Welcome to H. O. Heaven HighSchool (Contest)

Part 1

Chapter 1
The News

It was a late night about 11:00 p.m on July 4th. I was sitting in our dinning room with my mother sitting on the left end of the table and my father sitting on the right end of the table and me sitting on the side with my mother to my left and my father to my right. On the table were pizza, one large cheese, one large pepperoni and one large breadsticks. As we ate in silence the lightning danced in the sky and thunder roared to the dance and the rain cried heavily on to the earth. “Idike, me and your mother have something to tell you, so stop daydreaming” said my father loudly to me. As I looked upon my fathers face I saw no emotions, no warning of the news to come. “What is it, if it is about the fireworks I understand that...?” I said before my mother gave me her shut-up-and-let-him-talk look. My father went on like I had not said a word “We have decided that you will be going to a new high school called H.O Heaven High, before you start to argue with me I will not change my mind. It is a good school and you will make a lot of friends.” “Like it is my fault, you are the one who made us move to San Francisco, California from Huston, Texas so you could marry my mother” I thought in my head. That is right; my current father is not my real father. My real dad, Kyo Kouga died from a car accident when I was 8, my mother, Sakura remarried my fathers younger twin brother, Kurogane Kouga when I was 10 by the way I am 14 now will be 15 on October 2. Well anyway back to the conversation between me and my new father.
Before I could say a word my father started to talk again. “As soon as you are done eating go pack your things, we will be taking you there to show you your dorm room and meet your teachers and roommate tomorrow.” My father stood up and moved for my mother to fallow. They both left the room and left me to only sit in shock and think of what awaits me tomorrow. I stood up and walked out of the dinning room and down the hall. As I passed the doors on the way to my room I keep wondering why, why do I have go and what did I do? When I got to my room I started to pack with the words of my father in my head and questions yet to be answered.
After the 2 hours it took me to pack my clothes, books, CDs, and more of my junk I will or might need. I lay on my twin size bed looking at the ceiling and listening to the rain hit off my window. As my eyes got heavily I feel off to sleep. When I awoken I was in our family’s blue RV. I blinked my eyes making sure I was not still dreaming. “What is going on” I asked half asleep. My father was driving and did not look aback at me and ignored me like I had not said a word. My mom looked at me and said “good morning Idike, we didn’t want to wake you up so we carried you and your bags to the car and we are almost to your new school.” “What time is it anyway” I asked. “About 9:50” my father said. “Where is this new school anyway” I asked. Before my mom could say and father said “we are here”. I looked out the window and there was a metal fence with a H.O.H on the top behind the fence was a 5 story building with the gothic designed it reminded me of Count Dracula’s house. Next to the building were two 4-story houses, with the same gothic design, on each side. It front of the 4-story house on the left was a sign that said “girl’s dorm” and the in front of the other 4-story house on the right was a sign saying “boy’s dorm”. My father rolled down his window and pushed a bottom to the pager next to the fence and said “hello it is Mr. Kouga, I am here to drop off my daughter Idike Kouga, she will be a freshman this year and will being attending this school in the fall, may we please come in to show her the dorm. By the way, she does not know about the special yet sir”. “What do I not know” I wondered. “Yes, come on in saw her to the dorm then you will have to leave I am sorry if that is a problem” said a male voice. “No it is fine, thank you” my father said. As we waited for the gates to open my father looked back at me with sorrow and pain in his eyes “Idike, this is the school your father, your mother, and I went to. You will have fun I promise even if it might take you a while to get used to it and I am sorry we wont be seeing you in a while. I know it must feel like we are just dropping you off in the middle of now where but I want you to know we are sorry that we have to make you go through this and I…um...we love you with all of our hearts and please forgive us”. My mother started to cry but I saw not a tear leave my father’s eye as the door to my new school opened.
Chapter 2
Welcome to H.O. Heaven High

As the doors open and my mother started to cry more; I started to become scared and worried of what might happen here. I looked at my parents and said “I am sure everything will be fine and I will have fun don’t worry. I will write at least twice a week, I promise.” We drove over to the girl’s dorm as we got out of the RV we walked slowly to the trunk. My father pooped the trunk and helped me get my bags out. We walked to the dorm door and my father and mother hugged me tightly them and smiled at me. Then my mom kissed me on my check and said lovingly “we will miss u and see you at Christmas break and we will write you everyday. Have fun and make a lot of friends, honey”. My father smiled at me and said “have fun and keep you grades up this year and call if you ever need help. Please stay out of trouble ok Idike”. I hugged them and said trying not to cry “I will be good and make a lot of friends. Call me when you get home and have a safe trip home.” As we let go of each other and my parents got back in to the RV and slowly drove off. When they had drove out of sight I picked up my bags and walked slowly to the dorm. I knocked on the door and waited for some on to answer. I heard a girl yell “I am coming hold on” I could hear footsteps out side the door. As the door open I saw a blonde hair and blue eyed girl come out the door and look at me then said “You must be Idike, the next girl coming to the school. Hello I am Rin, a senior and the dorm adviser here. Come on in and I will show you to your room.” “Thank you, Rin” I said staring at her but I was not staring at the perfect straight blonde hair or giant beautiful blue eyes but the hallow floating above her head. I blinked a few times. I could not believe it I must have to be seeing things there is no way. As we walked down the hall on each side was doors at the end of the hall was a pair of stairs right before we got to the stairs she stopped and pointed to a door that said “Food Here”. “That is the kitchen there it has ever thing you will need but you will have to pay for whatever you use or eat ok” said Rin and she started to walk up the stairs the second floor looked the same as the first but the stair were on the other end. As we walked down the hallway she stopped at the door before the stairs on the left side of the hall the door number was 36. “This is your room and your roommate, this hall is for the freshman there is 24 rooms on each floors and at least 2 people in each. The bottom floor in for seniors, the third floor is for juniors and the top floor is for sophomores.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a key with a 36 sticker on it and handed it to me. As I took the key Rin started to talk again “All of you school supplies are on your bed in a box your parents bought is ahead of time. School year starts August 1 ok and by the way if you have any problems my room is number 12 on the first floor, well have fun.” “Thanks, you are a lot of help and I have a question it might be silly but are you a... umm angel” I said thinking I must sound like an idiot. “WOW, you can see it we all put on a special ring so no one new would see it that means you already now what type of special you are, you are the first freshman to see throw it, congrats and what special are you if I may ask” Rin said very shocked but excited. I was too surprised. I mean I know what special I was I have since I was 7 (a year before my dad died) and my dad was the only one who knew what I was. I looked at her and said “I am a vampire but I am not blood thirsty so don’t freak ok.” Rin grabbed my hand and said “WOW really that is cool even if we were different types of specials; I want to be friends ok.” I nodded my head. Then her phone ringed Rin let go of my hand and reached in to her pocket and said “Hello this is Rin….Oh really….I will be there soon…bye” she turned to me and said “I have to go show a new freshman and one last thing don’t tell any freshman until they see your special ability. Wait how are you hiding your special” I looked at her and said “I am not. Since I am a vampire the only difference between me and a human are the teeth (or at least on the outside that is).” “Ok I will see you at lunch bye Idike.” Rin flow down the hall. I put my key in the lock and unlocked it and opened the door.

