “I have asked myself that since Rosuto saw you months ago in a...” I froze. Should I tell her about Rosuto's visions? I had said I would tell her everything. I breathed in a giant breath and continued. “Vision. He told me you would know everything about me, my family.” I paused. She reached and grabbed my hand. I looked from her hand to her face. She looked into my eyes. “I will never tell anyone anything you ever tell me” she spoke it as a promise. I nodded my head and went one “He saw that I would care for you more than anyone else. My family and I all spoke about this and decided we would trust you since you are my future and I am yours. If you want me too?” I looked into her eyes as she nodded and struggled to say “yy...Yes”, I smiled at her. She noticed I was done and said “and your family they are vampires too.” “All but Rosuto but he maybe one someday” I stated in a manner of fact tone. “Do you want to know their stories” I asked knowing I wasn't looking forward to telling her the major stuff that may scare her away from me. She nodded her head.
“Then we should tell her” said a voice that shocked the hell out of me and Artemis. I turned to be face to face with William. “William?” I asked not understanding why he was here. Before I could ask he turned to Artemis, “want to come to Vampire Hunted House and know what you are now sucked into” he asked flashing her a giant white teeth smile. I wasn't sure what to say. Artemis nodded her head “sure” she managed to say. William smiled reached into his pocket throw a hundred down on the table and grabbing one of each of our hands lead us outside. Once there He threw her over his back, “hold on crazy, little one”, then he flashed me a smile and we ran. We raced trying to get home first. It took a matter of minutes to get to our home.

Chapter 5 The Vampire House-Artemis

The house was not what I would have expected. But I was still in shock since I just learned that Thomas and his family were all vampires. I wasn't even able to let myself freak out for I was afraid he would leave me. I would stay with him till he didn't want me too. But back to the house, it was three stories and made of stone. It looked magical. Thomas took my hand and gripping tightly to my hand. He looked at his home like he was walking into a war zone. I squeezed his hand lightly. “I am sorry” she said softly. I could tell this was bothering him so I promised I would make myself stomach through whatever happens. “Artemis, I am sorry” he said again as he lead me toward the house with William by his side. “Don't be, I am here became I want to” I tired. “You are here because I put you in danger” he snapped, “I knew I shouldn't have done this. Damn it, Rosuto” he cursed. I looked at his eyes and could tell this was bothering him. “I am here because I was born to love you, no matter what may be ahead” I said to him hoping he would listen. He didn't say a word. When we got closer to the door, I noticed it was not just stone it was also brick. There were giant windows on the first floor and many smaller ones on the second and third floors. The house was beautiful in design beyond anything I had seen before. It was sad that it was hidden in the thick forest that surrounded it. William opened the door and yelled “Human Entering.” I blushed and Thomas hit William in the shoulder as William tried to run. “We're in the living room” yelled women with a soft voice. He led me into the living room, which was white. It was beautiful.
In the living room, on the couch set Christopher, Vienna, William, and on William's lap Eve. Javen and Hazel were standing near the fireplace talking quietly. Thomas led me toward the second couch and set down next to me. Where I set gave everyone perfect location to stare right at me. I couldn't help feeling nerves to be around them. But I didn't want Thomas to worry. He was trying to trust me and so were his family. I didn't want to give them any doubt about me. Treyton and Rosuto came walking in. Treyton looked uncomfortable but Rosuto gave me a smile of pure kindness. Rosuto set on the arm of the couch but Treyton just stood under the arch of the door. His eyes felt like they were staring into my soul. I gulped trying to remember to breath. Christopher smiled at me and spoke very softly with a voice that sounded like he was trying to reassure me of something “Artemis, I know this is very sudden for you but we feel that you need to know what you're getting into. My family and I have lived many years hiding this secret from humans like you. But we have learned to try to trust you and Rosuto. We know already you will...are a major part of Thomas and all of our lives. We believe we can trust you with our secret and to show you are trust we will tell you the truth. All of it, ever the thing we would rather hide you from.” With that last sentence he looked right at Thomas. Thomas didn't return his father's glance. He instead turned to me just looking into my eyes searching for something. I gulped then spoke the best I could hoping my voice wouldn't fail me “I will never tell anyone.” They tried to smile at me but Vienna was the only one who spoke “we know darling.”
There was a moment of silence till Christopher finally spoke up “I will get on with my story. Please let us all finish before you speak and don't hold us to our past.” he looked sad when he spoke this and a few of the others did too. I was born in 1620, in London, England. My father was a man of the church and I fallowed in his footsteps my whole life. In 1641 when the English Civil War was just beginning, a town near London was attacked. I was only 21 years old at the time and eager to help my father. My father along with me where there to help with the people. We were hoping to help their harmed souls after the attack. But while we were there suddenly a man came to the church demanding blood. He began to attack anyone he could get a hold of. My father told me to take the women and children and run, run far away. I did as I was told. We ran for what felt like hours, but no matter how far we ran we could still hear screaming of the men behind us. We reached another town and I told the women and children to stay here. I was about to ask other men for help when something grabbed me from behind. I felt my whole body scream with pain. I don't remember what happened after that very much. I remember that the man threw me when he was done with me, leaving me alone not caring it I was going to die. When I woke, I was no longer in pain besides the burning and torturing pain in my throat. I hide in the woods for weeks not letting myself eat any of the poor people who got lost in the woods. But after two months, I couldn't control myself and attacked the first thing I had seen, a family of grizzly bears” he paused for a minute then continued “after that I traveled looking for a place to belong. But I didn't find any of them, and the few I did were blood crazy willing to do whatever it took to get blood of a human. I traveled through Europe and Asia for years. As I traveled I decided I still wanted to help the people and I became a doctor learning many new ways to treat the people. But I was still lonely for many, many years till...” he then was interrupted by Eve.
“Till he found me in 1754. I was born 1737 on March 15. I lived in Paris my whole life. I lived with my mother and three sisters in our beautiful home. We weren't rich but we are better off them many were. I was very happy with my life. But I was blind; I was seventeen and still not married. I was at the age where many women where already married and having kids. I was beautiful or so the men thought of Paris. But I had no interest in any of them. I rejected man after man for years. But one night I was walking home from seeing a play at the theater. Then in an alley that I used to get home faster than the normal way, I was attacked. It was two men I had already rejected earlier that day. They were twins and the sons of a very rich man but both were scum. They were drunk and were out of their mind. They keep trying to get me to strip for them I refused. They got mad the more I refused them. Finally they had enough, they began to beat me. They hit me with beer bottles, trash cans, anything they could find. They spit on me kicked me and laughed the whole time. After they were done, they kissed me and left me there on the street to die. I cried and keep thinking no one was going to come, that no one had come ever though I had screamed so loud. I cried. As I laid there thinking I was going to die, I felt hands lift me up and run with me. I passed out in those arms. When I woke, I was with Christopher, who keeps telling me how sorry he was. He told me what I had become. I wanted to hate him, to kill those two men. But I stayed there with him and tried to cry once again but couldn’t.” She remained quiet I wanted to say something but found no words leaving my lips.
Javen looked at his sister then in a quiet voice said “Guess I am next,” he turned and looked at me, “I was born October 11, 1756 in Britain. But lived most of my life in the Colonies. I lived where your beloved New York is now. I lived with my family growing crops and working as a blacksmith. We were happy in this new land. It was a great joy to be free of England. But after the French and Indian War, Britain began to tax us. You know the story books, we got mad at them for not letting us have a say in what they did to us. The taxes affected all of us badly, it became harder to meet ends meet. After a while we got sick of it and started a revolution. I joined the army even though my family was against it. I got to fight at the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775. I was only nineteen years old but counted as a man. I was glad to be able to fight for my country. Against those Red Coats. But sadly the first battle was my last. I got stabbed, literally stabbed, in the back by my friend who was a spy for the King. I was left to die thanks to my friend who I would have given my life for. That betrayal is what killed me the most. But I was saved by Christopher who was a local doctor in Lexington. He decided to change me. I went back though. I went back with a different name and stayed in the war till we won. Then I stayed with Christopher and Eve.”
William gave a giant grin “My turn. Okay I was born October 4th 1846. I can't go into great details or details period about my human life. All I remember about it is I was alive during the civil war. I was harmed during a battle don't know which or how just know I was. I was changed by one of the nurse's there I believe. I died when I was about eighteen years old or at least that what I think. Not sure. I lived alone for many years trying to learn about myself and what happened. I didn’t like the idea of eating humans. I didn't like the idea of violence that why I am a doctor.” He grinned gently at that fact. “Then one day I when I was starving for blood. This annoying little chick came skipping over telling me that I didn't have to hurt anyone, I could be who I was and never have to spill human blood. I listened to her and let her take me back to the famous Christopher she keep talking about. I decided to stay and fell in love with that annoying hyper girl.” he smiled at Eve, whose pale face I could have swears turned redder. “Aw, so cute” said Hazel, who got a look from Eve and just laughed.
Hazel smiled at Javen and they shared a look. Javen's face turned cold. Hazel looked at me her face was soft and she began to tell me her story, “My story isn't that bad. But it isn't one for the fairy tales to be told to little girls and boys. I was born April 4, 1890. I lived in Huston, Texas. I lived in my ranch home with my mother, father, and baby brother. I loved my family and my life. I was so happy and thankful for all that god had given me. I was finishing school, trying to become a vet for I had a love for animals. In a perfect life my life would have been that way but life isn't perfect. One night, after I tucked my brother into bed. I went down stairs to help my parents do the dishes. When we heard the door kicked open. My father told me and my mother to say here and when he yelled to run get Kevin, my brother. But he never was able to yell as soon as he left the room they shoot him. My mother ran to my father and they shoot her as well. I was scared and all I could think about was getting to Kevin. I ran up the stairs. I could hear them yelling at me and each other. But I didn't look back I keep going. When I got to my brother's nursery he was still asleep. I grabbed him in my arms. When I turned the door was thrown open. They aimed the gun at me and I did the only thing I could think of doing at that time. I jumped out of the window. I remembered falling hearing my brother screaming. I hit the ground and my world went black.” She stopped and looked at Javen for a moment trying to understand what he was thinking. “Javen” she said softly, he looked at her then he spoke finishing her story for her. “I had been heading home from hunting in Mexico. I heard the gun shots and in Texas with the Mexican Civil War started it wasn't a shocker. I probably wouldn't have come to help if I hadn't heard a baby scream. It hurt my cold heart to hear a mixture of baby screams and gun shots. So I ran to see that was going on. I could hear people shooting up the place and trying to find money, gold, anything of value. I ran around the house where I could hear a faint heart beat. Behind the house, was an angel laying in a pool of her own blood. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She had a baby in her arms, whose heart had already stopped beating. He was long gone. She looked up at me with her blue eyes and whispered threw the pain “please save him, save my brother and I'll do anything, please.” I bent down took the baby from her. He was dead but she wasn't. I bent down in the pool of her blood. “I am sorry, Angel” I said then I changed her from an angel into a monster and ran her to Christopher half hoping he would kill me for my sin. He didn't.” He looked like he was in pain, uncontrollable amount of pain. Hazel looked at him with concern. She leaned in and kissed him on the check and whispered something that was not heard by my ears.
“Well since Thomas has already told you his story I guess I'm next” Treyton said not stopping the glare he had been giving me. “I will be fast about this since our deaths are sore subjects for everyone. I was born on July 10, 1897. I was out late on my seventeenth birthday. This drunk came along and we got into a fight. Instead of giving you all the loving details after I beat him to the ground and began to walk away he shot me. He ran off, ran right pass William. Our lovely William who took pity on my soul and saved my life....changed my life, Vienna's turn” he said then remained quiet. He was done and didn't want to add anything to it. Vienna smiled at Treyton and spoke in her normal soft caring voice, “Thank you Treyton. I was born May 7, 1921. I was alive around the time World War 2 was starting. I lived in Germany with my aunt since my parents died when I was young. I was great friends with Alex, who was Jewish. The cops or Nazi’s come and took Alex, her family, my aunt, and me. They made us march, march for miles. I was stubborn and tried to run. They shoot me just under the heart. They kicked me, beat me, and left me in the ground to die. They made the others march over me as I was about to die. I laid there is pain till William saw me and ran me to Christopher to ask him to change me in fear he wouldn't be able to do it. Here I am many years later.” Everyone was quiet. “You already know Rosuto's story, don't you” Treyton said giving Rosuto a glance. I was happy to have him stop glaring at me for once. Rosuto remained quiet for a second. “Werewolves killed my parents, that all I got to add” Rosuto said keeping his eyes on the floor. Treyton for the first time moved from the door way and stood beside Rosuto resting his hand on this shoulder. He turned and gave Treyton a giant smile “I am fine” he said with his voice cracking. Everyone was silent.
Rosuto stood up suddenly. Everyone glanced at him. “What is it” Hazel asked with concern. “Apollo knows” he said quietly. “How” Treyton said pissed off as hell. “He heard us” he said still not blinking or taking his eyes off staring out the window. “He hears Artemis' thoughts” Rosuto said, confusing us all. “What do you mean” I said. “I am not sure. But Apollo and you are twins, you are connected. I guess some how your thoughts are his and his are yours. Have anything like this happened before?” he asked not changing his view. “I don't know we always have understood each other” I said confused and feeling like I had betrayed them. “He is calling you, now” he said turning to me “Lie” Thomas said suddenly as my phone rang. My hand was shaking as I answered it. “Hello” “Run, Get out of that house now, Artemis” “Apollo, you...” “Now Artemis” Rosuto ran for the door. Treyton fallowed him. Hazel was by my side. “I'll get her home, Thomas” Hazel said as Thomas nodded his head. “He is here” Treyton said as he returned. I could hear Apollo arguing with Rosuto. “Hold on Apollo” I heard Rosuto said. Then I heard something hit the wall but I knew I missed something when Treyton's eyes grew and Christopher, Vienna, Javen all grabbed on to him, holding him back. Hazel pulled me over her shoulder, “We are going to run you home. Once there you can call him telling him some story.” I looked at Thomas, who looked at me then nodded at Hazel, “I will come see you soon” he promised. Hazel jumped out the window and ran. She was not as fast a William but still fast all the same. When we reach my house and I finally got off her back, she smiled at me “it will be okay, Artemis.” “I hope so, I am so sorry” I said to her feeling my eyes water. She whipped my eyes, “it is no problem” she said softly. “It should be after” was all I got out before she cut me off. “You are a part of the family now”, she pulled me into a hug and whispered into my ear, “We are going to the best of sisters and friends, You, Me, and Eve.” I looked up at her and smiled “That is a future worth looking forward to.” “Yes it is. Don't give up on us yet” she said with a smile. “You want me to stay here till Apollo gets here” she offered, I nodded it would make me so happy to be with someone. We set in my little living room. I looked at her for a few moments then asked “Rosuto sees visions, is there anything special you guys can do?” She laughed for a few second and said “Besides running at amazing speed, super strength, amazing senses, ability to stop aging, freezing skin, beautiful exteriors, and everything that makes us vampire, not really. We have tops in abilities. Like William is the best healer, Eve is the best tracker, Christopher is the smartest, Vienna is the kindest, Javen is the best fighter, Thomas is the strongest, Treyton is the fastest, and I am having the best hearing.” I letting it all sink in. “Are you all really together or is that just a cover story” I asked. Her face light up “Yes William is with Eve, Christopher is with Vienna, Javen is with me, Thomas is with you, and Treyton would be with Rosuto if he would ever admit it.” “Does Treyton like Rosuto, Rosuto thought he hated him” I said forgetting Rosuto had asked me not to tell anyone. “That is exactly what Treyton wants him to think. He doesn't want to love a human or worse have to change him if the Elders find out. He is willing to push Rosuto away even hurt him if it means Rosuto can keep a normal life” she told me and sounded upset about it. “I think he is being selfish hurting Rosuto just to get what he wants” she added. She turned suddenly “Apollo is home. Here all of our numbers are in it. Call if you need us” she said quietly as she handed me my phone. Then she was gone. I set there for a moment as the door opened.
As soon as my brother opened the door I could tell he was pissed and hurt, He had the black eyes to prove it. Before I could ask any questions he stormed up stairs yelling “Blood Sucker Lover” “Trying to get yourself killed” “idiot” and a few other things I couldn't catch. “Artemis they are bad news” I heard his voice in my head. “Trust me” I thought. There was a pause “It weird speaking threw thoughts, I blame Rosuto” he thought ignoring my question. “Yep it is his fault” I thought. I stayed quiet till I pulled out my phone seeing I had a text. “Art, It Rosuto. You and your brother's minds are connected. You can hear each others thoughts. It was probably activated by the massive increase in unusual activity around :) You two should be able to communicate through great distance. But you should be able to keep your thoughts private and be able to communicate only when you two want to. All you should have to do it if you can learn the difference between your thoughts and your and Apollo's thoughts connected. Thomas will be with you soon. Sorry about Apollo's eyes. :( See you soon. Rosuto” the test ended. I closed my phone. How soon was soon.

