The Kouge and The Kanno (Contest)


Many years ago, there were two royal families. One was the Kouga family, they ruled over a kingdom called Hell Kingdom; it was surrounded by a forest and hills on all side but one of the sides that were not forest and hills was a large river. On the other side of that river was Heaven Kingdom. Heaven Kingdom was ruled by the Kanno family, it was surrounded by water on all sides but the land there was rich and flat. Now these two royal families hated each other for as far back as anyone could remember. But through all of that time they have not once been at war. But how long could that last? Well, you are about to find out.

1. How Angel like of them

It was a lovely day in Heaven Kingdom; the farmers were working out in the fields. Today was the day that both Hell and Heaven Kingdom’s kings meet to discuss trade, laws, the population, and more stuff like that. But today was an important day; today was the day Princess Kisa can go with her mother and father to the meeting for she was finally 16 years of age. She heard a knock on her door. “Lady Kisa, your mother and father told me that they will be departing soon should I tell them you are on your way” said the voice from one of her maids. “No thank you I am already and will be leaving, thank you for telling me” Kisa said closing her window and walking to the door for she had already been dressed, and ready for about 20 minutes now. She opened the door and headed down the hall. On each side of her when photos of her family and the people who have or are living in the kingdom. She loved to look at the photos; it always made her happy when she saw it.
When she got to the main hall, she saw her parents standing by the door. Her mom, Sakura, who has blonde hair and green eyes, was dressed in a red dress with pink flowers on it. Her father, Kyo, who has blonde hair and green eyes, was in a black suit with a red tie and a black shirt with a black vest. She thought their outfits went well with their large and beautiful black wings. That is right, her parents have wing but that is normal here in Heaven Kingdom and even in Hell Kingdom, everyone here has wing. Her mother looked at her and tapped her father on his shoulder and whispered to him something that made him smile and turn around. “Are you ready to go, Princess Kisa” her father said. “Yes sir, and May I say you two look very beautiful or handsome in your case father” she said with a smile on her face. Her mother kissed her on her head “Thank you Dear, you look very lovely in your black skirt and red blouse; it goes well with your red hair, green eyes and black wings” said her mother with a smile on her face. My father opened the door showing there was a carriage waiting for them.
As they got in, Kisa had a bad feeling that something was coming or maybe it was just a storm coming. As she started out the window her father said “Kisa, I need to tell you something, as you know, Heaven Kingdom and Hell Kingdom have been at bad terms. So when we get there don’t talk to anyone from there. Don’t say anything about Heaven Kingdom that they might use against us. Don’t leave the places that people from Heaven Kingdom are, if you don’t follow these rules you could get hurt. One last thing, don’t let their looks trick you; there is a reason they call it Hell Kingdom it is because everyone there is a devil, they all have brown or black hair with black, brown and the royal family has red eyes as we, from Heaven Kingdom have blonde or red hair with green, or blue eyes. Heaven Kingdom is light while Hell Kingdom is dark. Please don’t do anything to make us worry ok.” She looked at her father “devils their devils” she thought, she nodded her head to her father. “What will happen at Hell Kingdom” she wondered. Her father looked at her and said “it will take us a day to get to Hell Kingdom and you will have a chance to see part of the kingdom you have never seen before.” We were all silent for awhile. “Father, are you still thinking of me getting married to the son of the lord at Queen Capital” Kisa said looking out the window. Her father looked at her and said in a mater-of-fact voice “he is a perfect partner for you. Why do you have such a problem with him”? She looked at him and said in an annoyed voice “he is fine but I don’t love him. I want to marry someone I can be happy with for the rest of my life, not a man that will make me look powerful, rich and beautiful”, her father looked at her and said “it is not your place to question my judgment. As your father I have to put your well being before love or any other emotion that can be bought”. She looked at him with fiery in her eyes “LOVE CAN’T BE BOUGHT” she yelled at him. He looked at her and said still in a soft voice “we will speak no more of this but I will make you a deal. If you can find someone who you love and are of the same or higher class then the man I have already picked for you and I approve. You can marry him, but you must find him before your 17th birthday on April 1”. Kisa looked at him and smiled then said with confidence “I will find someone, just you wait father.” As they rode on to Hell Kingdom she kept her and her father’s conversation in mind.