Chapter 3
The Roommate

As I open the door to my new dorm room. I see two beds, one twin bed on the left side and one twin bed of the right side with one large desk in the middle the right side of the desk had a laptop, paper, pens, and books on it the left side had nothing on it. The bed on the right side had a red and pink striped blanket on the bed with two pillows on it on was red and the other was pink. There was a door on the left side of the room with a sign that said “Bathroom”. On the right side there were two doors side by side. I laid my bags on the unused bed and opened one of the two doors as I looked in I saw they were closets one was full with clothes, shoes, socks, ECT. I opened the other and was it was empty, “must be mine” I thought. As I closed the doors to the closets, the door to the bathroom opened. I spun around to see a girl with short black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a red long sleeve shirt with a long black shirt that went to her feet. She started at me for a while. “Hello, I am Idike Kouga, I am your new roommate” I said hoping she would stop staring at me like I have a burglar. “Oh, hello I am Aya Arina, sorry I thought you would be coming later” Aya said nervously. “So, is it ok if I can start to unpack” I said she looked at me and nodded. “May I ask you something umm Idike, right?” she said moving to her bed that set down. “Yes it is Idike and what is your question?” I asked wondering what she wanted. “Since we are going to be roommates, I want to know do you know what your special is?” she said very quietly. I spun around from my unpacking and looked at her “Since we are roommates I will not lie to you I know what mine is, do you” I asked courtesy. “Yes, I am a…um… fire demon” she said and started to cry. I run over to her for some reason hugged her and said “I am a vampire and there is nothing wrong being a demon, so why are you crying”. She looked at me with teary eyes “Before you moved in, a girl shared this room with me and I told her I was a demon and she started to through she stuff at me screaming “you monster don’t eat me” then she jumped out the window but Miss. Rin caught her and the girl told all of the other students so now no one will talk to me since they don’t know about their special yet. But I am glad you are different.” I looked at her and said “she was just surprised I don’t care if you are a demon or not, so don’t cry and anyway for now on we will be living together so no matter what others have or will say we must always be able to rely on each other ok” I smiled at her. She looked at me and whipped away her tears. “I am sorry for crying Idike for now on you are my friend not just my roommate and I promise to never use my demon powers on you ok” she said smiling at me. “Ok and I will not use any of my vampire powers on you now I have to unpack” I said smiling and glad I had made another friend and wondering why my parents were so worried about me being here.
As I unpacked my bags and set up the lad top that had been added to my bags by either my mother or my father; I could here people outside. I opened the window that was on the wall in front of my and Aya’s desk. Outside were students playing soccer, tag and other games. As I turned around I saw Aya’s questioning face. “What is it are you afraid of the light” I said joking. “No, I thought you might be being a vampire and all” she said wondering. “No. I am fine with the sunlight but it does weaken me a little so I can’t spend all day outside.” I said. “Okay, so how about after you are done unpacking we go outside, ok” she asked. “Sure I will be done in a few” I said and started to put away my clothes.
After 15 minutes I had finished packing. “Ok all done” I said as I threw myself on to my bed that now had my favorite blanket that was black with red roses on it and my two black pillows. I looked at Aya and said “You still want to go outside.” “You bet that is why I change in to my black jeans” said Aya standing up and moving to the door. I stood up and Aya and I ran down the hallway and down the stair and out the door of the hallway.