Chapter 6 The Explaining- William

Calling up Lysander was the last thing I wanted to do. But we all knew he needed to know about Artemis. Waiting as the phone began to ring I couldn't help but finding myself regretting to make the beat against Rosuto. Next time we are doing rock, paper, scissors. No more mind games. “Hello” said the calm voice of our dear brother, Lysander. I let out a deep breath, “Hey Sander.” I couldn't believe how nerves I was to tell him this. I had been a doctor telling people that very day was their last for years. I wish I could be back in the hospital now. “What up, Will? Not like you to call so early in the morning.” I laughed. “Forgot it was morning over there. It only 8 at night here.” “That time difference for you. Not like I was asleep anyway. Now why don't you stop betting around the bush and explain why you're calling me.” Couldn't hide it from him any longer, Lysander was too smart for me. “Thomas fell for a girl” I waited “and” he asked in a questioning tone. “She is human.” There was a pause; “Oh” was all he said for that longest time. “We told her” I admitted. “You told her what” he was getting moody. “We told her about us and our stories.” “You did what” he exploded with rage. “We all thought it was best” I tried to explain. Didn't work. “What about my vote, my story, who gave you the fucking right to tell her” he yelled the loudest he ever had at me. “We didn't tell her yours. That is up to you” I tried once again to calm him down. “Not like I got a choice now William. Damn it!” he said in a voice clearly pissed out at me, not a yell at least. “Damn it” he said softly now. I could hear him pacing the room. “I want all the details, don't leave anything out” he demanded. I told him everything. He had the right to know it. I hope my choice of words helped him understand the situation better. After I finished explaining, it remained silent on his end. “Open the door” said the dangerous voice of Lysander. I walked to the front door and slowly opened it.
No one was there. “Now I will be in this door way tomorrow at five o'clock sharp. I better be meeting this lovely human then or Thomas' head will roll.” The line went dead. I bit my lip. Five o'clock. Rosuto had seen them coming tomorrow night anyway. Guess we know why now. I put down the phone leaving to inform the others of what was up. They weren't going to like it but nothing we could do about it now. Lysander would be here soon and Artemis would have to meet him. Just perfect

Chapter 7 A Promise- Apollo

It is raining again but I don't care anymore. My head is filled with thoughts, some aren't even mine. Artemis and I have always been close. We have understood each other and known what the other was thinking or feeling. But hearing each others thoughts never. Never. To make things worse my baby sister is in love with sick asses who believe they are vampires and fountain tellers. Shit out of an old black and white movie. Worse of all Artemis believes them and their stupid tricks. Artemis you fool. “Hey snap out of it” snapped a familiar voice. I looked at my locker neighbor Tack, a black haired red eyed junior. Tack always is wearing red contacts for some odd reason I didn't even know they made red. “Why are you glaring at your locker like that? Wrong color of gray or to tall for you, Mr. Apollo” he joked. Tack was in all of my classes and one of the few people who talked to me. The only one, beside Rosuto, to get my name right. I closed my locker too hard and the slam echoed threw the hall. Tack smiled “that is locker abuse,” “your voice is unlawful torture to my innocent ears” I snapped not in the mood. Tack gave me a look that told me to lie off. This guy was almost as tall as me but man he scared me three times more than any eight foot black belt could. We walked to English our last class of the day. I caught a quick glance of Artemis with Thomas. Rage filled me. They would pay if they hurt my baby sister, I promise that. “Worried about your sister” Tack asked snapping me back to earth. His voice was unusually soft. I nodded my head like it was no big deal. I could have sworn he laughed but I couldn't be sure. But I am sure he said “You older brothers always trying to protect us.” A true smile filled his face but his eyes were cold as the ice of Antarctica. I opened my mouth but he walked out of the classroom as the tardy bell rang. Mrs. Hall gave me a look that said “Do I even want to know” I looked away not wanting to give an answer to a question that is none of my business. I blocked out the fantasy world of my sister's to get me threw the day.
But after the last bell rang, I couldn't. For as soon as I walked outside there stood Thomas, Rosuto, and Artemis. I looked to see if I could get to find a way or reason to leave. But there was none. Since behind them, all in their cars were the rest of the Morgan family. Thomas spoke first “I am sorry that you don't approve of my family and our ways. But wouldn't you come with us. You would understand if you could just hear what we have to say” he stopped for I started to laugh. “I have heard what you have to say. Vampires. Yeah right. Prove it” his eyes turned cold but I didn't move. Tack was scarier then this man, vampire of not. Thomas' eyes darkened but his voice sounded innocent as ever. “If you come with us, it will be proven. Please Apollo for Artemis.” I bit my lip. I couldn't say no to Artemis. I hated it but “I'll go.”

Chapter 8 Fly on the Wall- Jack

I have recently learned the whereabouts of eight vampires, two blood traitors, and one hostage. Unfortunately none of them are my target. But at least there will be blood tonight. The smell of death was in the air. Nine. Nine vampires in the area now. A smile slipped onto my face. I knew 1 to 9 was bad odds, but I had a good feeling about tonight. Now I had to wait tell they separated. They started to talk. Must listen until it's time to hunt.
“Hello Artemis and Apollo. I am sorry to meet you on such short notice. I know how new all of this must be for you. But if you would be so kind please allow me to tell you my story,” said the vampire with golden blond hair. He smelled of the sea and blood. He would be a hard kill, maybe the hardest of all of them to kill. They began to speak again. “Please do, umm” said the female traitor. “Lysander” spoke the same vampire as earlier. The vampire began to speak in that sweet, calm, tempting voice that vampires have. “I was born this way. A vampire of full blood. My mother and father had me back in 1490. I have lived through wars, death, peace, rebirth, great discoveries. Everything you have read in your little text books. I won't sit here and say how hard life was for me, how much it hurt to watch my family killed when I was only 10 years of age by slayers. I will tell you I have killed more humans then I can count. I know how it is to fall for humans only to have them die before your eyes. I know how much sun light burns, how much stakes hurt, how blood tastes. I know how we can never live a normal life like the one you are giving up by holding my brother's hand. But I won't stop you two. I will help you through hell for you are family. But I will say I told you so if I must.”
Silence, it lasted for the longest time. All I could hear was three heartbeats and breathing the footsteps. The female blood traitor held the vampire Lysander's hand and in a soft voice said “thank you,” I wanted to laugh at her stupidity. She had just sold her soul to the devils. I must help her before she goes to a place where even God can't save her. I aimed and fired.

Chapter 9 Get out-Artemis

Everything happened so fast. First I heard a gun shoot then vampires running. I know I'm off the ground and out of their house. But I can't see a thing but a light. I know even without seeing, I know it is the moon. I hear a voice even though I don't know what it is saying or where it is coming from but I know. I know it is my Thomas' voice. He is upset, I know that, I can feel it his tone. It's confusing me; I thought meeting the family, getting them to except me would be the hardest part. I never thought this would happen. This, I'm not even sure what this is. My words won't leave my throat so I couldn't ask. I can't hear, see, and feel anything around me. Thomas, I'm sorry. Sorry to put you through this.
After the sun finally began to rise over the mountains, the moving had stopped. I don't know where we are but at least I can see what is around me. Thomas. He is here staring at me so sad like. I wanted to move to him to tell him it will be okay. It will be all right but my throat still won't let my words come out. He just stood in one spot with the trees' shadows all around him. I didn't know what was around me but I didn't care. We could be on the moon and I wouldn't care. As long as Thomas was there I would be fine. I went to move but my legs weren't working either. “I shouldn't have let Rosuto get to me. I knew how much danger I would be putting you in. But no I choose my wants over your safety,” he said in a dark voice. I had to find my voice. “I love you and Rosuto or not I was going to find you and love you. You are under my spell. Nothing you could do about it,” I said trying to sound the same was he did. I failed terribly at it. He shook his head at me, “You don't understand.” “Shut up” I yelled not going to let him finish. Shocked by my out burst I got to speak first, “I may not understand vampires or you family. But I would. If you would just tell me. Don't worry about me being hurt. Please Thomas, tell me.” I was crying. I never cried but here I was crying. A hand pulled me into a loving embraced. People may think vampires are cold but I never felt so warm.
“I'll tell you everything. Don't cry darling. Don't cry,” whispered Thomas in my ear. “Tell me” I said burying myself into his warm embrace. “Vampires as you know are living dead, we are cold, non breathing, non eating but for blood we need to survive of course. We are faster then sound, stronger then super heroes, sharper then the best hunter. We are more dangerous then cancer or diseases. Vampires, not like those in old black and white movies, can cross moving water, can have children even with humans, and can be near garlic. But like those in the movies we never age, the sun burns us, wood can kill us, and blood is always needed. My family and I try our best to live as human as possible. We feed on animal's blood trying to ignore the desire for human blood. Lysander keeps us up to date on the world, ours and yours. He watches for werewolves, vampire slayers, and other vampires. But one slayer seemed to have got past him. Now he is out there waiting for you, your brother, all of us.” Silence. “I’ll protect you always, I promise,” he added to me or himself, I'm not sure. I closed my eyes. A sharp pain cut into my skull. A soft voice I have known my whole life entered into my mind, “I'll never trust vampires. But I'll die to protect you. Be careful, sis.” “Apollo” I yelled not just inside my head but out loud too.