2. What Devils They Are

It was a dark morning at Hell Kingdom. The sun was only half raised over the trees on the east. Kiba set outside on the roof of the palace. He loved to watch the sun rise even if his father thought it was weird that a 17 year old boy would watch a sun set. He stood up and jumped off the roof. His black wings flow up and he flow down to the door of the palace on the first floor. “They must be looking for me by now so I have to hurry” Kiba thought as he started to head to the stairs. “Your Highness, where have you been? Your father, King Haru has been asking for you for about 10 minutes now. I hope you have a good reason for leaving the palace” said his mother. His mother, Mei, had black hair and black eyes and was wearing a dark blue dress with light blue stars on it and her black wings made the outfit go together very well, even if he would never say it to his mother. Kiba opened his mouth to speak but right then, a man opened the door and walked next to his mom and yelled “KIBA, you know today is the day our family from Heaven Kingdom are coming here and you are still not dressed now go get ready”. Kiba looked up saw that it was father. His father, Haru, was wearing a black suit with a dark blue tie and light blue shirt and his black wings out lying around his shoulders. Kiba nodded his head and walked up the stairs. As he passed his father muttered the words “useless, pathetic son how will he ever be king”. “Those words should not affect me but still how will I ever be able to run Hell Kingdom” Kiba thought as he walked to his room.
As he got dressed in my black suit with a dark blue shirt and black tie; Kiba looked in the mirror and combed his black hair which everyone in the family has. But the one thing he had that no one else in his family has the red eyes, that many, even those from Hell Kingdom think it is the sign of the devil. He hurries out of the room and to the main hall.
As he opened the door to the main hall, Kiba saw his parents talking to each other. They looked at him then his father said “Kiba, there are a few things I need to tell you about the meeting with Heaven Kingdom today. As you know Heaven and Hell Kingdom don’t get along, even the names of our country don’t go. Anyway, there are a few rules you need to fallow. First, don’t speak of anything that might hurt our kingdom. Second, don’t ever leave and be with them alone for you might be harmed. Third, don’t speak to them if you can help it. Kiba, even if they look beautiful and handsome, people from Heaven use their looks to get what they want and make you drop your guard then get you when your back is turned. You can’t trust people from Heaven Kingdom and anyway they think everyone here is a devil, our children, elderly, all of us devils, but they are really the devils.” “What, no way why all of the sudden are they telling me this, if they are so bad then why are we allies with them?” Kiba thought. “Answer your father” snapped Kiba’s mother. “Yes father I understand” Kiba said. A boy about 17 came into the room and bowed “Your Majesties, the Kanno’s from Heaven Kingdom have arrived.” “Thank you” said Kiba’s father as he walked to the door. The boy stood up and looked at Kiba and mouthed “Good Luck”. He smiled and said “Thanks, Sai and don’t worry I will tell you all about it later.” Sai had been working as the prince’s servant since he was 5 years old but they have become the best of friends even if Kiba is a prince and Sai is a servant. Sai was also the only one who does not think Kiba’s red eyes were the sign of the devil. Sai has black hair and brown eyes, he always wear black jeans and a dark blue long sleeve shirt with black shoes. Anyway, Sai nodded his head and walked out the door where he had entered. Running to catch up with his parents.
Outside Kiba saw the gate surrounding the castle open and saw a carriage come through there was a red flag with black wings hanging on the carriage. As the carriage came to a stop in front of them three people stepped out, the Kanno’s of Heaven Kingdom. “Welcome to Hell Kingdom, King Kyo, Queen Sakura and Princess Kisa; I hope your trip here had no problems” said Kiba’s father then he looks at his wife and son and says “This is my wife Mei and my son Kiba”. King Kyo looked at us and said “The trip was fine but the bridge was out so it took us longer than we thought and it is good to see you all in good health.” “Please come in I am sure you would like to see the rooms you will be in tonight and get comfortable and relax and get some sleep before the meeting tonight” Kiba’s father said opening the castle door and BANG.
The door hit Sai who was watering the plants and got covered in water. Kiba’s father and mother acted like they did not notice and moved him behind the door so the Kanno’s did not see him. Kiba stayed behind a little until his parents and the Kanno’s were ahead of him and then said “I will go tell the carriage were to go. You all go ahead; I will catch up with you later I promise. Please enjoy yourselves.” Kiba’s father looked at him clearly mad but he nodded his head anyway. Princess Kisa said something he had not expected “may I help you, Prince Kiba”, he looked at her and nodded and so did her father. Their parents left through the door and Kisa walked down the stairs and said “Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to help you since you had to go through trouble due to us” then all of the sudden she fell down the stair. His body thought on its own and he flow up and caught her before she hit the next step. Kiba flow down to the end of the stairs with her in his arms and put her down. “Are you alright” Kiba asked, she looked up at him and said “yes and thank you, Prince Kiba”. “No problem you would have done the same and anyway I am just glad you are alright and please call me Kiba I hate being called Prince” Kiba said. Sai moved away from behind the door and ran to them and said “are you both alright?” Kisa looked at him and said “I am fine, am I am sorry but who are you and why are wet? Do you know you could catch a cold?” Sai walked over a whispered “I think this girl is an angel you better pray you have been a good boy”, Kiba looked at Sai and said “Don’t you need to change your shirt instead of trying to put a cross and holy water on my wings”. Sai laughed and bowed to Kisa “I will be leaving before I catch a cold and please be careful, Princess Kisa” then he looked at Kiba and said “Be careful, Kiba and thank you for worrying bye” and he left throw a door on the wall. Kisa gave Kiba a weird look, “he is my servant and best friend, Sai” he explained. Then I turned and walked outside “the carriage has already been put up, do you want me to show you your room” Kiba said.
Then Kiba saw her smile then disappear. Kisa walked over to he then asked “what are you looking at”, he looked at her and said “It is about to rain, I will show you to your room, you must be tired after a day’s ride here”. “I am sorry if I was bothering you, I will go” Kisa said and ran off and up the stairs. “Why did I even ask to help him? I am only getting in his away. Maybe father was right we are way too different. Our kingdoms even me and Kiba, the kings children, there is no way we will even be able to get along” Kisa thought; Kiba looked back and ran after her. “Kisa, you are not bothering me, and even if our fathers, kingdom, and attitudes are different do not mean I will judge you based on that. I think you are a good person and caring and you don’t bother me. So stop running up the stairs before you fall again”. Kisa stopped and turned around and said “how did you know I was thinking that?” “If you stop running I will tell you, Kisa” Kiba said running up the stairs and grabbing her hand that was on the door knob and moving it off the door. “Follow me and I will tell you” he flow up and held out his hand and said “Trust me.” Kisa nodded her head yes and they flow to the roof.