Chapter 4
New Enemies and Friends

Outside there were games of soccer going on girls vs. boys, dodge ball, basketball and other games. As we walked around I could tell some of the kids were staring at us. As we were passing the soccer game I hear in a girly and very loud voice saying “hey, if it is not the demon from hell, have you killed anyone lately, freaky Aya.” Aya and I spun around to see a girl walk over she was a blonde with pink highlights and had green eyes. She was wearing a pink shirt with a heart on it and a pink miniskirt with pink shoes. I have never seen so much pink on one person in my life. Aya looked at her and I could tell she had hate in her eyes and I had a bad feeling as I looked at her and said “who are you little girl.” She looked at me like I had just slapped her. “I am Lisa, Aya’s old roommate until I learned she was a demon freak, and anyway who the hell you are anyway” she said in an attitude that made me want to kill her. I smiled evilly with my pointed teeth showing “I am Idike, Aya’s new roommate and by the way if you say one more thing to insult Aya I will not forgive you; now if you are smart walk away before you regret it ok shorty.” Before her, Aya, or I could say another word a boy walked up and stepped between us and said “is there a problem here girls, come on let’s try to have fun here so...” before he could finish I walked away and Aya fallowed. Aya looked at me and said “Thanks, you really had my back I am in you debt.” “No problem” I said and stop walking and took a set in the grass away from the games but still able to watch them, Aya set down next to me and was about to say something until the boy from earlier walked over and looked down on us then set down in front of me and looked at me for a while until I said “can we help you”. He looked at me and smiled and said “sorry I had to stop your argument with Lisa, I hate her too since I came here a few days ago but the reason I stopped it was because…um…well the people who know their special were about to kill her even freshman like me.” I looked at him and said “you know you’re special already.” “Yes, I figured out after 24 hr. of being here, you two are the first freshman but me that I know of who has figure it out, the others will by the time school starts, oh by the way my name is Fai Toshiro, my special a iceman that means I can become any ice and control ice, water, snow or any form of it” he said smiling. “Hello, I am Aya Arina, I am a fire demon like Lisa said before, it is nice to meet you” she said smiling. “You are such a people person, Aya” I said joking with her. I looked at Fai and said “Hi, I am Idike Kouga, I am a vampire”. Fai looked at us shocked and said “WOW cool I am so jealous of your special types”. “Dork, you are up next for the goalie for soccer so hurry up” someone yelled. Fai look over and yelled “Ok I will be right there” then he turned to us and said “that was Vinny, he is a freshman too, well I got to go talk to you later and it was nice meeting you two”. Fai stood up then ran of yelling something to Vinny that I could not hear. I looked at Aya and she said “I think his special fits him, like his blue eyes and black hair goes with being an iceman don’t you think”, I nodded in agreement. I laid back “looks like we are meeting a lot of people my first day and I have meet 3 new friends and a short elf” I said smiling at the clouds passing by. After about 30 minutes we hear “So, I see you two are getting along, I am glad” which was said by Rin. I jumped up and looked at Rin “Oh My God you scared me to death” me and Aya yelled at Rin. Rin smiled “Oh, did I scare the freshman, so are you guys getting along?” We nodded our heads yes. “Well that is good, well I have to go to student council meeting see ya” said Rin and she walked away waving good bye. As we sit up we see Fai and another boy with him. Fai walked over to us “Hi girls, I am glad you two are still here there is someone I want you to meet. This is Vinny, he is a freshmen like us, and my best friend here and we were hoping all of us could have supper together tonight to get to know each other so we have friends before school starts.” “Hi I am Vinny Takaya, sorry that Fai talks so much” said Vinny. “You are sooo mean” said Fai as he tried to put Vinny in a head lock but Vinny put him in one instead. “Oh no I don’t feel good” I thought, I looked at Aya to say I had to go but as I opened my mouth I hit the ground the last thing I hear was Idike, Idike are you ok? I think it was Fai or maybe Vinny. As my eyes slowly open I saw I was back in my dorm it was all dark the only light was from a lamp that was on Aya’s side of the desk. I set up in my bed I saw Aya, Fai and Vinny. “Are you alright, Idike, we were so worried” said Aya. “I am fine” I said. “No you are not, you were so pale and had a bad fever I thought you would be out for days not only 1 hour, you should have told us you could only last a few hours out in the sun in this summer heat” said Vinny. “I don’t remember ever telling you that I could not last a few hours in the sun” I said looking at Fai and Aya half mad and half thankful. “Fai told me about you all and your special types, I am sorry if I made you mad I should have not made them tell me I only wanted to help” Vinny said until I interrupted him “Thank you Aya, Fai, and Vinny, I am sorry I just I am just a little moody please forgive me.” They all smiled and Aya and Fai hugged me “All 4 of us will always have each others back ok” said Vinny. We all nodded. “Vinny do you know of your special yet?” I wondered. Vinny looked at me for a while, he put down his head “Yes I do” he said. “What, you never told me” yelled Fai. Aya grabbed Fai’s arm and gave him a look that made me wonder what was going on with these two. Vinny keep his head down “I am sorry Fai; I should have told you I just did not know how you would take it if I said I was a devil.” I smiled and stared to laugh. Vinny’s head popped up and looked at me and yelled “You bitch why the hell are you laughing at me, you blood sucking monster.” He turned to leave but I grabbed his arm faster then he could move it out of the way. I looked at him and said with a smile on my face “You did not think you could not tell an iceman, a fire demon and as you said a blood thirsty monster or as most call me a vampire you were a devil, you could have said you were a goblin and we would still not think bad about you just because of you special type of monster you are.” Vinny looked at me for a while then Vinny smiled and hugged me and whispered “I think you are more of an angel then a vampire and please forgive me about what I said before I didn’t mean”. I felt my face turn red and was thankful that there were where not a lot of light. Then there was a knocked at the door Vinny and I separated our hug and Aya got the door it was Rin. “It is time for supper it will be over at the school’s cafeteria”. We all nodded our head ok and got up.

Chapter 5
The Secrets
Locked Away

As we walked out of the girls dorm Vinny, Idike, Fai and Aya walked to the main school and Idike whispered in Aya’s ear “what happened after I passed out?” “We carried you to our room and we all set and worried then Vinny asked why you had fainted and we told him well more me but I am sorry I was just worried” Aya whispered back to me as the boys talked about soccer. I looked at Aya and said “you like Vinny don’t you”, Aya turned to look at me and said “umm why do you ask?” “I saw you that you grabbed Fai from getting to Vinny and you looked upset when he hugged me, Aya if you like him go for it I will back you up a hundred percent” I said with a smile and looking forward. Then all of the sudden Aya hugged me and said “Thank you Idike if you ever like a guy I will back you up no matter who it is too I promise”. “Ok now let me go so I can breathe” I said with a smile. Fai and Vinny looked at us and I said “what do you boys want a hug too” and Fai jumped at us and hugged both me and Aya and said “since you asked I would love too” and Vinny tried to pull Fai off then Fai jumped and tackled Vinny and said “don’t be jealous”. As I pulled Vinny and Fai apart, we all headed to the main building. As we walked in we saw million of photos on the walls witch were black and white the school colors. There were arrows on the wall that said this way to the cafeteria. As we followed the arrows I noticed a door that we locked. I stopped and looked at it, Fai looked at me and said “hurry or we will leave you behind”. Then the from behind the door there was a look thud that hit the door and I jumped back as Fai, Aya, and Vinny came over and looked at the door. “What do you think it behind it” asked Aya. Fai and me both looked at the door an shock our heads no but Vinny said “there is a tale that says long ago there was a boy who know one knew his name but he had giant red wings so everyone called him Robin. He lived in our parent’s life time in some place in France but moved here to this school when he was 10 and lived here until he was 18 when the freshman at this school killed him thinking he was monster since they had yet received their special type. The night he died his son was born by a human girl named Mai, who ran away for her son was what she called a monster. The son was raised by the head master until the students killed the head master the next year and the son of Robin’s wings that were red turned black due to the black hearts of he students here. No one knows what happened to the boy but some say he is still here in the school hoping to kill everyone with black hearts. Maybe that is him killing a person with a black heart”. We looked at him for a minute and Vinny scratched his head and said “sorry if I sacred you it is just a rumor my dad told me once”. Fai hit him on the head and said “man, you were really scary for a second there I thought you were going to eat us or something”. The door knob started to shack and someone yelled “Don’t do it please I am sorry”! “Shut up you are such a weak person lets see if you can at least open that stupid door” said a boy’s voice. Then there was another thud and the door went flying open and the four had to jump back or be hit by the door. There was a boy, with long brown hair with green highlight that was up in a pony tail that ended at his shoulders and green eyes, on the ground holding his head. The boy was wearing black jeans, and a green long sleeve shirt that said “You could never be as hard headed as me” yellow letters and black shoes. He looked up and said “hello, I am Terri umm” as another boy walked out of the door. This boy had messy short black hair with red highlight and black eyes; he was wearing black jeans, a red t-shirt that said “Shut up or I will make you” in black letters, and black shoes also he had giant black wings. He looked at Terri and pulled him up by his ponytail and said with an evil smile “looks like your hard head finally came in handy”. Terri looked at him and wined “Raven, you are sooo mean I can’t believe you threw me at that door”. Raven smiled and looked at the door and said seriously “I can’t believe it really opened”. Then Raven looked at us and said “looks like we got some witnesses to our break out, Terri”, Terri looked at us and said “it looks like all of them have their special type too”. Vinny looked at them and asked “who are you and why were you in that room”, Raven looked at Vinny and said “shut up, you little devil, I have no wish to talk to you”. Then Raven started to walk away before Vinny grabbed his shirt and was thinking about hitting him, when Terri kicked Vinny sending his flying to the wall and said “don’t try that again”. Fai then ran at Terri looking to fight the person who just sent his friend flying but before he got to Terri, Raven moved in front of him and kicked him in the crest sending Fai on top of Vinny. Then Raven and Terri walked away before Aya sent fire flying at them. Raven grabbed Terri and threw him up and moved himself to the side. Raven then faced us and said “I don’t like to fight girls but if you keep it up I will”. Then Terri who had hit the ground and stood up faced us and I had a feeling we were on the losing side. Terri looked at Aya and ran at her, Aya ran at him firing fire from her hands. Terri moved his hand up and down and air fired from it and moved the fire back at her who ducked them. Raven looked at me and did not move and said “if you want to fight go a head but be ready to lose like your friends”. I looked at him and at Aya fighting Terri and said “please stop them, I don’t want anyone to get hurt and you two clearly out match us”. Raven looked at me and then said “I will only this once think twice before you try to fight someone you have no idea about their strength and weakness” then flow and grabbed Terri’s leg and started to fly away from Aya and the rest of us. Terri did not fight back only said something to Raven that I did not hear. Aya was about to fire again before I said “stop, if we fight them we will lose”. Aya looked at me and nodded at me even thought she clearly wanted to fight Terri again. Vinny and Fai looked at us and asked “who are they”? We looked when Raven and Terri had left then Aya said “looks like we got some enemies already”, I looked at her and said “I don’t think they are our enemies but they are clearly not our friends”. “Idike, they beat us with one kick and used their special on Aya and you still think they are not our enemies why?” asked Vinny. I looked at them and said “Raven stopped the fighting when I asked; I think they were just trying to protest the other”. They looked at me and I walked to the door and closed it and said “I still want to know why they were in here but I don’t think we should mess around in there, let’s go to supper before Rin starts to look for us”. We ran to supper thinking of Raven and Terri and that door.