Chapter 10 Sacrifice- Apollo

I never really thought about dying much. And the few times I did, I always guessed I would end up like my mom. To die quickly but sadly alone lying in some hospital bed with tubes stuck into me. My death seemed not to be that in anyway. My death wound is one out of those nightmares that you can't sleep ever again after experiencing. Totally beyond anything I would have ever imagined. For my death was to be slow, so very slow and sadly not to die alone. I would have the laughing of my killer to be the last thing I would ever hear and his smile to be the last thing I would see. I would die knowing this is the way it had to be. This is mine...our punishment for knowing more than a hundred men would ever wish to know. So it would seem I must suffer more than a hundred men would ever imagine was able to be suffered. I was paying the price for two people, a death unimaginable. But it isn't really that bad. Really it isn't. At least, my baby sister is safe protected by those mon.... I guess I can't call them monsters anymore. They were willing to die for her, to face this man too. But still I couldn't let them. Couldn't bring myself to let my baby sister cry over their deaths. She cared too much for those...people...yes people that is what I will call them. Well anyway, I am not saying my sister didn't care about me. She did and she would have tried to stop me if she had known what I was up to. But I had made sure she nor anyone else would. They would try to stop me, talk me out of it, and it would have worked. So instead I am running to my death, welcoming it with open arms. It is for the best I try to tell myself even though I don't believe it. People. Hmm I should have called them that, I really should have. But it is too late now I guess. I have opened the gate and walked straight in, ready for what lies ahead. Goodbye William and Eve. Goodbye Christopher and Vienna. Goodbye Hazel and Javen. Goodbye Thomas and Treyton. Goodbye Rosuto. Goodbye Artemis.
In the cemetery, the slayer stared at me with bright red eyes. For one moment I thought it was Tack but after a closer look I knew it wasn't. There was no Tack to yell “Dork, you were so scared” no laugh to leave his lips. No only this big guy with more muscles then any men I have ever seen. He had pale skin, fierce white teeth, jet black hair, and those bright red eyes that glared right into me. He was only in black jeans and biker boots. No weapons, no guns, nothing. I knew he didn't need them. He could kill me with ease. “Hello boy” said the slayer in a harsh voice. He walked closer to me; neither of us took our eyes of the other. Neither of us blinked. It was almost a contest of will. Who ever looked a way or blinked first lost. No second chance, No redo. He was now in front of me. “I killed them, I'm the only one left,” I said in my strongest voice I could master. I prayed he didn't see threw me. The slayer smiled. “I smell no blood on you. Not even a scratch on you either,” he said in that voice that made my skin crawl. “I don't need to spill the blood of people who trusted me. Too willingly,” I replied. He smiled. “So you're all that is left, blood traitor.” His eyes darkened. I shouldn't be scared. I wanted to do this. I left those people behind to do this. Death shouldn't scared me, I reminded myself. But why is my body screaming to run.
Suddenly a hand grabbed me and the next thing I knew I was running away from the slayer. “You idiot” snapped Rosuto who was surprisingly faster then I, a track star, was. But we didn't get too far. The slayer was in front of us. “Ah two blood traitors” he said with a devilish smile on his face. Rosuto's grip on me tightened. My heart was pounding. Fear was pouring into me; I didn't even blink before a great force threw me across the cemetery. I didn't stop flying until I slammed into the old marble grave stone of Christy Leonard. My head screamed in pain, my whole body ached. I tried to stand but the farthest I could go was to my knees. I looked around even though I knew my vision was coming cloudy. I saw Rosuto far away laying face down in front of a larger marble grave stone of Alicia James. I could see the color of blood. I wanted to yell his name to see if he could move, to see if he was at least alive. I never got a word out. An iron strong hand grabbed my throat and lifted me to my feet like I was a toy doll. His grip tightened. I couldn't breath. My lungs were begging for air. “Don't worry everyone has to die” the slayer said to me. Please someone, I begged. I don't want to die like mom. Not like mom. I hit the ground. Even with my vision becoming cloudier every second that passed, I looked up as blood poured. Tears fell from my eyes. The blood wasn't mine. The slayer stood frozen where he had been standing a second ago. But now those fierce eyes were filled with joy. It was so strange. A man stood behind him with sword, which was now through the slayer's throat. The man's face was a blur to me. My vision was almost all black now. As my eyes grew heavy, I tried my hardest to see the man. But my eyes closed and I couldn't reopen them.

Chapter 11 Fallen- Tack

When Apollo's eyes finally opened, he was in the hospital back home. He wasn't aware of what happened or of me standing next to the wall with his family and the Morgan's all in the room. I watched his eyes move to each of our faces. A hand grabbed my arm pulling me out of the room with no one even noticing. Outside the room, Lysander Morgan stared at me like I was a new species and he had been the first to discover it. A smile covered his face “so your a half blooded vampire who kills vampires for a living.” I stared into his golden eyes.
“I don't kill vampire for a living. I kill only those who try to kill those I'm close too.”
“You're close to Apollo?”
“Close enough that someone would trouble me with his death”
Lysander Morgan smile grew, he was enjoying himself.
“So you're a half blooded vampire. What does that mean?” I watched him. The way his eyes glowed with excitement, the way he smiled at things he didn't know. I looked at him getting annoyed with all the questions but not anything I could do about it.
“Means I can run faster, I am stronger, heal faster the any human alive. I can eat human food and grow old if I wish.”
He seemed interested in all of this. “The slayer was one of your kinds too?” I stopped. I didn't want to answer. I looked straight into his eyes. “Yes, he was my brother so of course.” The smile was lost. His eyes changed as well. Do vampires have a heart? I think they do. I didn't stop talking though. “He was more like you. He had all of you weaknesses and strengths. But he had no control. Slowly he was losing his human side. It scared him. So I promised if he ever did lose it, I would be the one to kill him before he killed a human,” I paused. Then in a sad tone I had never used before, I said “So I did.” He threw me into his arm that if I was human would have killed me. “My pet,” that was all he said. I didn't hit him like I would have normally. But today wasn't a normal day. Nothing is ever normal for me. “Don't tell Apollo,” I muttered. Lysander laughed, “I won't tell a soul if.” “If” I asked dreading in already. “If you will be ours to own.” I glared at him, well his chest since I was crushed up against it. “Fine” I muttered seeing no choice anyway. Apollo couldn't even know. He would hate me for life.

Chapter 12 Deal- Artemis

Apollo didn't have much to say to any of us when he was in the hospital. He was always the quiet one but this was still too much even for Apollo. No words left his lips until the first night home. He was in bed looking out the window when he said “Don't go near them anymore.” I didn't have to ask to know who them was but I played dumb. “What do you mean?” he didn't face me when he said “you know exactly what I mean. Those vampires are going to get you killed Artemis. They are monsters.” I didn't like him yelling at me. “Well I love Thomas so get used to it.” He turned and yelled “what do you know about him? You have known him for only five months. FIVE MONTHS.” “More then you do. You don't know them and you won't even try to know them.” “I don't want to know them,” he yelled so loud, louder then ever before. I just looked at my normally calm and quiet brother. “I don't want to know them, I don't want to know them,” he repeated. “Then stay away from me,” I said softly. I was mad and tears flowed out of my eyes. I glared at him. “I love them, all of them and if you won't try then goodbye. I am not leaving them so deal with it.”
I ran put of the room and out the house. It was pouring down rain but I didn't care. “At least in the rain no one can see you cry” said Tack who was suddenly next to me. My heart skipped a beat. Tack took a lot of getting used to and in the two months since the accident, I still hadn't got there yet. Tack walked next to me. I didn't know where I was heading but at this moment I didn't care. Tack pulled out an umbrella. And in silence we both walked out of the rain. With the other Morgan's there was always a conversation even with Javen but with the newest Morgan there was rarely one. Tack wouldn't start one and I was to nerves ever to. But at this moment I enjoyed the quiet. “You're heading to see Thomas” he asked so quiet that I could barely hear him over the rain. I looked at him from a moment. This must be the first time we have talked alone. “I don't know. Just walking to walk. To clear my head” I said too fast which I do when I'm nerves. Nodding his head he spoke still so quiet I had to strain to hear him. “That fine but if you catch a cold they may just kill me.” I laughed, and I could have sworn I saw him smile.
As we walked to the Morgan's, I knew I couldn't be happier. “I pick the, Apollo,” I thought. “Fine” said his voice in my head. Thomas was at the front door smiling at me causing me to blush. Tack gave me a push to say go, I ran into Thomas' strong arms. This is were I always wanted to be forever.



Running. Running as fast as I possible can. Running like my life depended on it. Which it does. If I stop running or slow my pace I will be killed. “I'll kill you mutt,” one of them yelled at me. But I didn't look back to see which one. I was too busy trying to not get myself killed. Not like anyone cares. They didn't even blink when the vote came out that I had to be the one to run. That I was chosen to run. Chosen ha that is funny. I had no choice in any of this. He chooses for me, he decided I would be the runner. Seth didn't even say anything. He didn't stand up for me. But I should have expected that from Seth. He had always been loyal to the pack. The pack as a whole not the individuals in it. He didn't care I would be the runner. He didn't stand up for me, even though I would have for him. I would have never let him do this. But Seth isn't me....and I am not Seth. I am just the runner. I am the runner who has to die at the end of this.

Chapter 1 The Rule- Rose

I know all of the rules by heart. I have fallowed them to the letter even since I joined up. Never broke even one of them. But now I was breaking one of the biggest ones ever created. I was taking a human to the werewolves’ lair. Well the lair was a warehouse that was old, moldy, and looked like if you pushed it the whole place would fall apart. It really wasn't much but to us all it was the only home we had ever had. Or the only home we could be accepted and be who we really are.
“Are you sure you want to do this,” he asked me as I stared at the warehouse biting my nails almost to the point that they were about to bleed. I only nodded my head at him. As I thought of the thousand things that could turn this whole thing into a living hell. He slowly pulled my hand away from my mouth. “Are you sure,” he asked with a kind laugh. I couldn't help but smile at him. He was so weird, so strange, so special. He took all of this better then we did. He just smiled at me and said, “That explains all the secrets.” I have almost got mad at him. I had spent nights worrying about his reaction and he acted like it was perfectly normal. “I figured something was up and this isn't the first time fiction has become real,” he had told me. I guess he was right. Compared to the vampires that he already knows about, my secret was not that bad. At least I wasn't a blood sucker. I smiled at him now. He was worth going against the pack. I lead him through the door. There was no turning back now.
“Rose,” exclaimed Sid. Sid was the newest one to the pack but even he knows this rule I was breaking. Sid looked over at his big brother, Benjamin. Benjamin was second in command. I looked from one brother to the other. They could be twins. Both had the same hair style: dreadlocks. Both had hazel eyes that looked almost black. Both were six foot tall. Both had muscular bodies. The only difference was Benjamin had a scar across his left eye. He got it from a mountain lion his first day as one of the pack. It was hard for him to adjust to being blind in that eye but he adjusted.
“Rose, what did you do,” Ren said in shock. I rolled my eyes. Ren had broken every rule in the book but a few. This one was one of the few. Ren runs her fingers throw her short black hair. It was a nerves habit of Ren’s. Ren locked eyes with me trying to understand. Ren and I were the only two who had green eyes and only girls. The others had either hazel or brown. We were the odd balls. We had each others back. So she was trying to find a way to help me help myself. I guess she gave up for she looked at Seth for help. Seth was Ren's best friend and also the person she cared for the most in the world. Seth exchanged glances at me then to him then to Ren. Seth had warm hazel eyes. He had black hair just like Ren but his hair was shorter. Seth was lean, tall and very good looking but so were all of the boys. But the big difference was Seth had a scar from Ren's claws almost cutting his neck of when Ren lost control her very first day. Ren never forgave herself for that either. Seth finally looked over at Adam.
Adam was our leader. The alpha wolf in the pack. He was top dog and no one better try to tell him other ways. Adam was the first one of us and the most familiar with being a werewolf and being on this land that we were in charge of protecting. “Please explain this to me Rose,” Adam said in an understanding voice. I took a deep breath before I began. “This is my Luna, Apollo. He was already exposed to the supernatural world of ours. His sister is dating one of the vampires. Apollo left the house to get away from them since he didn't trust them. I have told him what I am and I am here asking for him to be allowed here too. He is my Luna. My life, my soul and he has every right be apart my this part of me too.” I had so much more that I had thought of saying to them to get them to understand but I have forgot it all. Kurt snorted at me. Kurt was the goody goody of the group. That wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't he would go against Adam or any of us if he felt it wasn't with the books. He has almost got us killed more then once.
Adam ignored him and said in a loud voice, “Lets vote.” Kurt jumped in “we must kill him. Like the rules say.” Ren jumped to my rescue, “they also say if the Alpha wolf says something different it should be fallowed instead of the normal rules.” Way to got Ren. “That is funny Ren. I didn't know you know the rules. You have broken so many of them. I figured you felt there was none of them,” Kurt laughed at Ren. I saw Ren's eyes grow darker green. Seth grabbed Ren's arm and spoke to Kurt, “Adam has spoken. We aren't here to fight with each other. We are here to stand together and find the justice in this case.” Kurt said something that I didn't catch. But I know it was bad for Ren jumped forward at him but she never got to him. Seth held her still. I heard Seth say something. I again don't know what but it calmed Ren down. “I vote that he stays” snapped Ren at Kurt. “I vote for him to die like the rules say,” snapped Kurt at Ren. Seth stood strong between the two. “I vote for him to stay,” cheered Sid. Benjamin looked sadly at me as he said, “I agree with Kurt.” “Well I vote for him to stay,” Adam added right after Benjamin. We all looked at Seth. If he votes for Apollo to die we would have to wait for Nicholas. Seth still stood in the middle as he said, “I vote for him to live.” I smiled at them. I soon had Ren and Seth on one of the two couches in a bear hug. Seth had squeezed out of it but Ren was trapped. I was stupid.
Kurt was so mad that the rules weren't fallowed that he ran at Apollo. His claws out. Adam yelled, “Kurt no!” Benjamin and Sid tried to grab him but Kurt dodged them. I tried to run for it but I couldn't nor could Ren. But Seth could. Seth grabbed Kurt by the back of the neck and took him to the floor. Kurt swung in every direction just hoping he landed a hit and cut Seth deep enough. He was stupid
Ren was weak to the sight of blood. She loses it. She goes into overly protective mood. Nothing came stop her, nothing but Seth. Unless. Unless it is Seth's blood. Which this time it was. Ren's body tightened. Luckily, Seth was holding onto her in the next second. Ren was ready to kill but she was calm enough that she wouldn't hurt Seth to do it. She had her fingers wrapped up in Seth's shirt. She was trying to breath. She lowered her head to hide her shame for losing it. But it was Kurt who should be ashamed. Adam and Benjamin had him out of the room by now. “Ren, it is okay,” Seth promised her. Ren could only nod his head. Kurt was so stupid. Ren could have killed him. Would have killed him. If Seth wasn't stupid. Stupid enough to jump between Ren and her target when she loses it.