3. The Prince Tells the Truth….For once

As they got off the roof, Kiba could tell Kisa was very curious of how he had read her mind. He looked at her and was about to leave but then Kisa looked at him and said with a friendly smile on her face “trust me”. He doesn’t know why but he really did trust her, Kanno or not. “As you can tell I have red eyes, the red eyes represent the eyes of the devil. The devil has the ability to see everything on earth and hear the thoughts and more powers. When the Hell Kingdom was made the first King was given two gifts from the devil, the all seeing eyes and the eyes of thoughts. He gave the king the powers as long as he gives up one ability to his first born and when he dies gives the other power to younger kin without asking for anything in return. So the power has been passed down by father to son since then, when I was born my father gave me the eyes of thoughts. So that is how I can read yours and everyone else thoughts. By the way don’t tell my father I told you the only person who knows but my family about my eyes is Sai.” Kiba said hoping she would not freak out about it. Kisa was quiet for a little bit then she said something that made what Sai said before even more true “does it hurt when you use your eyes?” Kiba looked at her and smiled “if I read to many thoughts at once it does but not one and before you ask I can choose who I listen to no matter how far away they are.” Kisa smiled at him and said “thank you for telling me something important to you and I am so sorry about what I thought before you told”, he cut her off “let’s forget that happened ok and I feel like I needed to tell you. Well we better go before our parents think we killed the other and you need to get some rest before the meeting tonight.”
They flew back inside and to the main hall door. As they opened the door and walked down the hall, Kiba heard the thoughts of the one person who he hated more than anything else. Those thoughts were “How long are you planning to act like that but at least you are using your own name and telling the truth a little”. Kiba froze, “where he and what is he planning to do” he thought. Kisa looked at him “Are you alright” she asked. Kiba looked at her and tried to smile as he opened his mouth, Kisa’s mother came and said “there you are, oh Prince Kiba thank you for everything I will show her to her room, see you at the meeting”. Kiba looked at her and nodded “how long until they find out about him” he wonder. As they walked away Kiba wondered “what is he planning” and left to talk to Sai due to the fact this person needed to be taken care of and soon.