Part 2

Chapter 1
The First Day of
Monster School

Today, was August 1, the last few weeks have been boring new students coming but Aya, Fai, Vinny and I have not seen Terri or Raven since that night. “Aya, wake up it is our first day we don’t want to be late” I said to my roommate who was hiding under the blankets. I was putting on the school outfit I and every girl had to wear which was a white long sleeve shirt and long black skirt that went to our ankles with black shoes. After I was dressed I looked at my sleeping roommate and said with a smile said “Aya, if you don’t wake up and hurry to get dressed we will miss breakfast and I will have to drink your blood instead”. Aya jumped up and ran and got dressed in the same outfit that I was in and only took her 5 minutes to be dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, and bag on her back and at the door. I smiled and we ran down the halls and out the dorm door to see Fai and Vinny in their school outfit which was black jeans with a white t-shirt with black shoes. Fai looked at us and said “aren’t you two beautiful this morning in these stupid uniforms.” We smiled and the four of us ran to the main school. We fallowed the arrows back to the cafeteria. As we got there and picked up our trays and got breakfast. We say two people sitting by themselves and the rest of the sets were taking so we walked over to set with them then set down in front of them and said “may we sit here”. The two people looked up and to their surprise it was Raven and Terri. “If it is not the crow and cloud” said Aya. Raven smiled and said “this crow and cloud can kick all of you butts so I would shut up before we make you”. Raven took a slip of his orange juice. The six of us ate in silence until I broke the silence and asked “why were you two locked in that room” Terri and Raven exchanged looks then a man said “may I have your attention please, thank you”. The man was dressed in a black 2-piece suit. “Welcome new and old students! Today, we start a new year with new students, teachers, challenges, power types and strength. I am not expecting you to all become friends but I want everyone to have a friend for you will need friends’ strength to get throw life and school. Now everyone I wish you the best, have a great year and only 20 minutes until school starts” then the man walked out of the cafeteria. I went back to eating my breakfast when Vinny asked “So Airhead and Bird Boy, what is your first period?” Raven grabbed the front of his t-shirt and said “watch your mouth or someone might rip it off your face”. He let go of his shirt and walked out of the cafeteria. Terri looked at Raven leaving and said “if you don’t watch your mouth I will be the one to rip it off your face, so stop talking down to Raven”. Aya looked at Terri and said “Why do you stand up for him, he throw you at a metal door and talks down and harms you”, Terri looked at her and said “You have no idea what happened in that room and anyway Raven is my one and only friend and has been harmed because of me many times, so is ok as long as he is by my side”. Terri then stood and said “Language Arts for me and Science for him” then throw away his lunch and left the cafeteria. I stood up and said “All of you have Language Art for first but I have Science”. Then I left the cafeteria and ran to Science. “If I can get there before anyone else maybe I can talk to Raven” I thought in my head. As I turned the corner I hit something then fell to the floor. “Oww watch were you are going” I said as I looked up to see the thing I hit was a person and not any person it was Raven. “You were the one not paying attention and running in the hall” Raven said. As Raven turned to go to Science I grabbed his arm. Raven turned and looked at me and said with a grim look “Let me go”. I did not let but hold on tighter. I looked at him and said “tell me why you were in that room and why Vinny would hate you so much, please”. He looked at me and saw that my eyes were pleading for answers. “No” Raven said trying to pull away but I was still would not let him go. “Why, what is so bad you can’t tell me or anyone else, please I am only trying to help” I asked trying to keep a hold of him before he tried throwing me off. “If you want to help let me go or I will make you” Raven said. Then we heard footsteps and froze were we stood. A man say “the door was open and the two were released we need to find them before anything happens”. Then another voice which was a women’s said “Vinny, Aya and Fai, the freshman of Class C said they meet them and the descriptions they gave were perfect and we got a hold of one of the two and they said the other was in Science class, called Raven as a freshman of Class B, we have to get to him before anything happens”. Raven said in a low whisper “they got Terri”. As they came closer Raven said to me “go now”. But before either of us could leave, a man and women walked around the corner and said “that is him with a girl, get him now you idiots”. “Too late, hold on” Raven said as he turned and flow away from them. I wrapped my arms around him and Raven wrapped his arms around me. “Do you know where a window is” Raven asked me. I thought but I had never been to this part of the school. “There may be one in the Science class room” I said to him. Raven nodded and flies faster. As we got close to the Science room a sword went throw Raven’s right wing. But he did not fall down or stop flying. We opened the Science door and flow in. The teacher looked at us and noticed the sword in Raven’s wing. The teacher smiled at us and said “good luck, my students”. Raven headed at the window which was closed. But he did not let that stop him and went right throw it. I tightened my hold around Raven as he tightens his around me. Another sword went throw his wing but this one was throw his left. Raven flow toward the ground at hit it with a thud. Blood dripped of his wings onto the ground. “Raven, are you ok” I said scared he may die.
Memories went throw my head. The memory of my fathers dead body ripped and bleeding because a car that had hit him at over 100 mph. My father was a vampire like my but the accident was so bad he could not health or make more blood to keep him alive. He slowly bleed to death knowing that today was the day of his little girl’s birthday and she was waiting for him at home which he would never make it. But I had ran off and found him before he died covered in blood. He gave one last hug to me and said “Idike, I want you to never forget anyone even me, for there is nothing more painful then being forgotten by those you love”. The he died in my arms with my body covered in his blood.
“Idike, are you ok, what is wrong” asked Raven. His voice had moved the memories out of my mind. I let go of Raven and moved my hands to my face “why had I just thought of that” I thought in my head. Raven stood up slowly and picked me up and through me over his shoulder. I should have said “Raven let me go I can walk, you can leave me and find Terri”. But I didn’t I said “thank you”. I started to cry and wrapped my arms around his neck and to my surprise he did not make me let him go. “Don’t worry everything will be better tomorrow” Raven said. Then Raven started to walk around the school to the back. “Idike will you do me a favor” Raven asked not turning to look at me. I nodded my head and said “yes”. I thought he would tell me to leave but no he said “pull the swords out of my wings”. I looked at him shocked. I reached my hand to the sword hanging in his right wing and pulled it out and then I pulled out the sword in his left wing. I dropped both swords on the ground. I looked at Raven’s wings and noticed they had many scars on them. I moved my hand and touch his wings moving my hand over the scars. “Does it hurt” I asked as we continued to walk to the back of the school. “No only the memories” Raven said. We were at the back of the school and he put me down and I asked “what are we looking for back here?”