Chapter 2 Missing Him- Artemis

It has been so long since I have last heard from Apollo. Since I have last seen him either. After the night I chose the vampires over him, he had left the house. He wouldn't talk to me at school and now he has stopped seeing me all together. I know the Morgan’s blamed themselves for all of this. But it wasn't their fault I had made this choice and I didn’t regret it at all. But I still missed my brother. He had been there my whole life and now I didn't have him. It was weird and it was lonely. Even though I spent nineteen of my twenty-four hours a day with at least one of the Morgan’s mostly it was Thomas, Rosuto, Hazel or Eve. Those other five hours where hard on me. I wondered if they where hard on him too.
“Rosuto where is Apollo,” I asked Rosuto one day when we where waiting for Thomas and Treyton to get back from hunting bears, Treyton's favorite. Rosuto looked at me uncomfortable. I know that Thomas had asked him not to tell me but he know whether he would tell me or not. Rosuto looked at me sadly. “Artemis, Thomas will tell you,” he promised me. Just as Treyton and Thomas walked through the door. I was beaming up at Thomas with the biggest smile. Treyton looked at me like I was crazy but Thomas only looked at me like I was odd. “Tell me where Apollo is now,” I ordered him with a smile. Rosuto looked at me wide eyed. Guess he didn't see that coming. Thomas laughed a bit uneasy as he asked “and if I don't.” I keep on smiling as I said, “then I will walk all over this world until I find him.” Thomas laughed as he said, “Then you may want to take Rosuto or you'll get lost.” I decided to use my trump card. “Then I'll cross the border...” that was all I got before I saw the change in Treyton's eyes. They were sharp and dangerous. They told all I needed to know. “He is across the border. With the werewolves,” I whispered. I know all about the werewolves from Rosuto and Thomas. I looked over at Rosuto who had his eyes focused on the floor. “Yes,” he muttered to me in a low voice. So that is why Treyton wanted to kill me with his eyes. Treyton know that Rosuto's family had been killed by werewolves and werewolves were Rosuto's one weakness. I set there for a minute before I declared, “I'm going to see my brother.” Treyton and Thomas both yelled “No.” “Yes,” Rosuto said softly. He let out a breath of air and looked right at me when he said in a bitter voice, “I'll go with you. Thomas is right, you would get lost.” “What you do you have a death wish,” Treyton yelled at Rosuto. I saw raged in his eyes but also fear. He was afraid of losing Rosuto to the werewolves. “I'm going to die soon anyway,” Rosuto snapped at him. I saw pain fill Treyton's eyes before he stormed out of the room.
“Be careful,” Thomas told me when we got to the border. I know he wanted to go but he couldn't. “Bye Thomas,” I said and kissed him on the cheek softly. Rosuto stood tall like it was no big deal. “Be careful, Rosuto,” Thomas asked as Rosuto stepped over the border. “I will. Bye Thomas. Bye Treyton.” He yelled this over his shoulder. Treyton. I looked to see Treyton move from behind a tree. His face was filled with annoyance and hate. I waved as we disappeared from sight.

Chapter 3 No Way- Apollo

I never thought I would see this. Artemis and Rosuto on our side of the border. “Come back,” Artemis yelled at me. Rose clutched onto my arm as tight as she could. I knew she was afraid I would leave her for my sister and my old life. It would kill her to lose me. But it would do that for any of the werewolves is they lost their Luna. The bond between the werewolf and their Luna is hard to understand. I don't fully understand it. The Luna is the moon. The moon is the greatest love of the wolf. The wolf calls to the moon, loves the moon through its whole life the wolf would do anything for the moon even kill a brother. The Luna loved the wolf. For the wolf was the only one love they will ever have. It is like a true love bond between the Luna and the werewolf. I can't explain it. But I know it is real. I have felt it ever single day. I feel it now as Artemis stood here trying to take me back and Rose fearing that I will listen. “Artemis go home, I'm not leaving,” I told her for the millionth time. “Go home,” Rose hissed at her. “Rose, calm down,” I asked her. Rose clutched on tighter and remained quite.
I heard movement in the forest behind me. I prayed to the lord that is wouldn't be Kurt. He would gladly kill Artemis and Rosuto. He had tried to kill me the very first day. “Oh this is bad,” said a familiar voice behind me. “Hey Ren. This is my sister Artemis and her friend Rosuto,” I explained to her. I noticed she was alone which is odd for Ren. “What no Seth,” I asked hoping Artemis will leave. Ren shoots me an angry look. In a hiss she informed me that, “I don't have to always be with him. It isn't like we are attached or something.” I stared at her. It was odd for her to be like this. “Ren,” I asked. She gave me a painful sideways glance, “Later.”
“Apollo, come home,” Artemis begged me. “He is home,” Rose snapped at her. “Stay out of it, flower,” Artemis snapped at Rose. “This flower has thorns,” Rose said as a promise. “Calm down you two,” I declared. Ren all the sudden jumped. “Kurt is coming. Get rid of them,” she hissed at me and Rose. Then she dashed into the forest to buy us sometime. “Go home now,” I ordered my sister. She didn't move. This would end badly if Kurt found her. I was surprised that it was Rosuto who saved my butt. “Artemis, we have to go,” he informed her. That was when she finally ran back into the forest toward her side of the border.
Not a second to soon, Kurt emerged from the forest with a more depressed Ren behind him. “Adam wants you now,” he said then turned leaving us. Rose kissed my cheek then hurried after him. “Ren,” I asked. “Do you think it is wrong if I love someone in the pack,” she asked me in a low voice. “Seth,” I asked her even though I already know it was. “Kurt told me to leave the pack since I love one of the pack members. Since it was sinning the whole pack with me in it. He told me to leave or he would inform Adam of my impurity,” she ended this with a painful laugh. She looked like she wanted to cry. “That is bull. Adam would probably order you to tell the member that day. The pack won't care. Kurt is just out for you like he is with me too,” I told Ren hoping she would listen. That was when Seth walked out into the clearing. He had a cut across his cheek. Ren jumped and was over to him in a second. Kurt was forgotten. Ren asked about ten questions in one minute. Seth just smiled at her and answered that all. I smiled at them. Ren should know that the only person who doesn't know who he loves is Seth.

Chapter 4 Rosuto- Treyton

I set there watching him carefully. He was in pain. But I already know that. When he hit the ground after touching my hand. I wanted to die for hurting him like that, for hurting him like this. But Christopher reminded me how much that would hurt Rosuto and how he would blame himself if I did. The sad part is that it is true. Rosuto always takes the blame for everything on earth. It drives me crazy. But what drives me crazier is to sit and watch him in pain and I can't do anything to stop it. Visions sometimes hurt him. I like it better when they don't. Why can't he ever have a nice vision that makes him smile? Why does he have to touch my hand then get knocked out by a vision? Why can I never help him?
His eyes opened slowly. He looked around at the room. He must have realized it was his, for then he looked right at me. His eyes locked on mine. I swallowed hard as I asked, “what was the vision?” he looked at me sad as he said, “my death. I only have a few more months.” “You have about a year,” I reminded him. He gave me a small smile. “That isn't very far away,” he reminded me. He was right for me that was a blink of an eye. Like the time I have known Rosuto has been only a blink of an eye but it mattered more then all my other years put together. Rosuto meant the world for me.
“You know I'm going to have to die soon, don't you?” He asked me this like it wasn't always on my mind. He is human so of course he has to die. He is mixed into a bad crowd of people so that means even less years of life then what the normal human would have had. He is human; he has to die one of these days. If it wasn't in a year then it would have been in five years, maybe ten. He was human, I knew this. So why am I freaking out that a human has to die? Humans die every single day. Humans. “You could change him,” a part of my mind reminds me. I know that I could but what if he regrets his choose. Why should I trap him on earth forever with me just because I can't stand him dying?
“Treyton, you know I am coming closer to my last day every second that passes, right” Yes, Rosuto I know. I know I am losing you. I know one day you won’t be here any more. You will be gone forever. I will be with out you for forever. He has to die. He is human. He has to die, he has to die. He has to... “I could change you,” I beg to him. I had clutched my hands together over his. “I could change you,” I repeated slowly. “Treyton, are you serious,” he asks me in wonder. I can't blame him. He knows I hate humans. So why would I want a human in my life forever. “Yes, I am serious. I can't take it. I thought I could. I though when you died I would be fine with it. Humans are born knowing they will die. I know you have to die if you are a human. But I can't stand losing you. I love you.” I froze. I didn't mean to add that last part. “I love you too,” Rosuto tell me. I laughed at him and yelled “go lie to someone else.” Why did I say that? He is up and out the door. “I don't lie,” that was Rosuto's last words to me. I ran faster him fallowing him close behind. Not saying a word. The others must have heard for they move out of the way. Rosuto goes out the front door and I fallow him. I should have realized where we were going but I was stupid. It wasn't until Rosuto was almost over it that I realized. I pulled him back over it and pinned him to a tree. “I can't cross that line,” I told him in panic. He wouldn't look at me as he said, “so.” “I can't cross that line with out there being a war. I can't cross that line,” I begged him to understand. He laughed and looked at me with tear eyes. “Humans lie, Humans die. So let me die. I'll die like my...” he never finished before I yelled, “Don't.” He stared at me frozen. “Don't die,” I whispered to him. “I can't live without you,” I confessed. “Treyton,” he called. “I love you, I love you,” I whispered to him. He looked me straight in the eyes as he said, “I love you too.” I didn't argue. I kissed his lips softly. This was my first kiss and it was his too.

Chapter 5 My son- Thomas

My first warning that something was going on was that Artemis was using Rosuto as human shield and Treyton was standing in the door was glaring at me not to hurt Rosuto. Treyton was still protective of Rosuto after he told us he wanted to change him this summer after school was over. Since Treyton know that this summer Rosuto was supposed to die. May 14 was the day he told us almost two years ago. Anyway back to the problem at hand. Artemis looked over Rosuto's shoulder at me and said, “Promise you will not get mad.” I looked at Rosuto for a guess but he looked he had been sworn under oath not to talk. So I looked over at Treyton for a hint and he just smiled evilly at me. I looked back at Artemis and said unsure “I promise.” She didn't lose the shield as she muttered, “I am pregnant.”
I stared at her in complete shock. The chances of a human mate getting pregnant were so low I had never thought about her ever getting pregnant. I should have known that she would be the odd one. Man we have only made love once. Rosuto looked uneasy being in the middle. “Let him go, Artemis. I'm not mad,” I tried to explain to her. She didn't have time to say anything back when Treyton had Rosuto at the door by him. “Have fun,” Rosuto said relieved to be out of the middle. Artemis threw Treyton a dirty look. He smiled as he said, “you said we could leave when Thomas calmed down. He looks good to me.”
As the door closed I had Artemis in the air. I swung her in my arms. Joy was exploding out of me. I smiled up at her and cheered, “That is great news.” Artemis looked at me uneasy. “I want you to change me. When the baby is born,” she told me. I froze. To give Artemis the world I wouldn't have wished for myself, why I would give it to the women I loved. As if she read my mind. “Christopher said it is a low survival rate for human vampire mothers. And if you and my baby get to live forever I should too. I don't want to die alone. I want to spend my life with you forever.” “What id I won't do it,” I asked. She looked at me hurt as she said, “Hazel, Eve, and Christopher said they would if you don't. William said he would too. So if you won't one of them will. But I want it to be you. I want it to be you who change me. Treyton is changing Rosuto. So why can't you change me?” I froze thinking of what I could do. I looked into her sad eyes. “I'll do it,” I promised. “You will,” she exclaimed. I looked right into her warm green eyes. “If you marry me, when you turn eighteen. I will,” I continued. Artemis reminded me, “I won't be eighteen yet when the bay is born. I am already six months pregnant.” Six months. That means we got three but most vampire babies come early. “I'll take your word,” I told her. She smiled. “I'll marry you when I turn eighteen.” I smiled at her. My wife and my son. What more could a vampire want.

