Chapter 1- Fan Fiction

Based on Fan Art by the wonderful 15385bic.

Let me tell you a story. My story. Her story. Our story. The story that tied us together then tore us apart.
Let me tell you a story. A very sad story. But a very wonderful story. A story that broke my heart but gave me her.
Let me tell you a story. That changed my life. That gave me life. That took everything away from me. But I'll get it back.
If you just let me tell you a story. Please let me tell you my story.
In the begging, I was only Kai, the Captain of Hell's Special Forces. A man who killed anyone in his way. Women, Children, no one was safe from Kai. People feared me. It wasn't long before my own men, even the higher ups feared me. Back then I was blind to the looks they gave me. Deaf to the whispers they spoke behind my back. Knowing what i know now, I should have killed them right then at the beginning. But i was too confident. I thought I was too strong to ever to hurt. I learned differently.
The night of the year's first snow, Special Forces were on an E-level mission. E was the highest rank on the scale. So Hell's very best was on it, and there was no one better then me. Everyone know that. Now this mission was the assassination of Lord Draegon, a demon known for eating the souls of not only humans but demons and angels too. Apparently, this time he ate someone high up and now he had to be taken out. I won't scare you with the details. For if I told you what we did to that man, you wouldn't listen to me story anymore. So instead, I'll just move to the end. After the mission was complete but before the clean up crew had removed all evidence that our mission ever happened. "Captain Kai, By the order of General Labyrith, you are sentence to immediate termination," Lieutenant Velvet informed me as he pointed his sword at my throat. My men circled me with their weapons out ready for the order to attack. I looked at Velvet stoned faced. "What is my crime," I asked them all even though I would get no answer. The dark looks that covered their faces made me almost grin. I know a fight was coming. A fight that i though i could easily win. That they would just die with no complications. "Time to die, Kai," Velvet informed me as he signaled for the attack. Once again to keep you from leaving me, I'll not tell you how I tore them apart, leaving their bodies broken on the floor for the clean up crew to find. But... But I was too confident. I turned my back on Talon. Talon, a newbie fresh out of the academy. I saw his as no threat. He had always been so weak. It was my fault. For as i turned my back on him, he managed to fire an arrow and hit me in the chest.
Now let me take a moment to explain something to you humans. Something that by yourself you wouldn't have understood. There are two types of arrows in our world that you don't know about. A demon arrow and an angel arrow. A demon arrow is useless against a demon. But if you managed to hit an angel with one, it is a sure kill. Unless a demon heals you, you have only hours left in this world. The angel arrow is that same thing. A sure kill for a demon. Now guess which one of those two i got hit with. The Angel Arrow yes. That little piece of half blooded trash hit me with an angel arrow. I even let him join the force when no one would take him just because he was half angel and half demon. I should have killed him then but... But i let him run away. I had hoped that Talon may kill a few of those demons who tried to kill me. Sadly, Talon was killed by a thief on the way back to base. I would say it was karma but if karma was real i won't still be alive.
Well back to my story, i know if i returned they would kill me or hold me off until the poison did their dirty work for them. So i flow as fast as my wings would take me. I flow around Ryu Mountains, over Fire River, and toward the one person i trusted back then. Well i shouldn't use the word trust... tolerated may be a better word.
"Open up Prysm," I banged on the door of Prysm, a demon with unusual red haired that always looked like he just woke up even though he never sleep and orange eyes that only he had even been born with. When Prysm opened the door, he know it was me. I was the only one brave enough to treat him so rudely. "What do you want Rave," he asked me standing in the door way. I looked oddly at Prysm wondering why he called me 'Rave'. Prysm moved his fingers throw the air slowly. I watched as mist began to form. Then words formed inside the mist. THEY ARE HERE. EARTH IS YOUR BEST BET. GO. NOW!
I turned and flow. "Prysm knows what right," I tried to convince myself. But i didn't trust anyone. Not Prysm, not myself. The pain in my body told me i had an hour left. I needed an angel fast. Well i will be getting one soon. But i didn't know that back then. Good thing too or I would have died instead. Would have died instead of finding my angel.