Chapter 2
The Rube Bird &
The Crybaby Bat

Raven looked at me and said “we are going to get Terri and your friends”. “My friends, why would they be there” I asked worried. Raven put his hands on the wall of the school and started to feel around for something. “They will try to erase their memories of Terri and me and the door you say us leave” Raven said feeling the wall. “What are you doing” I asked worried that Raven had lost his mind due to the lack of blood or another reason. “Looking for the door” Raven said, “what there is no way a door is hidden in the wood” I thought, and as to prove my thoughts wrong Raven hit the wall and a door swung open. Raven gave me a told-you-so look then said “you can stay here or fallow me I don’t care”. I looked at Raven for a second then smiled and ran over to him and the door, then said “don’t think you can get rid of me so easy”. Raven look annoyed but nodded and walked throw the door that lead to stairs that went down to who knows where. As we started to go down the stairs the door closed leaving us in pitch black. “I can’t see anything” I said hoping I don’t walk into Raven. Then I felt a hand grab my hand and Raven say “I will be your eyes and anyway I thought vampires could see in the dark”. I lowered my head and said “I am only a half vampire for my mother was human and my father a vampire, so I am a weak half blood”. Raven said “Don’t think little of yourself because you are half after all you can be out in the sun light will other vampires can’t” then he took a deep breathe and said “I am half too, my mother was human and my father a crow demon”. We walked down the stairs in silence then all of the sudden the stairs disappeared. My hand slipped out of Raven’s and I started to fall down. Then I hit something and stopped falling. “Idike, are you ok” I heard Raven say. His voice was coming from under me. “Raven are you ok I mean your wings are still hurt and you just had me fall on you” I said and for some reason tears started to leave my eyes. Then Raven said “I am fine. Don’t worry” then I felt a hand touch my face and wipe the tears off my face and Raven asked “why are you crying did you get hurt on the fall?” “How could I be fine when you are getting hurt by me? Why don’t you leave me before you die too” I asked crying even more. “Idike, look it will take more then a few swords to hurt me and I promise I will not die because of you. Don’t think I will ever let you see me weak and helpless. I still have some pride left. Also, I can’t die for if I do who knows how much trouble you will get into, crybaby” Raven said wiping the last of my tears off my face. Then I all of the sudden I felt like this had happened before. Then we heard a yell. “Aya” I said in a shocked voice. “Hold on” Raven said as he flies in the way he head the sound. As we flow we saw a bright light. Raven stopped before he entered the door and said “stay here if it is safe I will tell you to come out”. I grabbed his arm and said “no I will not stay back here and let you face danger alone after all my friends are in there”. Raven gave me an annoyed look and rolled his eyes the said “fine you can come but if I tell you to go you go not matter what” I looked at him and nodded knowing he would not let me go if I said no. We walked in to the light. Not knowing it would be regretted.