Chapter 8 A vision- Rosuto

I told you it was true. They have ruined our race. Eating animals not humans, Loving humans, caring for them, mating with them. It is so suck. So wrong for us, the supreme race to do. “We must kill them,” I yelled at my brothers. “I agree, Sister Phane,” declared my brother Fear. Lose smiled. He just wanted to kill someone. He cared less why. So we will kill them. They will die for what they have done. We are the Elders. We are the oldest vampires alive. We had survived many moons and we will continue to survive. But first we must punish, those human loving Vampires. The Morgan’s.

I was out of bed and downstairs in a moment. I was out of breath. Not from the run from my room to the living room. But from the vision that woke me in the middle of the night. They all stared at me in shock. I had to catch my breath before I could tell them of my vision then I added, “they are after Artemis' baby. They will be here tomorrow night. If we don't get the werewolves one of us dies.” This info was from a vision I had the night before. It hadn't made since then but now it does. “Who dies,” Thomas asks. I know he is thinking I am talking about. My eyes locked to Treyton's as I said, “I do.”
I had a bad feeling about this. But not because I may die, that is normal but because Artemis' baby is supposed to be born on a bad day. But I'll worry about that later

Chapter 9 The Favor- Adam

It was about noon when we got the call. It was from the vampire doctor Christopher. He asked me to bring my whole pack down to the border. They had a favor to ask. If it had been any of the other vampires I would have hanged up or refused. But it was the doctor. He had healed us more times then I can count and about half of those visits were for Ren. Ren has had so many accidents that Christopher probably could have bought a new car with all the money we gave to cover Ren's bills
We all stood there ready to hear what the vampires had to say. Christopher talked, “There are three vampires that call themselves The Elders coming here. They are here to kill Artemis and her unborn baby. My son Rosuto sees that we need you or we die. Not all of us die but the lost will still be great. If you join us, I promise we will protect you no matter what the lost might be for us. Please help us. Even if it is only for the humans here. If we leave then some human eating family might show up. Please even if it is only for the humans.”
In our minds we all talked to each other. “I think we should help. If they leave the humans will be at risk,” Sid said first. “I disagree. If they leave we can take over this area and we will be more then strong enough to take care of those vampires,” Kurt argued. “Or we could lose our men when a whole tribe attacks wanting our land. We need the balance. We have to protect the humans,” Ren reminded us. “I agree with Ren,” Seth and Benjamin said at the same time. Rose nodded her head in agreement. The talk was over. “We will help you and the humans of this town,” I declared.
We discussed a plan. “We could lead them to Blood Lake. It is a good place to have an ambush,” I told Javen, the warrior vampire. He agreed with me but, “we will need someone to lead them to the lake,” Kurt told us with a smile on his face. “That person will be in the most danger. Well Treyton is the fastest vampire,” William another healing vampire informed us. The pack looked up at the fast vampire as he grinned with pride. Kurt's smile looked evil. “We can't have vampire leading vampires, it too obsess. We need a werewolf to do it. Ren is the fastest.” “But I can't out run three at once,” she told the pack too late. The pack had voted even if Seth and I wanted to yell no to the top of our lungs. “Ren will be the runner,” I told the vampires. Seth lowered his head.

Chapter 10 Runner- Ren

Running. Running as fast as I possible can. Running like my life depended on it. Which it does. If I stop running or slow my pace I will be killed. “I'll kill you mutt,” one of them yelled at me. But I didn't look back to see which one. I was too busy trying to not get myself killed. Not like anyone cares. They didn't even blink when the vote came out that I had to be the one to run. That I was chosen to run. Chosen ha that is funny. I had no choice in any of this. He chooses for me, he decided I would be the runner. Seth didn't even say anything. He didn't stand up for me. But I should have expected that from Seth. He had always been loyal to the pack. The pack as a whole not the individuals in it. He didn't care I would be the runner. He didn't stand up for me, even though I would have for him. I would have never let him do this. But Seth isn't me....and I am not Seth. I am just the runner. I am the runner who has to die at the end of this.
“Die,” one of them yelled at me as lighting landed all around me. I bit my lip. This was the hard part. Getting their attention off Artemis was easy. Vampires hate when you insult their abilities. It was funny how mad that girl got a t me. But right now it wasn't much fun. I did my best to dodge the attacks and flying objects. But I could still feel the pain from it all cutting into me. Think of something happy. I thought as I ran. Happy. Seth. When I think of my happy times I think of Seth. I never had any happy times before Seth. Seth. I am going to tell him the truth if I live through this. A giant force sent me flying threw the air. I was almost there. I bit my lip and ran. Pain shoot throw my body as I finally made it there. The last thing I heard was Seth's voice yelling my name. What a nice way to die.
Goodbye Seth. I love you

Chapter 11 Slowing down- Artemis

We set in the some warehouse. Apollo told me never to tell a soul where it was not even Thomas. I promised I wouldn't “You really love that Rose girl don't you,” I asked him finally. A smile covered his face. “Yeah, I love her a lot. Might marry her one day,” he said with a small laugh. I wasn't sure if he was serious or not. But he meant that he loved her I could tell. “So you are engaged and pregnant, have you told dad yet,” Apollo asked me. I looked away from him. “No” I muttered. Apollo laughed at me. “You better tell him before he hears it from some one else,” Apollo warned me. He sounded just like Rosuto. But unlike Rosuto Apollo's warnings didn't hit me that hard. Rosuto's warnings were a different story. “Apollo I miss you,” I said as I laid my head on his shoulder. I could have sworn I heard him say I miss you I can't be sure. I was gone
When I woke up I was in the forest. I looked around a saw I was in Thomas' arms as he carried me home. “Thomas,” I muttered to him still tired. “Good morning sleepy head,” he said to me softly not wanting to hurt my ears. “What happened to everyone,” I asked. Thomas stayed quiet then he whispered, “I'll tell you later.” “No, now, I have to know,” I yelled at him. He stared at me for a second. “The werewolves lost two of their members. One due to his own stupidity, that was the one named Kurt. The other was a sacrifice. Nicholas was killed saving one named Sid. Ren is in a coma and sent to a bigger hospital for her condition. They are really worried about her. Sid was wounded but he should heal really soon. The Rose girl was fine so was the leader and Benjamin. We are all okay. Rosuto lived. Thank god, or Treyton would had been a terror to live with forever. I looked around for Rosuto. I felt guilty I had forgot about him. He was out in Treyton's strong arms. Treyton's face was calmer then I had ever seen before. I smiled. This was happiness. I hope the happiness shined on forever.



This is so wrong. I have finally got everything I ever wanted in life. I had my freedom that I have tried for so many years to have. But yet here I was giving it all up. Giving it all up for a human. The same human who didn't care about me at all. The same human who only a few hours ago I had trusted with my whole life. Never fall in love with a human. Never give your heart to a human. It is so sad but I still can't hate that human. After everything I feel no hate in my heart for that human. Even though it was only for a short period of time, I was happy. I had never been happy before. I love him. Even though he cares less about me. I still can't stop myself from loving him.
I looked ahead at what awaits me. I know I will die. But it is okay. The human will live so it is okay. It is more then okay. It is perfect. The human can live and enjoy his life with out having to worry about me ruining it. The human can live a long life with those he loves and I get to die for him, the person who I love. It is a perfect ending. Perfect ending to my life. It is time to end this. I went forward ready to except my fate. Goodbye Adam.

Chapter 1 Come- Seth

I have set here every day from six in the morning to eight at night. I have been here ever since the battle. Christopher sent her to a hospital in Seattle, Oregon. Adam gave me permission to stay here while waiting for Ren to wake up. To wake up, it had been a week and she was just the same as always. I hated to admit it but I was staring to wonder if Ren would ever wake up from this coma. It shouldn't take this long for her body to heal the wounds she had received in that battle. But yet she still sleeps.
“That chance of her waking up is high. Especially since she is a werewolf. Just don't give up on her,” the vampire doctor Christopher has explained to me before I left.
“Call me with any news of her condition whether it is bad or good. I want to know everything. Seth it isn't your fault,” Adam had told me on the phone the day I got here.
“Tell her that we all miss her and can't wait to see her again,” Sid begged me yesterday.
“It will be okay. Ren has been through much worse,” Rose reminded me yesterday.
“Ren loves you. Kurt knew it too. That is why Kurt sent Ren out as the runner. He hoped Ren would die. But Ren has always loved you, Seth. She just never told you,” Apollo confessed to me right after Rose.
I couldn't believe that she loved me. I couldn’t stand that she hides from me the crap Kurt was pulling. Damn, if Kurt was alive I would have killed him myself. But the vampires got him first. Which is probably a good thing because I am much more dangerous then some vampires.
I stared at Ren as she twitched in pain. I hated watching her knowing there was nothing I could do to help her. That was when my phone went off.
“Hello, its Adam.”
“Hello Adam.”
“How is everything going with sleepy?”
“The same as yesterday.”
“She'll wake up when she is ready.”
“I know.”
“It isn't your fault.”
“It isn't yours either.”
I knew Adam blamed himself for Ren and the others. After the fight we learned that Kurt was killed by a vampire when he tried to take it on alone. He got electrocuted to death. A nicer death then I would have been giving him right now. But Nicholas also died. He protected Sid when Sid threw Adam out of the way of an oncoming attack. Sid was seriously injured from the attack. That alone almost killed Benjamin. Benjamin had lost the love of his life recently. If he lost his brother too, I think Benjamin would have died. He would just give up and give in. Sid was all Benjamin had left in this life.
“That is what you all keep telling me.”
“Adam, it...”
“Oh before I have to leave, we found an intruder.”
“Do you want me to fly down and help you out?”
“Nah I got it.”
“Okay if you’re...”
“Bye Seth.”

The line went dead. I stared at my phone oddly. That whole conversation was unlike the normal Adam. Wonder what has gotten into him today.

Chapter 2 Running- Phase

I know by the look on His face that something was close. He was worried and threatened by something. He was trying to keep Shield closer to Himself. That was a mistake. When He loosened His hold on the rest of us to tighten his grip on Shield, it finally happened. He loosened enough for me to move off the border line. Once I was off it, He couldn't grab me. He had to keep the others on the border line or they too could run. He had to let me run. I didn't look back as I ran through the forest. Even if He couldn't fallow me yet. He could soon enough. I had to get as far away from Him as possible. I can't tell you how far I ran, or where I ended up all I know was it couldn't be far enough from Him. Taking a quick look around me I saw a warehouse. Old, abandoned, and not a place that would be on a map. It was pretty perfect as far as hiding places go. Then I felt a sharp pain at the back of my neck. Then my word when black.
The first thing I saw was a guy about seventeen sitting on a coffee table staring at me. The guy was dark skinned, muscular, and tall. He had short black hair with dark brown eyes that where staring into my plain gray ones. But what caught my attention was the scar that went from his wrist to his elbow. It was straight like a knife cut. I had to force myself to look away from it. He looked at me with uncertainty. “Who are you,” he asked in a powerful tone. I hated the power types. They were dangerous. “I am IT.” He blinked at the name. “IT” he repeated. The powerful voice was gone. “That is what He calls me. The only name I have know,” I confessed to him. “He. Is he your father or what,” he asked confused. “He is a powerful man. He has the ability to control people just by putting his mark on you. He is our worst enemy and master, I guess you could say. He is not my father,” I snapped at him then paused, “I think.” He looked confused. “You think,” he asked. “I don't remember my past. After the day it all happened. I don't remember what happened before that but sadly I do remember what has happened after that,” I explained annoyed. He looked mad. I leaned back away from him. I have learned that you better stay away from people who get mad or they could just kill you. He saw this. I can't explain the look on his face. It was like he was hurt that I worried about him hurting me or something. He looked at me with that look and said, “I won't hurt you.” Normally I would have laughed at him; I had heard that line a million times mostly just before they hurt me. But those brown eyes are what stopped me. They looked just like my sister's. They looked so kind and pure that I couldn't do that. “What are you staring at,” he asked me wondering. “Your eyes,” I whispered still thinking about my sister. She would have been thirteen this year. “Why my eyes,” he asked me. I smiled softly and stared at my hands on my lap. “My sister had the same color eyes. That look you gave was just like hers. It just had me remembering the past,” I whispered. He looked at me confused, “I thought you didn't remember that past.” I shook my head. “I remember the last day of my freedom.” I began to tell a story. I don't know why but I just stared telling this brown eyed man the story never heard before.

It was May 14; she didn't want me to leave. It was her birthday. She was finally three years old. I was eight year old then. It was my birthday too. But I had to work. Our parents were gone, I think. I'm not sure. I just remember leaving her at our neighbor's house. She cried at me as I walked all the way into town. I worked at a factory. I don't recall what I made or even did there. I remember thinking of what to do to celebrate my sister's birthday. My sister who now I can't even remember her name. I left right on time. I ran all the way to our neighbor's house. When I opened the door, I saw them. The mother, daughter and baby boy died on the floor. They hadn't just been killed, they had been tortured. I remember running out yelling for my sister. She hadn’t been in the house so she had to be some where. The town was small so there were not many places to look. I can't recall who long I looked but it was well pass sunset. I found her in the forest. I had been wrong. My sister had been killed. She lay beheaded at the feet of the man. The man who owns me now. He, I know he was. I can't remember how or who he is but I knew him. He knew me too. He knows what I was. He knows I was different. That was why he killed the neighbor's and my sister. He wanted to me to join him and if I had nothing to hold me here it was easier to control those he picks. A weak heart, he always says to us. My heart was weak. But some how I got away from him for now at least. It only took me nine years.

