The Kouge and The Kanno (Contest)

Prologue Many years ago, there were two royal families. One was the Kouga family, they ruled over a kingdom called Hell Kingdom; it was surrounded by a forest and hills on all side but one of the sides that were not forest and hills was a ...

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Chapter 2- Fan Fiction

Part two to my fan fiction. Once again it is about the wonderful art of 15385bic. They are amazing! To get to Earth, you have to open one of those giant iron gates. I wouldn't mine it too much except i had to leave all my belongings be...

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Chapter 1- Fan Fiction

Based on Fan Art by the wonderful 15385bic. Let me tell you a story. My story. Her story. Our story. The story that tied us together then tore us apart. Let me tell you a story. A very sad ...

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