Chapter 3
Goodbye Raven & Terri until we remember

As we walked threw the light we entered a room that looked like one of those old jails in the dark ages. The room was made of some kind of rock and had chains nailed into the wall and the floor for the prisons. There was some blood on the walls, floor and ceiling even bones on the floor and some still hooked to the chains. “Raven, is that really you” Terri said who was chained to the wall and floor. Aya was chained right next to him with Fai next to her and Vinny next to him. Fai and Aya smiled at us. I ran over to them so glad they were ok. Raven walked over to Terri and said “looks like you got yourself chained again, man you really are the most unlucky person”. Terri smiled and said “well I must have some luck for I am still alive”. Raven smiled at his friend then grows serious and said “why are you still chained”, Terri looked at his friend for a second and said “I can’t cut it for some reason”. As the boys talked I was talking to Aya, Fai and Vinny. “Are you guys ok” I asked. They all nodded and exchanged looks then Aya asked “Who is that guy with you, he looks scary and he is friends with at weird guy?” I looked at them “this must be a joke” I thought. “It is Raven you remember him we ate breakfast this morning with him” I said. They looked at me weirdly for a second then said “No we didn’t we ate alone and anyway why are you here we are in the middle of our wildness activity for P.E”. I looked shocked and was about to talk when a hand covered my mouth. He looked at them and said “I need to barrow your friend” then pulled my over to Terri. Then he uncovered my mouth and said “they forgot us right and think this is an activity, right”. I nodded my head and asked “how could they, it happened this morning and why does Terri remember?” Terri looked at me and asked” who are you and how do you know Raven”? Raven covered my mouth again and pulled me away from Terri and out of hearing of them and said “Your friends don’t remember me and Terri does not remember you, someone must have erased their memories and I have a feeling you and me are next”. I looked at him hurt and shocked then said “I am going to forget you and Terri but I don’t want...” Raven hugged me and said “don’t worry even if we lose our memories we can always make new ones”, I started to cry and asked “what if you don’t ever meet again?” Raven kissed the top of my head and said “if we are meant to be in each other’s lives we will and I don’t know about you but I need a crybaby vampire in my life”. I looked up at him and smiled as tears still left my eyes and then I said “I need a rude and mean crow in my life” then Raven gave me a fast kiss on the check. I stood shocked and I had a feeling all of your friends were shocked too if they saw. Then Raven said in a low whisper “if we lose each our memories I will find away to get them back and get our friends back too”. Then I saw a figure behind Raven, it had a bow and arrow and fired it at him. I moved Raven and the arrow hit me in the neck then my world went black and arrow then hit everyone else. Then in a blink all my memories of Terri and Raven were gone and my memories of the day were changed with those of a boring day of school. Aya, Fai, Vinny and I forgot Terri and Raven will Terri forgot us. The man smiled at us and the brought us to our room and laid us in our beds, thinking his job was done but he did not know he had missed Raven leaving him with his memories and a bad headache.

Chapter 4
Who Left Our Hearts so Empty and Cold

It is October 1; it had been 2 months since the first day of school. As I run to Science, which I was late for due to the fact I over slept; I turned the corner and hit someone then hit the floor. “Oww” I mounded and I looked up and saw Raven, who was feared by everyone in our Class B Freshman and probably the whole school with the exception of Terri, who was in Class C Freshman and appeared to be Raven’s very close and only friend. “I am sorry, Raven” I said stammering afraid he would hit me for bumping into him. He looked at me and I could not help but noticed the hurt look in his eyes. He turned and walked away from me toward Science and said “stay away from me if you know what is best for you”. I glared at him, I mean I know it was not nice to run into someone but he did not have to be so rude, and before I could stop myself I stood up and ran over and spun him around and slapped him across his face. As soon as my hand touched his face I felt something I could not explain. My heart felt cold and empty it was like the day I yelled at my mother for my father’s death. I felt like I had just hurt a person I loved but I did not I only hurt Raven. Raven looked at me and I had a feeling for some reason we were both hurting but why, why do I feel like I love Raven and was hurting him. Raven looked into my eyes and I looked into his. Then Raven looked away and said “leave me alone you little bat” then he walked away the opposite way to our Science class. I watched him leave and a feeling of emptiness and coldness coming from my heart.
As this was going on Aya, Fai, and Vinny were on their way to their Language Arts class. Vinny and Fai were talking about the next soccer game that was today. Aya was walking behind them as she did Fai whispered to Vinny and Vinny whispered back looking back to Fai, which made Aya slow down for she had a feeling she was not wanted. As she did she backed up into a person and made them both fall backwards. Fai and Vinny did not look aback at her and continued to their class. Aya stared in disbelief that Vinny (and Fai but she was more shocked that Vinny had left her) would really leave her behind on the floor. “Will you please get off me” said the voice from the person she had fallen onto. Aya snapped out of her disbelief and stood up off of the person she was on. “Sorry I did not mean to fall are you ok” she said then turned to see who she had fallen on and saw it was Terri. Terri, who was the best friend of the Raven, who is the scariest guy in school, looked at her and said “It is ok can I have a hand please”. Aya started at him is shock thinking he would have been evil and tried to kill her “maybe Raven and him are not as bad as everyone said” Aya thought. Aya held out her hand and Terri took it and pulled him up. Terri looked at Aya and said “thanks and if I may ask why you did knock me to the ground”. Aya lowered her head and said “My friends were talking and did not want me to hear what they were saying so I backed up away from them so they could talk freely and knocked you down, I am sorry”. Terri smiled at her and said “oh I see I am sorry I am sure they are idiots to leave a nice girl like you hear alone so if you would be so kind will you let me walk you to our boring Language Arts class”. Aya blushed and nodded. As they walked to Language Arts class Aya said “I did not think you would be so kind I mean everyone says you and Raven are mean and cruel bit if Raven is like you I think I would like to get to know him”, Terri lowered his head. Then he said “I know many people think Raven is scary but he is not really he just does not talk a lot and has an evil look to him. But he is really a good guy and I am really glad you said that, no one ever does. People just see us and listen to rumors and run away, but even though people hate me because I am his friend I am glad I meet him and am his friend today”. Aya smiled at Terri and said “My friend Idike is like that too, people think just because she is a vampire she is evil and run away from her but she is my best friend and I will not stop being her friend due to rumors”. Then Aya tripped and Terri grabbed her hand before she hit the ground and pulled her up. As their hands touched they both felt a cold and empty feeling in their hearts. Terri then let go of her head and said “the rumors are right so leave me and Raven alone” the he ran the opposite way to Language Arts. As Aya watched him leave she feels the pain in her heart grow but “Why did she feel like she was watching a friend leaving” Aya thought then ran after him wanting to know the answer.