The guy stared at me silently. He started to pace around the room. All I could do was watch him. “How many others like you are there,” he asked as he paced. “Four,” I answered after I counted. “Do you think they can get away too if someone helped them,” he asked. “No” I yelled at him. He stopped to stare at me. I froze too. Why shouldn't I let Him kill this guy? He looked at me with those brown eyes then I remembered why. “They have been under his control too long,” I tried to make it seem like that was the real reason. He seemed to believe me for he nodded and went on pacing. “What do you plan to do now,” he asked. I stared at my hands, I hadn't thought about it. All I thought about was running. “I guess keep running,” I whispered. He shook his head as he paced. He turned to me. “Why not stay here? We need the people. After all if you have something that makes this guy keep you around it may be useful to us,” he said with a kind laugh. I stared at him in shock. He had to be joking. “You are joking, right,” I asked in wonder. He looked at me very seriously. “No I mean it. I think you could stay here. If that guy does show up, we are more then enough to deal with him,” he said with a kind smile. I cringed at that thought. If He did show up here, I know... I didn't even know his name. “What is your name,” I asked almost in a whisper. He smiled as he said, “Adam Steven Black.” He looked at me with a funny expression. “You need a real name,” he said then paused deep in a thought. Then he smiled giant at me, “how about Phase? Do you like it?” I nodded my head. Could you say no to that smile? He went on asking me little questions. I answered them unsure of this guy. I really hoped He never showed up or kind Adam might not make it.

Chapter 3 Blocking- Rosuto

The new kid stock out like a sore thumb. He was pale, skinny with no muscle on him, and had bruises under his gray eyes from lack of sleep. The dark red hair showed up better since he hanged around a group where everyone had black hair. This wouldn't have been so odd and noticeable if it wasn't that he was allowed in the werewolves group. The humans didn't know they were werewolves of course but they know that they were a group and no one was allowed it. But somehow Apollo had got in and now this new kid was too. He doesn't say much but that is normal for new kids. But the werewolves seemed to know him, seemed close to him. I wish I understood this.
In first period, the new kid seat right next to me. He didn't look at me or anyone else. He just looked straight forward. I smiled as I introduced myself. “I'm Rosuto Morgan.” I saw the change in his eyes at that name. He knows. I offered a hand. He took it. The vision came fast. Then suddenly it was gone. Before the pictures could stare forming, it was gone. I stared at this guy who stopped my vision. He had a small smile, “I'm Phase Black.” Black was the Alpha wolf's last name. So Phase was apart of the group.
The rest of the day I was in a daze. No one had ever stopped one of my visions before. I couldn't find out how he did it. “What is with you,” Treyton asked at the end of the day. I looked up at him as I muttered, “that Phase guy stopped my vision. I can't figure out how.” Treyton looked at me in shock. There was a pause the he started to head to the jeep. As he came closer to the jeep the other Morgan’s fallowed him. Hazel, Javen, Eve, and I fallowed him. They saw us coming and got ready for a fight. Adam was in the front set with Phase next to him. The protective look on Adam's face showed how dangerous Adam could be. Apollo, Rose and Sid filled the back seats. That looked at us like they were ready for a fight if we started anything. “What do you want,” Adam asked in a powerful voice. I could tell Phase didn't like it. Treyton stared at Phase, “how did you stop Rosuto's vision?” He looked at me uncertain. Then his gray eyes turned a bright purple. It wasn't long but it was enough to catch our attention. Treyton jumped back I stared there frozen as he said simply, “I changed my mind.” Treyton stared at him as he said bitterly, “changed your mind, what like a shape shifter?” Adam's eyes warned him to shut up. Adam was at his limit. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away. The other Morgan’s fallowed close behind us. The jeep roared to life and sped away before another word.

Chapter 4 Luna- Adam

I was the first one to be a werewolf. I was the oldest one in the group, I was the Alpha wolf. I have college coming up this summer. But instead of leaving I must stay. I have to stay behind. Even though Benjamin has already left. Even though Ren, Seth, Rose, Apollo, and Sid will be leaving one day. I still have to stay. I would do no good out there in the real world. I am only good here. So I can't leave this place.
A shift next to me snapped me out of this thought. I looked over at Phase. He laid there quietly awake. He wouldn't make a noise all night unless you spoke to him. “Bad dream,” I asked quietly afraid to wake the others up. Phase gave me a soft smile, “I'm fine.” I really doubted that. I saw how bad those dreams hurt him every night. How he grips so hard on his arms that there was bruises. I know he wears long sleeves to hide it from us all. I ran my hand over his arm. I pulled up the sleeves. The bruise was yellow, blue, black and green. It was getting larger and larger every night. “What do you dream about,” I asked for the first time. He smiled softly up at me. “I dreamed of my sister's death,” I bit my lip. He never told me of that day. I think it is too painful for him. “It was only a dream. Go to bed,” I told him. He smiled at me then said in a caring voice, “You never sleep at night. You need sleep more then I do.” I bit my lip harder. I know the reason why I didn't sleep unless I have to. I found myself tracing the scare that ran down my left arm. “Adam,” Phase whispered to me. I tried to smile at him but failed. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed.
We stood outside in the cool morning air. The sun had yet to rise and the stars where still out. “They are beautiful,” I whispered at them. “The moon still out shines them,” he told me with a smile. I liked that he said that.
I stared at him as he never took his eyes off the sky. I looked at my arm. “When I first changed I was terrified. I was afraid of who I was. A monster. I hide it from everyone. One day I came home late. There had been a missing girl and I found her in the forest. I was so tired. I crashed on my bed, in wolf form. When my dad came in he found a wolf in his son’s bed. When he yelled I changed back. The look on his face haunted me. He got a knife and gave me this scar. I never went back home. I sleep in the woods. Until I found the warehouse. Fixed it up to it current glory. I can't sleep at nigh since I am afraid someone will attack me and I wouldn't be able to survive it. I don't want to get hurt again.” He looked up at me so sad
He looked at me for a moment. “My sister wasn't my real sister. The one I am talking about I met when I was under his rule. She was only seven when she died. She could change people's moods. Like I can change my body. She suddenly got weak one day. I don't know why but she was so weak that the x broke. The only time an x had been broken. Powers of Might or Weak of Might are the only ways to break the x. He didn't like how she had broken his x. So he brought her in front of all of us. He cut her head off in a fast second. None of us could stop him. We had to watch and stare at her limp and headless body. I felt so much pain and hatred. The next day I bailed after he heard one of your pack members in the forest.”
He smiled up at me. The moon reflected in his eyes. “I want to tell you a story of ours.

The moon came out every single night since life began. She would stand there shinning in the sky for us all to see. But she was alone. Humans loved the stars that surrounded her but none of them loved her. She got sadder and sadder each night. She asked the clouds to hide her from the world. So she wouldn't have to see everyone ignoring her for the stars. That very first night behind the clouds she heard a cry. Such a sad cry it was. But people cry everyday, the moon know this. But the next night it happened again. She ignored it as just another cry. But for the whole week she stayed behind the clouds, the cry could be heard. So after a week she decided to come out of the clouds and see who was crying. That night she heard a voice, “Oh my dear moon. Where have you been for so long? I have longed to see your beautiful face.” The moon turned to see a young wolf. She was shocked, “why do you cry for me?” “For I have missed you Madame Moon. I have missed you so much my heart could have shattered. But now you have returned, my love” cried the wolf. “Love,” asked the moon. “Yes, love. I love you Madame Moon,” barked the wolf. The moon was surprised to hear this. No one had ever loved her before. “How long have you loved me,” she asked in wonder. The wolf smiled, “my whole life.” “Will you always come to see me,” asked the moon. The wolf nodded his head yes. The moon was not alone now and she was loved. Every night she talked to the wolf, who always listened to her. Every night the wolf talked to her, who was happy to hear his voice. Soon their love meant the world to them. But the wolf was mortal. He had to die. He grows older each day. One night he can to give his goodbye to his moon. “Madame Moon, I have to leave you. This will be my last night. I have to die tomorrow. I am sorry I have to go. I will always love you. But have to leave, please don't be sad,” begged the wolf. The moon laughed at her love. “My dear kind wolf, you may die tomorrow. But you will come back to this earth one day. I will wait for you until then. No matter how long it takes. I made you wait many years ago, now it is my turn. I love you as well.” The moon waits for her wolf every night. He has come back to her every time he was reborn. He always will.”
I paused. “This is why I call our true loves our Luna. They are our moon. The most important thing in the world to us. Like Apollo is for Rose. Losing your moon can kill you sometimes or just leave scars deep on your heart like Benjamin's Luna did him when she died. “Where is your Luna,” he asked me. I laughed softly. “It is you,” I whispered.

Chapter 5 Dreams- Ren

It started off with a creek. I was looking at my reflection in the water. I looked younger and more terrified. I look like I had just seen a murder. “Ren,” said a voice I know so well. I looked over my shoulder to see Seth. He had his neck wrapped up in white clothes. The blood was already bleeding through. “Ren, I know you didn't mean too,” he explained to me. I was up staring at him. I was shaking. I was afraid of Seth....No I was afraid of myself from hurting him so bad. He could have died. He didn't even do anything. I was scared and angry at those hunters trying to kill me. He had come to save me and I almost cut his neck off. “You don't know what I meant to do. You don't know me. I do this all the time,” I yelled at him. I was scared to hurt him again. He keeps coming toward me. He wasn't afraid of me. I fell into the creek. I just set there keeping my head down. “I do know. If you have meant to hurt me then you wouldn't have run away or be so afraid to hurt me know. You wouldn't care. Yes, I don't know you. But I want to, Ren,” he told me. He had my right hand in his. His blood was still on it. He carefully put it into the creek. I watched as the blood washed away. He keep going, “You don't do this all the time. I can't believe that Ren. You have been hurt many times, I am sure. But you don't attack people unless you are endanger.” tears flowed from my eyes. I covered my face with my hands. “I didn't mean to. I thought you were a hunter trying to kill me. I was scared. Every one tries to hurt me, why are you any different. I hated myself for hurting you. I'm so sorry.” I cried to him. He just held me and listened to my rambling. “What is your name,” I asked as we left the creek. He smiled at me, “I am Seth. I'm a werewolf too.”
That was a good dream. But the others were so much worse. Death, killing, terrible things happening. I have lost my pack more times then I can count. Heard them scream in pain. But watching Seth die hurts the most. The only good thing about my dreams was Kurt wasn't in them. Why can't I dream of Seth? Sweet and kind Seth.
Bright lights. That is what I saw. “Am I dead,” I whispered. “Ren,” I heard him exclaim. I cried. I can't believe how much I have missed his voice. “Ren, what's wrong,” he touched my face. I can't believe how much I have missed the feel of him. “I'll call the nurse,” he told me. “No,” I exclaimed. I didn't want him to go or someone else to come. I looked at him with a smile. The pain from the lights was gone and I could see. Seth looked the same as the last time I saw him. He looked tired though. I wondered when the last time he got some sleep was. I wondered how long I had been asleep. “Seth, I've really missed you,” I confessed to him. He showed me that smile of his. It was one I loved. Love. I wonder why I never told him I loved him. I wonder why I never told him how much he means to me. Kurt. Kurt was why I never told him. Kurt made me feel like the worse person in the world for loving him. That is so stupid though. What would possible be wrong with loving Seth. I looked into his brown eyes. “I love you,” I confessed to him. He stared at me blankly. There was no emotions as he said, “you are still out of it. I'll get the nurse.” I grabbed him, “no Seth I mean it. I love you. I have ever since that day at the creek. I love you.” I cried at him. He just looked at me so coldly. What could I do to make his understand? “Why didn't you tell me before,” he asked. I stared at him shocked. He was mad because I hadn't told him before. “I know about Kurt,” he snapped at me. Oh. I looked away from his face. “It was nothing,” I stared to explain. “It almost got you killed,” he yelled at me. “Like you cared. You didn't stop the vote,” I yelled.
I was frozen. Seth had never hit me before. Not when I cut his neck, not when I lost control so many times, not when I as so stupid. He had never hit me before. I looked at him and saw the pain in his eyes. So much pain it made me want to cry. He moved a way from me. “Seth,” I whispered. Then he grabbed the doorknob. No I can't lose him like this. “Seth wait,” I jumped out of the bed. I fell to my knees. I was still so weak. “Ren,” I heard him exclaim. He was next to me on the floor. “Are you okay,” he asked concerned. Tears flowed. “I'm sorry,” I whispered to him. “Don't go. Please don't go,” I begged him. I looked up at him. He was in pain too. “Seth,” I asked. He ran his fingers throw my hair. “I wish I could have stopped the vote. Ren, I never wanted you to run. I am so sorry. It has killed me to watch you in so much pain knowing I could have stopped it if I took your place,” I jumped at that. Seth couldn't be hurt. “No it had to be me,” I realized. “Why did it have to be you,” he yelled at me. I looked at him with tears. “I would have dead if it had been you. Watching you in pain, knowing it should have been me, all the pain. You are stronger then me, Seth. I would have died.” Seth kissed me. His lips were so soft. I loved him so much. My hands wrapped around his neck. “I love you,” I whispered to him after the kiss. He gave me a smile, “I love you too.” Our lips touched again. This had better not be a dream.