4. Finally I come in to my own story

As Kisa walked in to her room, and her mother kissed her on the head and whispered “Pleasant Dreams”, Kisa walked to the bed and set down right before I feel through the roof. “Oww, men those damn guards with their swords but at least they are stupid and track as well as a blind fish on land” I said in pain in my gray wings and shoulder. As I turned around I saw Kisa, who to me looked like a girl who was scared to death, not that I can blame her, I must look like I am about to die (and like the devil for I have black hair, red eyes and am wearing black jeans and a blue and black striped t-shirt which at this moment is more red from the blood). “Who are you, HELP” she yelled. I ran and covered her mouth listening. They must have heard her for I can hear them coming. I looked at her and said “I don’t have time to explain to you but if you can get those guards away. I will answer all of your pretty little questions. Look, I can’t hurt you or them in this state.” I had thought she would yell and cry but no she nodded and walked to the door as the guards knocked. She opened the door and said “I am sorry I had a bad dream, sorry for wasting your time”, the guards did not look convinced but they nodded and walked away. I set down on the floor with my back to the wall. “What a weird little girl” I thought then said “what are your questions, Princess Kisa”. She spun around and asked “how did you know my name and what is your name anyway?” “My name is Renji, I know because I heard Kiba say it” I said hoping she would let me go or at least not ask many questions for my shoulder was hurting like hell. “Why do you have the devil’s red eyes, why did you call the Prince by his first name, what are you to him” she said half mad and half wondering. I looked at her and lowered my head, I have lost a lot of blood, and I looked up then said “I have the devil red eyes because I am the first son of Haku Kouga, I am Kiba’s younger half brother, and I am a year young so I am 16 years old. We have the same mom but different dads. I call him by his name because I am in a good mood mostly I call him worse names” I coughed out some blood. “You are lying there is no way you’re his brother, if you are then why the guards are tiring to hurt you. Also only the oldest get one of the devil eyes so don’t lie” she said loudly almost yell. “How dare you call me a liar, what a Kanno would know of the hell people here go through? The reason the guards are trying to kill me if because King Haru killed his younger brother, my father, to help make his devil eyes more powerful. The minute I was born even though I was first son of the second son, I got King Haru’s all seeing eyes and the power my father had before he died. My own uncle wants to kill me to make him and Kiba more powerful to kill their enemies like you and your family.” I yelled even though I knew I should not have.
Before Kisa could say a word I said “it is the guards I have to go, you can tell them whatever you want but if you tell them of what I told you they might kill you and your family, but since you did save my life I will give you a gift” I snapped my finders and out of the blood dripping down my shoulder turned in to a red ring. I grabbed her hand and put the ring on her middle finger on her left hand. I looked at her and said “if you need my help just say me name and maybe please and I will come. Don’t try to take off the ring I am the only one who can take in off.”
Then I opened her window and ran out hearing the guards yell at me and Kiba and Sai flow over head, “damn it” I thought then snapped my finders and disappeared. Kisa looked out her window as Kiba flow in and asked almost yelling “are you alright, did he hurt you”, Kisa looked at him and thought of what I had said and she shook her head no. Kiba looked at her and said “what did he say to you, Kisa”, Kiba’s red eyes got darker. Kiba grabbed her arms with great force squeezed “what did he say”; Kisa started to cry then she started to believe Renji and said “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR OWN BROTHER, WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU, NOW LET ME GO”. “I can’t do that but what I can do is use you and your family to get him here and finally get rid of him” he said with an evil smile, “he will not come here just to save me, he hates me” Kisa said half angry and half scared. “We will see” Kiba said and throw her over his shoulder and flow her to a window on the top floor. He opened it and threw Kisa inside the room. Kisa hit the ground and heard Kiba say “If you want to see your family alive again and get out of here; you better get him here then put these bracelets on him” and Kiba threw a silver bracelet at her, it landed a few inches away from her. She