Chapter 5
The Run Away

As I ran after Raven and Aya ran after Terri, Vinny and Fai were meeting someone a man who had a job to finish and fast before someone broke the gate over their memories.
Raven was heading to the place where all of this had started, at the door were Raven and Terri had come out of and meet Fai, Aya, Vinny and me. Raven grunted knowing that the day had finally; come the day that memories would be opened the good and bad ones. Raven also know he only had a little of time before the man came to lock his memories like he did to us. I ran after Raven as we pashed throw the hallways. Then Raven stopped at the door which was open. Raven grunted and turned facing me. Then Terri turned the corner and stopped. Terri walked past me like I was not even there. Terri walked to Raven and stood next to him as Aya turned the corner out of breathe and next to me. Raven bent down and whispered something in Terri’s ear that we could not hear. But by the look on Terri’s face it was something he hated. Terri turned at Raven and asked loudly “what did you just say”. Raven looked at him and smiled saying “you heard me Terri”. Terri turned and looked at us. Terri then started to walk toward us and Raven did not fallow. I wanted to run but my feet would not move ether. Terri then grabbed mine and Aya’s arm and turned and ran past Raven with us. As Terri passed Raven, Raven asked “do you really think you can run that fast Terri”. Terri looked down as he ran and said back to Raven “I have to try remembering I am very hard headed. After I make up my mind I stick to it until I die”. Terri turned the corner I looked at him and said “what are you taking us, let me go”. Terri did not listen to me and pulled us faster and harder. That was until he reached a window about as big as a door then he stopped. Then we say a man turn the corner with a sword in his hand and on the sword was blood. The first thought that entered out heads was the blood was Ravens. Terri then moved in front of us glaring at the man. The man smiled and said “Hello, I am Mr. Wright, I am here to”, “and I know why you are here” Terri yelled at Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright smiled and said “Hello Terri, I see you have made new friends”. Terri then turned grabbing us and jumped out the window. We did not fall but floated. We were hanging onto Terri like our live depended on it which for all we know it did. Terri said “hold on we are getting out of here”. Then he started to fly over the gate that surrounded the school when a sword hit him in the back. Blood left from his mouth and back but he keep flying. Aya and I looked terrified at Terri afraid he may die. Terri said “does anyone know anyone who lives in a short distance of this school”. Aya shock her head but I know a place. “Terri turns right, there is a house in the cemetery we can go there” I said. Terri turned right and flow as he asked “who lives there, Idike”. “I used to live there until we moved out of it leaving it abandon” I said not mentioning that we moved out to live with my new stepfather. Terri as if knowing I had not said it all asked “is there anything you wish to add to that”. I shock my head and Terri said “Liar, I already know you used to live there until your father died and your uncle married your mother causing you to move away from here”. I looked shocked at him and asked “how”. Terri then looked down at the ground and was quite until he said “because I know your father before he died”. “How could you have known him he died you were only about 8 years old at the time’ I said questioning. Terri was quite then said “you don’t remember me until this year of school, do you, Idike”. Aya, who was very confused, looked at me hoping I could explain but I was very confused too. Terri seemed to be the only one who knew what was going on. “We are here” Terri said, Aya and I looked down and saw an old run down 2-story house with graves all around it. “Hope you have a key, Idike” Aya said, I smiled at the house and said “Nope”. Terri was not smiling and had a sorrow look in his eyes said “lucky for you, I have one”.

Part 3

Chapter 1
The First 8 Years

As Terri unlocked the old door with the key that had been on a necklace chain around his neck, I was thinking of what Terri had said about me not remembering him. “Could we really have known each other and if we had why am I the only one who forgot” I asked myself. Terri opened the door and throws the necklace chain with the key on it to me and said “your father would have wanted you to have it”. I smiled at the key and put on the necklace. Then I turned my eyes to Terri and notice the sword was out of his back. Terri turned and noticed I was looking at him and he said “it is already healed”. Terri then walked inside the house, Aya and I fallowed. As we walked in the house looked new the same it did the day we moved. There were not even dust or spider webs. Then I turned and noticed Aya was gone and so was Terri. “Terri, Aya are you two” I yelled. Then I heard the door open behind me. I turned and saw a little girl with long red hair that went to the middle of her back and big green eyes wearing a red dress with black shoes. “Idike is that you” I heard a familiar voice say. As I turned I saw why the voice was familiar, it was my father’s voice. The little girl ran over to him and jumped up at him giving him a big hug. “Well how are you birthday girl” my father said. Little Idike smiled and said laughing “it is not my birthday until midnight daddy”. My father smiled and kissed my head. The door rang. My father walked to the door and opened it saying “Hello Kurogane, nice you could make it”. I stared at him feeling that is was weird to see my (dead) father and my step father here at the same time. “Hello Kyo and Idike” said Kurogane as he walked in to the house. Behind him was a little boy with long brown hair that went to his shoulders and green eyes. He was dressed in black jeans and black t-shirt with black shoes. “Happy 8th birthday, Idike” said the boy. My Father then said “Idike this I Terri. His father was a dear friend of mine and he will be staying her for a while”. Little Idike looked upset and ran out of the room yelling “fine whatever if you want he can be your new kid”. “This is the day my father died he is going to die tonight” I thought. Little Terri looked hurt by Little Idike’s words and said “I am sorry to cause trouble on your daughter’s birthday”. My father looked down at Little Terri and said “It is not your fault, you did not know your father would die today and that I was your godfather”. Little Terri looked at were Little Idike had run off then asked “can I go talk to her then maybe she will not hate me as much”. My father smiled and nodded his head yes. Little Terri ran after Little Idike as my father turned his attention to Kurogane. “Kurogane, why did you kill Axel and June” my father asked with a look filled with hate. Kurogane smiled and said “I have no idea what you are talking about I only happened to see the little boy and noticed he looked like Axel that is all”. “Liar, you hated them ever since they chose to leave the school and would not give you Axel’s ring that the headmaster gave him. You also hated that June loved Axel not you and that Axel chose to give the ring to June not you.” Kurogane glared at my father then started to walk out the door and said as he did “”if I was you I would make sure what happened to Axel and June does not happen to Terri and your little girl”. My father stood still not fazed by the threat and said “if anything happened to those kids”, but Kurogane cut his off “what will you do, big brother the same thing you did for Axel and June which was nothing as they saved you, Sakura, Idike and their little sons life”. Then from behind them they heard Terri say “if you attack Idike I will be the one to kill you, Kurogane Kouga”. The two adult stared at the little boy stood tall not backing down. Kurogane walked out the door and my father smiled at Terri and said “Terri that was a very brave thing to do, if anything happens to me please hold that promise”. Terri nodded his head and turned and ran the way Little Idike had. Little Idike was sitting on her bed in her room when Little Terri knocked on the door. Little Terri pocked his head in and asked “May I come in”. Little Idike yelled at him as she started to throw her many pillows at him “what is your room too small for you, if u want you can have mine”. “But I don’t want your room” Little Terri said as the pillow stop flying at him and stuff animals started. “Then why are you here, you little rat” Little Idike yelled. Little Terri was quite for a second then said “I wonted to talk to you. I did not want to come here and ruin your birthday. I only came here because….because my mother and father died this morning and your father asked me to since he is my godfather and a friend of my parents. But I am really sorry I came here. I only wanted you not to hate your father for bringing me here on your birthday or hate me”. Little Idike stopped throwing stuff animals at Little Terri. Then she walked to him and looked him in the eyes asking “are you telling the truth”. Little Terri nodded his head. Little Idike opened her door and said “fine you can come in but don’t touch anything”. Little Terri smiled and walked in looking around her room. “You don’t have many books in here” Little Terri said. “”I hate reading, it is for nerds” Little Idike said as she set back on her bed. “No it is not. Reading is a lot of fun. Reading can take you to different places, times, with a lot of new people. Reading never lies or hurts you either” Little Terri said. Little Idike looked at him for a moment than stuck her tongue out at him and said “”you’re a nerd”. Little Terri smiled really happy that she did not throw something at him and said “my mom loved to read so I read so I could spend more time with her. So I am happy to be a nerd”. Little Idike started at Little Terri and said “I am sorry they died you must really miss them”. Little Terri looked at his feet and said “I do but they would not want me to cry and be miserable because of them”. Little Idike who wanted to know more about their death opened her mouth to ask Little Terri more questions but Little Terri cut her off and asked “what is you favorite color”. Little Idike was quite for a second then said “red, what is your favorite”. Little Terri smiled happy to off the subject of his parents death said “I like yellow”. Little Idike laughed. “Yellow is a girly color why not a color like green”. Little Terri shock his head “I hate the color green”, “how can you hate a color” Little Idike asked. “I don’t know I just do” Little Terri said, Little Idike smiled and said “I think green would look perfect with you, it is your perfect color”. Little Terri blushed a little and said “red”. Then a voice yelled “Kids time for bed, it is almost 12 o’clock”. Little Terri walked to the door as Little Idike said “what do you mean red”. Little Terri turned around with a big smile on his face “red is your perfect color, it looks great on you, Idike”. Little Idike smiled as Little Terri left heading to the room he would be in. Then Little Idike remembered she had not said sorry to her dad yet and ran out her room. “Terri, stop I need a favor” Little Idike whispered to Terri who she had caught before he got to his room. “What is it Idike” Little Terri asked, Little Idike said “I need you to help me find my dad, he left and I have not said sorry for the way I acted yet”. “Can’t this wait until tomorrow morning” Little Terri asked but Little Idike shocked her head no. Little Terri let out a big breathe and said “fine lets go look”. It took them on hour to find him and he was almost dead. Little Idike ran to her dad crying as her dad hugged her. He smiled as he bleeds which looked like a river of blood. He then turned to Little Idike and said “Idike, I want you to never forget anyone even me, for there is nothing more painful then being forgotten by those you love”. Little Idike nodded her head yes then father smiled and kissed her head. Then died in Little Idike’s arms. “He was weak Idike. I am sorry you had a weak father like that” said a voice that she knows well. “Uncle Kurogane, did you do this” Little Idike asked with tears in her eyes. “Yes he had the ring of air and I need it more then he did. But he did not have it maybe you do, Idike” said Kurogane as he walked toward Little Idike. Little Terri stepped in front of Little Idike holding out his arms his fists closed. Then he yelled “Wind Fists” then wind hit Kurogane sending his into a tree. Kurogane then opened his mouth and yelled “forget”. As it was fired Little Idike hit Little Terri to the ground and got hit her by the spell but it did not hit Little Terri for Little Idike moved him out of the way causing it to hit her and rendering her unconscious. Little Terri got up and faced turned Kurogane and said bravely “I promised to never let anyone hurt her if anything happened to Kyo, now feel the power of wind.” A tornado came out of no where. But Kurogane did not move even if the trees around him did. But finally a tree caught him of guard and sending him up into the tornado. Little Terri hurried to picked up Little Idike and ran off with her as the tornado keep going. When it stopped and Kurogane got out, Little Idike was safely at home in her bed and Little Terri was running away from Little Idike’s house. When I blinked and saw I was on the floor with Aya looking down at me. Aya then said “I am so glad you are ok”.

