Chapter 2- Fan Fiction

Part two to my fan fiction. Once again it is about the wonderful art of 15385bic. They are amazing!

To get to Earth, you have to open one of those giant iron gates. I wouldn't mine it too much except i had to leave all my belongings behind since i don't have a pass to open a gate. Had to leave my poor swords behind the main source of my magic. Oh well, i had seven gates to choice from. The was a gate located in each of Earth's seven continents. It didn't take long to decide on the Fourth Gate. The Fourth Gate was located in O>X<V or Australia as you humans call it. The reason for this gate was Hell rarely used it this time of the year. So there would be few demons to deal with. Also with less demons that meant more angels would be here. So i concentrated, looking for the closest weak angel around me. I found one about 50 miles away, near Auckland. So I headed south to that location knowing my time was running out. I remember the first time i saw her. Flouting there looking at the stars. She was so beautiful. Her wings were as white as new snow. Her hair was as dark as midnight. I remember her hair was only to her knees then. It was blowing magically in the breeze around her elegant white dress. As i took her in, she turned her head finally noticing the present of someone behind her. Those blue eyes seemed to look right throw me, seeing apart of myself hidden deep. A part i wasn't sure i had back then. My body keep moving toward her with out me being aware of it. A small smile appeared on her face. I was too careless. A force equal to that of having a house dropped on you, strike me in the back of my neck. My world began to go black and i fell to earth. That smile was the last thing i saw.
The day's first light woke me. I set up to attention. This wasn't my room, this wasn't familiar to me. Taking in everything around me, every smell, every smell, everything. I was ready for a fight. I was ready for anything. Or so i thought. If only I know back then what i know now. Maybe it would have turned out differently. If i had left right then. But when i was her standing in the door way looking more beautiful then all the stars in the sky, there was no way i would leave. She was, She is my angel. Of course i had no idea of this back then. "Good Morning Kai Kindred of Hell. It is a privilege to meet a Captain in Hell's Royal Army," her voice was as sweet as honey and her smile can never be explained perfectly. Her eyes shines with a light of their own. I didn't move or speak. "That wound in your shoulder almost killed you but we healed it up for you." She keep smiling. "We can talk when you are ready." I watched her leave gracefully. It is so funny. She had taken my breath away, made my heart skip a beat, and i didn't understand why. I didn't know why. Something like this had never happened to me before. No one had ever helped me, no one had ever smiled at me before. What was wrong with this chick!?
I didn't leave that room until night had fallen. Silently moving throw the hallways, not making a sound. I listened for anything. The only sound i heard was of soft humming. I fallowed the noise being as quiet as the wing. I came to an open window. Looking in I saw the angel combing her long black hair humming a sweet song. As if she was suddenly aware of a disturbance. She turned her head and saw me.Her lips mouthed something i drew back out of the window when i heard water. I barely turned before i saw the oddest thing. A serpent coming right at me. Now that isn't really odd but when the serpent is made only of water, then it is odd. I flow away from it as fast as my wings would take me. I flow around a corner only to see a second water serpent coming at me. I was trapped between these two water monsters with mouths open ready to eat me. I reached for my swords only to remember i had to leave them Hell. There was no darkness to use in a spell so i was screwed. "Mist that is enough. Thank You," the angel said suddenly. The water serpents retreated. I stood there feeling pathetic and confused. She walked over to me with a man behind her. As they came closer, i got a better look at this 'Mist.' Looking to be about nineteen, 150 pounds, 5'10 feet tall. His body was lean with not muscles. His hair was blue and eyes the color of the ocean. He was abnormally pale and wear only a pair of jeans, he looked like no one who could beat me. "Sorry about that. Mist is very protective," she said with a smile. I looked at Mist who had a blank look on his face. I looked at the angel who looked so sweet and pure. "Who the heck are you two," i asked them both coldly. This made them smile.