set up and said “what are you going to do to my parents” more tears left her eyes and Kiba smiles then said “nothing if you get him here by sun down.” Kiba closed the window leaving Kisa in the dark. Kisa cried and said something that she did not want to but she know he would know what to do or so she hoped “Renji, please come I need your help, I know you hate me but please come”. She cried and looked at the red ring he gave her and then she heard “What would a princess like you want to know with a rebel prince like me”. Kisa spun around saw me standing outside of the window. “Renji, you came” Kisa said threw her tears. I stuck my tongue out at her and said “no duh, you idiot, now step back and I will get you out of here”. My eyes turned half red and half black the window then turned in to black flames then the flames turned in to air. Kisa set frozen, “what are you just going to set here all day or help me save your parents” I said. Kisa cried as she ran and hugged me “forgive me, Renji but you can’t beat him” she said as she put the silver bracelet on my arm. I looked down then looked at her and said “it is ok, don’t cry, I will save you guys, be careful”. Kisa looked up at me then I hit the ground coughing out blood. “Good job, Kisa, now lets end this forever, Goodbye Renji” said Kiba as he pulled out a sword and pointed it at me. “I am now glad we decided to use Kisa to be the one to betray you. Her parents would not because they would have pitied you but Kisa and I hate you. That is exactly why she betrayed you but since you are my citizen, I will put you out of you misery”. I snapped my fingers and the sword once in Kiba’s hand turned to a black fire, “Kiba did you really think I can be killed that easy and do you really think I would ever let you be the one to kill me. For you, Princess Kisa pick right now, to go with Kiba or me, if you come with Kiba you will have to kill me and many others and get your parents back easy if Kiba is telling the truth, but if you come with me it will be a lot more work to save your parents but at least you would not be a killer and I might die but you hate me so it will not matter to you anyway”. Kisa looked at me and so did Kiba. I stood up and walked to were the window which I had burned been and right before I flow away, Kisa said in a low voice “Renji, I am sorry but you can not save my parents, so next time we see it each other don’t think of me as an innocent ally to you”. I laughed and said without turning my head “who ever said I see you as anything like that, in my eyes you are just a weak little girl who wants a perfect world with a prince charming to protect you” I turned around to say “Don’t think so highly of yourselves Princess Kisa and Prince Kiba”. I disappeared in a black flame.
Kiba looked at Kisa and said “I am sorry I was rude earlier the reason I did that was so we could get rid him before he hurt you or your parents. I swear I would never let him harm you or anyone else”. Kisa looked up at Kiba with tears in her eyes and asked in a low voice “where are my parents.” Kiba smiled and hugged her then said “I hope you can forgive me for my earlier actions, here take my hand I will bring you to your parents”. Kisa looked up at his red eyes which only this morning she had trust but she felt no such thing, Kisa shock her head yes. Kiba smiled and grabbed her hand then flow her to a window on the first floor, which he knocked on it and said “Sai, it is me I have Kisa let me in”, the window open and Kisa saw her mother and father sitting on a bed safe and Sai next to the opened window. Kisa’s parents ran to her and hugged her making sure she was ok, then they looked at Kiba saying “I know you did what you thought was best but don’t you ever use Kisa as bait ever again’, Kiba nodded his head and said “I am very sorry to you all, please get some sleep tonight is the meeting. We will put guards at you doors and windows. With that rebel out please be careful and sweet dreams”. As Kiba and Sai left, Kisa started to cry. Tears for how scared she was, for trusting Kiba, for the unknown future, for the fact her parents were safe and for using Renji, who only wanted to help her in the end. Her parents looked down at their crying daughter and said “Kisa please tell us what happened”. Kisa looked at her parents knowing they would trust her but she could not tell them of what happened from her leaving them to help Kiba with the carriage to Kiba taking her here. So she only said “I can’t, I am sorry”. Her father looked from Kisa to his wife and said “Sakura lets go to sleep. Kisa please try to sleep. I want you to know something you must always fallow your heart to matter what other think or say”. Kisa looked at her father wondering why he always said that and nodded her head yes.