Chapter 2
Ok, Deal!

I stood up and noticed I was in my old house but it looked old and ruin down, like it should after being left alone for almost 7 years (it will be 7 years tomorrow). Terri was no where in sight. Aya helped me up off the ground. Then she felt my head and asked “Are you ok, Idike”. I smiled and said “I am fine but what happened”. “Well we walked in the door and you sort of fainted and hit the ground” Aya said with a friendly smile on her face. I remembered what I had just seen and I knew she needed to ask Terri an important question. “Hey Aya, where is Terri” I asked as the door opened hitting me and Aya causing both to be knocked down to the ground. “You both just have bad luck don’t you, after all every time we see each other you always are thrown to the ground” said Terri, who was the person that had caused them to be knocked to the ground mostly every time they meet. He stepped over them and walked started to walk out of the room. Until Aya grabbed his shirt and said in an I-will-get-you-for-this voice “What can’t you be a man and fix your mess, meaning Help Us off the Floor”. Terri smiled down at us like a little sibling about to steal his older sister’s phone. Then leaned down so that his face and Aya’s were right in front of the other and said “If you think man fix their messes you one crazy lady. Man make a mess and run blaming it on someone else, we don’t fix it”. Aya glared at him then said “I can’t believe you would knock down a person, who was hurt and fainted”. “I am sorry I knocked you down you crazy flamethrower and your fainting friend” Terri said. Aya then looked at me and said “Idike, are you alright? You look horribly pale.” I smiled at her and said “I am fine. Sorry to cause all of the trouble” Terri looked at me and said “stop saying you sorry, I am leaving”. “Where are you going” both Aya and I asked. “I am going to find...” Terri started before I said “Kurogane”. “So you remember I am surprised” Terri said half mad and half uncaring. Poor Aya started to look more confused by every word we said. “But that is not were I am going, I am going to find Terri before he is dead” Terri said, “like the day you two meet” I said. Terri flashed me an evil look and said “shut up before you say something you will regret”. Terri walked out the door “help me save my mom and I will help you save your friend” I yelled. Terri turned around and said “I appreciate what you and your family did for me but no”. “You promised you would protect me if my father died” I snapped but Terri did not back down “yes but not that I would protect your mother. She is the one who married your father’s killer and you were the one who let her”. “I will kill myself if she dies, so to protect me you need to protect her” I argued. Terri rolled his eyes and said “Or I could tie you up and not let you kill yourself but I will make you a deal. If I save your mother, you will let me take care of your uncle myself and don’t tell Raven anything”. “Deal” I said and shook Terri’s hand. “Good stay here with Aya, keep each other safe” Terri said and flow off. “But you don’t know were I live” I yelled. “You live in your uncle’s old house” Terri yelled back. Aya and I watched Terri fly off. “Do you think he will be ok” Aya asked in a worried voice. I smiled at her and said trying to convince her and me “He will be fine, I am sure of it”. Aya as if read my mind said “I am worried too”. We stood there as Terri disappeared from our view. I knew we couldn’t stay here and wait. We would have to leave this house. Where we went next was unknown. Everyone will have to wait to find out.