Chapter 6 Go- Rose

We had hoped this day would never come. But it did. The guy who had hurt Phase so bad was back. He was after Phase. He wants to kill Phase for running away. Sid had head him say so himself. Adam decided it would be safer if Phase left. But we know Phase wouldn't leave if we told him the truth. “You have to break his heart,” Sid told Adam. I wanted to flatten Sid. He had no idea how much pain we went through when we lost our Luna's. But Sid was right. Phase wouldn't leave unless we hurt him. So Adam did.
“You are leaving this town tonight.”
“Because I don't want you here anymore. You are weak and pathetic. I can't have that around my pack.”
Pain filled Phase's face.
“Last night, what was that?”
Adam's fists tightened behind his back. This was killing him.
“A test. You failed the test.”
Phase took a step back. This was hurting him too.
“A test? All of that was some test?”
“Yes. You are nothing to me now.”
Phase turned and ran off. He didn't look back at Adam as he cried.

“Apollo calls the vampires. We need them to return the favor,” Adam asked.

None of us liked this idea but the vampires agreed to help us. We explained the group we would be facing to them. “There is a man who can control you if he touches you. He controls all of them. There is a middle aged woman with a mirror that can summon thing through it like a portal. She is very dangerous. There is a girl about ten. She can throw fire at people but she has to take time to summon up her strength. Lastly there is an old man who can throw up shields,” I explained until Rosuto jumped as he looked at Adam. “Phase is heading to them. He is going to try and save you all from them. He knows.” Adam's eye widen as he lost all he had. He was up and gone. As the leader, we had to fallow him.

Chapter 7 Changing- Phase

This is so wrong. I have finally got everything I ever wanted in life. I had my freedom that I have tried for so many years to have. But yet here I was giving it all up. Giving it all up for a human. The same human who didn't care about me at all. The same human who only a few hours ago I had trusted with my whole life. Never fall in love with a human. Never give your heart to a human. It is so sad but I still can't hate that human. After everything I feel no hate in my heart for that human. Even though it was only for a short period of time, I was happy. I had never been happy before. I love him. Even though he cares less about me. I still can't stop myself from loving him.
I looked ahead at what awaits me. I know I will die. But it is okay. The human will live so it is okay. It is more then okay. It is perfect. The human can live and enjoy his life with out having to worry about me ruining it. The human can live a long life with those he loves and I get to die for him, the person who I love. It is a perfect ending. Perfect ending to my life. It is time to end this. I went forward ready to except my fate. Goodbye Adam.
I stared at Him. He looked right at my wrist. “You broke my curse,” he hissed at me. I know I had. When I turned around and head to this man. It broke. I was weak. My life, my world didn't matter to me at all. All that did was Adam and the pack. They were the only people who even where kind to me. I may never remember my past but as long as I remember them, it doesn't matter. “I'm going to kill you,” he promised me. I took off at him. Four against one aren't great odds. But I didn't care all that much any more.

Chapter 8 Time- Christopher

We ran home as fast as we could. I was hoping he would wait but he must be like his father and do what ever he wants. “Treyton run ahead and get everything ready,” I yelled at my son. Treyton wanted to get to Rosuto faster anyway. Today was the day Rosuto was supposed to die. Treyton was gone. He would hopefully have everything ready when we get there. It only took us one minute to get there.
“William, Eve, Hazel, Javen and Vienna stay down here,” I told them as Thomas and I ran up stairs. Rosuto was holing her hand looking out for anything unexpected. Treyton was right behind Rosuto waiting for something to go wrong. Apollo was holding her hand keeping her tied to this earth if worse came to worse. “Artemis, how are you feeling,” I asked her softly. She looked so weak like she could go at any second. She gave a painful scream. “Rosuto,” I asked him He looked confused. “I'm about to die,” he told me.
What, how. Treyton stood there shocked. We all know what was going to kill him. Just as I opened my mouth to tell Rosuto to leave. Artemis gave a cry. We say as the baby tore open Artemis' stomach. Then it punched it hand into Rosuto's stomach. Blood fell from Rosuto's mouth. Treyton had to stick his hand into Rosuto just to get the baby to let go of Rosuto's organs. I didn't know what the baby had grabbed but I know it was too late. Rosuto was dying. There was too much blood on the floor now. "Treyton, you have to change him now,” I yelled at my son. Treyton pulled the baby's and his hand out of Rosuto. “I know,” he whispered to me. “Hold on Rosuto, He told him. Rosuto was slowly blacking out. “Trey,” he whispered as Treyton sunk his fangs into Rosuto's neck. I looked pulled the baby out of Artemis' cold body. “Thomas, she is going to die. You have to change her. I have to take care of the baby,” I told him. Thomas was shaking as I closed the door. I could have saved all of them. Rosuto and Artemis. But it was their choice. Treyton loved Rosuto and choose to spend his life with him. So Treyton changed him instead of losing Rosuto forever. Thomas loved Artemis and chooses to let her be a part of his life. But he had to change her or lose her forever. He chooses.

Chapter 9 Love- Adam

I love him. I know to some it is wrong for me to fell this way for him but I could careless. They can love who ever in this world they want. But I am going to love the person I want. But I hurt him so bad that he may never love me again. So I am sitting here hoping with everything I have that he will still love me and forgive me for what I did.
He looked at me in shock. I doubted he thought he would ever see me again. “Adam,” he whispered in a painful voice. “Good morning Phase,” I whispered to him. He looked unsure of everything. “I'm so confused,” he whispered to me. His hands covered his face. “Forget today. What I said, how I lied to you, forget it all. I am so sorry. I hurt you so much. I hurt the person I love the most in the world and I am hoping you can find it in yourself to forgive me. I won’t ever hurt you twice,” I begged him. I had forgotten the happiness he could give me when he gave me that small smile. “So do you love me,” he asked. I smiled at him happy he wasn't mad. “Yes, I love you more then the wolf loved the moon,” I confessed to him. He kissed me softly on the lips. I love kissing him. This is how I want to live my whole life. With me being so stupid but Phase understanding that I always love him then him kissing me telling me I really don't deserve a guy like him.
But I am happy I got so luck. I won first place when clearly I am the biggest loser on this earth. I may never leave this place but if I get to keep Phase close by it really doesn't matter. There was no one to stop me from living my life with Phase. The guy who once controlled him was dead. The x is a memory. Anything else that happens we can deal with it together. All of us together.

Oh My


My whole life I never imagined that I would have a family like a normal man. But I did. I have a wife and children who have grown old and had children of their own. I was happy to see them so happy. I am happy that everything worked out okay for them. They didn't have to suffer too much as I did. They were all strong enough to live a life that they can hold on to forever. I smiled at that thought. Forever. That was what we all had together. Forever and ever.

Chapter 1 One Year- William and Eve

It has been a year since I left Christopher's house. I am still apart of the family of course. I always will be. But I needed to leave. To live a life of my own for a few years, a life with just me and Eve. I don't know what will come out of it but it will be okay. As long as I have her, we will survive.
I have taken a job in a small city on the tip of Alaska. It is a doctor job. There are very few human up there but enough animals to satisfy two vampire's hunger. “William, what would you think if we had a little William or Eve around,” Eve asked me as we moved into our new home. I gave her a look that told her I didn't quite understand her. “I'm pregnant,” she whispered to me. I picked her up and swung her around the room. Joy filled my soul. “My wife and my son,” I exclaimed. Eve smiled down at me. “And to think I was worried you wouldn't like the news,” she laughed at me. I was so excited to hear this. The chances of a vampire giving birth are low; with a vampire lover it is even lower. But our family is known for going against the odds. “When did you find out,” I asked still holding her up in the air. “Before we left. Right before we left,” she confessed to me. I smiled at her. My wife and my son. “Should we leave,” I asked unsure of her wishes. She shook her head at me. “This place is nice. Away from everyone else. It will give us a chance to grow closer and strengthen our family. It will be a great place to raise a child,” she told me with a giant smile on her face. I kissed her stomach softly. “I hope it is a girl just like you, Eve,” I confessed my deepest home. A little girl just like her mother, I would be wrapped around her little fingers. “I hope she has your heart,” Eve said beaming at me. I laughed at her softly. My wife and my child

It was something new to me. To have someone other then myself to worry about. My baby was so small, so fragile, and so weak. I was so afraid she would get hurt. When she tried to run around the house, I felt myself hold my breath. When she fell, I felt my heart jump out of my chest. My little Kaylee Nichole Morgan. Kaylee was my mother's name. Nichole was the nurse who saved my William's life. Kaylee Nichole Morgan was my little girl. My little girl was just like her father. She loved the little things that life offered. Christopher and the others had sent her tons of toys. But she preferred to play with cups and the snow. She loved the snow, which was a good thing since there was always snow here. “Mommy, Mommy, come play with me,” she begged. She shined her big hazel eyes at me. I could never say no to her. William had got his wish. She looked just like me only a littler version. But she was her father's child. The way she acted, the way she thought was just like William. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being a doctor just like him. I smiled at she throw a snow ball at me and missed by a mile. I had got my wish too. She had William's heart.
“Mommy, why can't I play with the other kids in the sun,” she asked me one day. William looked over at me. My eyes begged for him to answer for me. He smiled as he picked her up and set next to me on the couch. “The sun hurts us. We are unique people, honey. But we can't show off how unique we are so we must hide it from the others. So promise me, you won’t show off but still be yourself,” he told her. She beamed at her father. She looked up to him so much. “Daddy, have you always loved Mommy, she asked that night. William smiled at her, “Yes. I have loved Mommy since I met her.” “Mommy, have you always loved Daddy,” she asked me. “Yes, I was born to love Daddy.” “Do you love me,” she asked staring at both of us. “Of course,” I answered her with a small smile. “Always,” William promised her. She snuggled between us and whispered to us as she fell into a deep sleep, “I love Mommy and Daddy too.” William kissed her forehead and kissed my cheek. I smiled at him. “I love you,” I whispered over our daughter as she sleeps peacefully. “And I love you,” he told me with love in his eyes.
I didn't deserve a life like this. I was so stupid my first years of life. I don't deserve to have William, the best man ever born onto this earth. I don't deserve Kaylee, the sweetest little girl in the world. But God had given them to me anyway. I am so happy he did. So happy to have William and Kaylee in my life. I didn't deserve them but I still had them.

Chapter 2 Two Years- Hazel and Javen

In my life, I have never done something for myself. I have always put every one else first. Never have I been selfish. But today, that changes. Today I am going to be selfish and not think of whatever one else wants. “Javen, we need to talk,” I said when I got home. My hands where hiding something behind my back. I didn't leave the door way. Javen looked over at me from the kitchen table. “Okay, what about,” he asked noticing right away I was hiding something behind him. “You know how you always said this place seems so much quieter then Christopher's. Well, I fixed that for you,” I gave him a small smile. He stood up slowly and made his way toward me unsure of what I was talking about. “Hazel, what is behind your back,” he finally asked. “Promise that you'll let me explain before you shoots down the idea,” I begged. He nodded his head. I took a step back and repeated myself, “promise.” He gave me a concerned look. “I promise, Hazel. Now what is it,” he asked waiting to see what had been behind me. I moved over and heard him gasp.
Behind me was a little girl about eight years old. She had long black hair that was up in two pony tails. She had big golden eyes that were filled with tears. She was dressed in a long black dress that was a size too big for her. She was clutching tight onto an old stuff bunny, which had seen better days, with her small pale hands like someone might try to take it from her if she let go. But the things Javen noticed first was the smell of blood on her, the fangs, and the long knife wound that ran across her neck. It was slowly healing but she would probably always have a scar. “Hazel,” he whispered in shock. “She is a half blood, Javen. Her mother hides the secret from her father. When he found out, he tried to kill her. He did kill her mother. She came running out of the house and crashed into me. Her father was still running after her. She has no one else, unless we want her to go back to that man,” I begged him to understand. Javen bent down and whipped a tear off the girl's cheek. “I'm Javen and this is my wife Hazel. We are vampires just like you. Our home isn't very big or extravagant. But it has more then enough room for you. If you would like, it could be your home too.” The girl clutched on to her bunny ever harder. Javen smiled softly as he whispered to her, “there is enough room for both of you two. You can share a room together. Would you like that?” The girl looked into Javen's eyes. She held out a pinky and whispered in a small voice, “promise?” Javen wrapped his pinky around hers. The girl smiled up at Javen and I did too.

Alice doesn't say much but neither do I. She laughs, sings, plays, and loves only for Hazel. I think she is afraid of me. I know she hates men and I can't blame her for that. But I was happy that she doesn't hate everyone anymore. She trusts Hazel, Eve, and every other girl on the planet. Even if she never trusts me, I am still happy if she is.
“Do you want to come Javen,” Hazel asked me one day. “Sure,” I answered not able to tell Hazel no. We walked in the rain there was very few people out on the street. As we passed, I heard the radio announcement and froze. Hazel looked at me with sympathy. “Today is to honor those who died during the Revolutionary War. Without those men, we may never have...” the radio said before I turned away. The painful memories of the war would forever haunt me. I felt tiny arms rap around my knees. I looked down to see Alice. She looked up at me so sad. “I'm sorry the war hurt you. But don't be sad. You have Hazel, me and Bunny. Don't be sad,” she said as she was about to cry. I picked her up and hugged her softly. I pulled Hazel into the hug. I smiled at them. Alice was right. I had them, the war was over and life still went on.
“She hates me,” William said with a sad look on his face. “Don't take it personally, she hates men,” I explained. “But you,” he muttered. I laughed at him. Alice didn't hate me anymore. I guess she realized I would never hurt her. She even stared to call me Father. She had always called Hazel her Mother. I smiled; Alice was a daughter to me. “Maybe it is because you love Kaylee more,” I offered. William laughed at that, like I knew he would.

Chapter 3 Three Years- Treyton and Rosuto

The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life was to change Rosuto. But that was over three years ago. Now I had new fears. My newest fear was the three kids that are asleep on the couch. They are called You, It, and That. Those aren't their real names but I guess I haven't earned the honor of knowing their real names. I have been asking myself why I brought them home with me. Then I think back to earlier today, and I know why.
I heard the screams first. Then I smelled the blood. I ran to find out what was going on. That was when I saw them. This one boy about nine years old. He was standing over the dead bodies of two humans. I could smell the alcohol on them. The boy was shaking. That was when I noticed behind him as two little kids about four. It was obvious that they were twins. The boy moved to block my view of the two. So the twins were the reason these two died, I realized. The boy flashed his fangs at me ready to kill me too. I flashed mine right back and hissed, “cool it kid. You caused a scene. The cops will be here soon. Come to my place til it is safe.” The boy didn't trust me but he know he needed me. The twins were badly hurt and they wouldn't be able to be moved much. Not to mention the sun would be out in an hour. So the boy fallowed me carrying both of the twins. I had tried to help but he almost bites my hand off.
So now I had three vampire orphans out cold on my couch. Lucky for me, Rosuto was out of the rest of the week. Last thing I needed was them trying to eat him and me having to kill some kids. I stared at the kids. They reminded me of myself. Weak but having to be strong. If I hadn't been strong, I would have been killed. These kids were younger versions of myself. That is why; I wanted to save them even if they didn't want it.

Lee stared at me in the shadows. He wasn't sure of a future seeing vampire. I smiled at him. I remember how mush worse he had been when I first showed up and already know their names when they hadn't even told Treyton yet. The twins had warmed up to me as soon as I brought out a box of old photos. They loved pictures. They loved having me tell them what is going on in them. Treyton found it annoying but he also liked that the twins were happier. Treyton set next to me smiling at the twins laughing. I couldn't help feeling bad for Lee.
When Treyton took the twins out for ice cream, I set there looking at the pictures when I asked Lee, “Do you think Cortney and Tiffanie would like to see you happy too?” He stared at me confused. I turned and smiled at him. “I know that life for you hasn't been easy but it is different now. You have the twins who love you very much. You have Treyton and me even if you hate us. You can smile and have fun even if it is only because you love Cortney and Tiffanie.” He looked at me and hissed, “You are crazy.” “I know,” I smiled at him.
Things where better now. Lee smiled and talked with the rest of us. The twins seemed happier too now that their brother was finally happy. Treyton relaxed about them trying to go wild in our house. “Rosuto, where are your parents,” Cortney, the youngest twin with the prettiest golden curly hair, asked on night after they looked at picture of the Morgan's family. Treyton looked at me uncertain of what to do. I smiled softly at her, “they are dead.” She looked at me with the biggest eyes. Tiffanie, the oldest twin with sparkling blue eyes that was the oddest thing to see on a vampire, grabbed on to her sister's arm as she stared watery eyed at me. I smiled at her softly. “How did they die,” Cortney asked very curious. Lee elbowed Cortney in the side. “They were killed by some bad werewolves when I was about Lee's age,” I explained. My heart ached like it always did when I talked about it. Lee looked at me sadly then he began to talk, “Our parents were killed too. It happened the day Treyton found us. Mom and dad were killed by the townspeople who learned our secret. Mom had told me to run with Cortney and Tiffanie. “Don't come back, don’t look back,” she had told me. I listened to her. I didn't turn around when I heard their last cries of pain or when I heard the townspeople cheering. We ran all night before we stopped to rest in that ally. Those drunks shot Cortney in the ear when they aimed for her head. I tried to grab the bullet but I was too slow. As I went to block the bullet, one of them threw a knife at Tiffanie. It barely cut her. Just a scratch. But it might as well have been a knife in the heart. For I killed them. Did you showed up, Treyton?” There was a moment of silence. “So you three are staying here for life then,” asked Treyton in a blank they looked at us in shock. I got up and fixed the guest rooms for them. I already know their choice.

Chapter 4 Our Years- Thomas and Artemis

My life almost ended the same day my son was born. My son almost killed my wife. Well she wasn't my wife then but she is now. Much to her father's displeasure. If he had his way I would be six feet under, pushing up daisies, eating dinner with Hades, dead. If only he know I already was dead. But he can't ever know I am one of the living dead. It would be far too dangerous for him to find out. After all, he already thinks Artemis was killed having our son who died too. Well in a way she did die. Her heart had stopped the day she gave birth to our son. But she is alive in one way. Artemis is now a vampire like me. She is one of the living dead. I couldn't be happier to have my son and wife in my life with me. There had been doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be able to change her. But the idea of losing Artemis from my life forever was what gave me the strength to do it.
“Daddy, Christopher is on the phone,” Thomas Jr. yelled to me as I set in my office looking over my paper work. “Thank you,” I yelled to him with a smile. “Hello Christopher” “How are you, my son” he asked with a caring voice. “I am fine. Busy with work but fine.” “Oh well I just wanted to see if you and Artemis would be up to a visit tomorrow. I was thinking of getting us all together for Kaylee's birthday,” he told me in a calm voice. “That sounds great. We'll be there. What time,” I asked. “Noon,” he answered. Then the line went dead. I smiled at that. Christopher always liked to have the last word. Artemis walked in smiling at me, “Thomas and I are going to go hunting, do you want to come?” I looked from my wife to my son. A smile covered my face as I stood up, “sure.” Thomas grabbed a hold of one of my hands and one of Artemis'. He led us toward the forest. Artemis laughed at him and I couldn't help joining her in laughter. I loved my family.

Thomas Jr. had grown so big over the years. He looked more and more like his father each day. I loved him even if I had died giving birth to him. I would still have loved him. He was Thomas and my son so how could I not love him. “Mom, how do you do this problem,” he asked me as he looked at his homework. I smiled and looked over the problem. Thomas was now in second grade. It seemed only yesterday I gave birth to him. Seems only an hour ago that we bought a place of our own in the mountains of Montana. Seems only a minute ago, Eve called me telling me she was excepting a baby girl. I can't believe some times that it had been seven years ago. It didn't fell possible. After everything that has changed in so short period of time, it is almost impossible to believe. But when you live forever, seven years is nothing and change is ever day. Nothing stays the same, unless you are a vampire.
Chapter 5 Lonely Year- Vienna and Christopher

It was so quiet in this house with all of my children gone. But I still can smile for I know that they are having the time of their lives. They have all started new and interesting lives with the ones they love. What more can a mother want for her children? A few grandchildren maybe. But I have those too. I love all six of them. Kaylee, Thomas, Alice, Lee, Cortney, and Tiffanie. I love spoiling them and then sending them home to their parents to deal with. Their parents don't like it very much but they know it is revenge for all the trouble they have caused over so many years. “Grandma, Alice can't find Mr. Bunny,” cried Cortney and Tiffanie at the same time. “Well let’s go find him, shall we,” I said taking each of their hands as we began our search. Cortney and Tiffanie were sweethearts and very sensitive. They are also inseparable. The only time I had seen them apart was when Rosuto got knocked out by a vision and Tiffanie ran to get Treyton as Cortney held Rosuto's hand telling him not to die. But besides that they have never been seen apart.
We looked over every inch of the house not seeing Mr. Bunny anywhere. “Grandma Vienna,” yelled Thomas at me. He too comes up empty handed. Thomas had been my first grandchild. He was smart as his father but had a unique outlook on life just like his mother. Thomas was great friends with Kaylee. I wouldn't doubt if one day, they married. But that is just my thought. They may find another vampire or human to love. I'll ask Rosuto later. “Grandmother,” cried Kaylee who was also empty handed. Kaylee was just like her father even though she could be her mother's younger clone. Kaylee was my first granddaughter. She loved to visit us when it snowed. Alice wondered over. Her hazel eyes where filled with tears. She looked so sad it broke my heart. “Grandma, I couldn't find him,” she whimpered. I looked sadly at her thinking of what to say. Lee came walking toward us. He was walking very slowly as if he had walked miles and miles. He walked right up to Alice and held out Mr. Bunny. “I found him,” he said tiredly. Alice smiled at him and throws her arms around him. Hugging him close, this was rare for my man hating granddaughter to do. But Alice had never hated Lee. Maybe she knows how hurt he had been. I smiled; they would make a good couple too.
That night when Rosuto came to get Lee, Cortney, and Tiffanie; I decided to ask him, “Rosuto what is in their future?” Rosuto smiled at me. “The future is always changing. So I can't tell you. It is up to them what happens,” that was his answer.

My whole life I never imagined that I would have a family like a normal man. But I did. I have a wife and children who have grown old and had children of their own. I was happy to see them so happy. I am happy that everything worked out okay for them. They didn't have to suffer too much as I did. They were all strong enough to live a life that they can hold on to forever. I smiled at that thought. Forever. That was what we all had together. Forever and ever.

Chapter 8 Falling- Apollo and Rose

It has been so many years since I met Rose. Some how she managed to stay in love with the annoying old me. I am the luckiest man in the world for having her in my life. I wouldn't give any moment I have had with her away. I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her again.
“Rose, come here,” I asked her as we watched some chick flick she had been dying to watch. “Yes,” she asked with a big smile on her face. I smiled back at her. “Will you marry me,” I asked with a suddenly serious face. She just stared at me in shock. “Do you mean it,” she asked. “Is that a no,” I asked as she doubted my proposal. “No I want to marry you,” she exclaimed. I smiled at her, “was that so hard?” She nodded her head yes. Yes it had to be this hard. She still couldn't believe I was still here. I slipped the ring on her finger. “It was my mother's ring,” I told her. She stared at it wide eyed. “I can't,” she began to complain. “Say that and I’ll take it as you don't want to marry me,” I warned her. She shut up and just smiled at the diamond ring. “It's beautiful,” she whispered. “Yes you are,” I told her.

The wedding was just like my husband. It was odd and unique. There were werewolves, human, vampires, and Phase. Not sure what he is. I loved it. They all made my special day even more special.

Chapter 9 Leaving- Seth and Ren

I had my stuff packed by the time Ren came running over. She looked down. She hated that I was leaving today. “Why do you have to go,” she whined. “Why don't you just come with me,” I finally asked her. She looked at me wondering what I meant by that. She grabbed my arm keeping me from walking away. “Can I,” she whispered to me. I smile down at her worried face. “Of course. You would cause so much trouble if I left you here,” I told her. A smile burst onto her face. “I hope you know I am coming now,” she told me with a smile. I pulled out her ticket. “Then you better get packing,” I whispered in her ear. The smile grows as she jumped at me. We fell onto my bed laughing. Ren kissed my lips. “You got me a ticket,” she exclaimed. I messed up her hair. “Did you really think I would leave you here all alone? If you didn't come, I would be staying,” I told her. She stared at me, “you would stay if I was too,” she asked. I nodded my head at her. She smiled hugging me so tight. I ran my finger over her back. She was so easy to please.

The plane ride was long but it was fine since I got to sit next to Seth. Everyone knows about this trip but me. I would have been mad at them but right now I was so happy. I get to spend a whole week with him alone. “Ren, are you okay,” Seth asked me. I looked up at him. “Do you think we will last,” I asked quietly. He tilted my head at him as he told me, “We better. I can't live with out you. I love you so much Reese.” I kissed him not caring who looked. “I love you too. I know losing you would kill me. I need you,” I confessed. He held my hand and told me, “I'll stay with you, if you stay with me.” I smiled at him, “I would like that.”

Chapter 10 Staying- Adam and Phase

I know I would never be able to leave this town. I would probably die here. But I won’t be alone like I feared. I had Phase with me. So it would be okay. Phase made it okay. “Adam, Ren and Seth left today,” he reminded me. I nodded softly still no quite awake. I sleep too much last night. “Are you okay,” he asked me. I smiled at him, how could I not be when he was here. “Just tired,” I told him. “Benjamin invited you to Florida, you going to go,” he asked me. I didn't even think it over. “I'm not going.” “Why” he asked me. I smiled at him, “he knows where I am. After all I can't be away from you that long. I would drive Benjamin crazy,” I laughed. A smile slipped onto his face, “you are so cute.” Cute. Never have been called cute before. “Can I kiss you,” I asked. He laughed at me, “Do you ever have to ask?” I kissed him. If I had to stay here forever it would be fine. I was perfectly happy like this.

It has been years since I have meet Adam and his pack. So may things have happened. Apollo and Rose have had triplets, two boys and one girl. Sid married his Luna, Carmen and they had a baby girl. Benjamin never married. He never loved anyone besides Emma. Ren and Seth got married and they moved back here to help the new werewolves to be. Don’t tell anyone but I think Ren’s pregnant. Adam never left the town and I never left Adam. I love him, I love them all. I don't want to know what life would have been like if I never bailed. I am happy, but we all are. To think it all started with a father taking his two children from their New York City, New York to this little Tulsa, Oregon.