5. I Hate it When Girls Cry and You Feel Like Shit
Cause it Some How Your Fault

After her parents went to bed and she was sure they were in a deep sleep. She looked at the red ring on her finger, and thought “I hope Renji is ok, he was bleeding a lot and I hope he can come to forgive me”. Kisa started to cry and said without thinking in a low voice “Renji, please be safe”. Then she felt a hand on her head and looked up to see I was sitting on the floor in front of her and said “I see you found your parents, Princess Kisa”. Kisa stared to cry even more then hugged me and said “I am so glad you are ok, I was so worried they had caught you and killed you”. I softly said “like I would ever let those pigs kill me, why are you crying anyway you found you parents safe and I would not let them hurt you anyway”, Kisa looked up at me with teary eyes and asked “why after all I did why are you still helping me?” I looked at her and said in a mater-of-fact voice “you saved my life so until I save your life I am in you debt. I hate being in debt to a little, weak, and innocent Princess of Heaven. So I have to help you or I will look weaker then you are and I am not a worm!”
Kisa looked at me and cried “I did not ask you to save me”, “I did not ask my father to save me from my uncle but he did anyway. That is because he cared about me more then himself, no one will care if I die but your parent and your people of Heaven Kingdom will miss you. So you are more important then me. So stop crying and smile because I will always be by your side until your life is saved by me, I promise” I said. Kisa looked at me and before she could say anything her father woke up and looked to see her daughter crying next to a boy covered in blood.
“Guards” he yelled, the door was thrown open and I jumped up and looked at the guards running at me and said “how many times must I run from you guys today, one day I might just have to kill you but today I will run”. I looked at Kisa and smiled and turned at her father then said “I hope you had a good nap and you will be paying for a new shirt if I get any more blood on it”. Then I turned and run to the window only to open it to be kicked by Kiba in my chest. I went back about 5 ft. I was trapped Kiba on one side and the guards on the other. Kisa’s father, who was out of bed at this time and had got his sword, blocked the other side and Sai, who also had come from the window and had taken the other side with a sword. “You people sure work very fast I did not have time to escape. Looks like it is time to fight, oh well” I said shrugging my shoulder and looking at Kiba. “Kisa, get you and your mother out of here” said Kisa’s father. Kisa looked at him and then looked at me, I picked her up and throw her to the bed and said “this is no place for a little girl”. Kiba glared at me then said “do you really think you can beat all of us, if I were you I would give up.” I looked at him and laughed “if I were you I would have died a long time ago, let’s not forget I am stronger and faster then all of you; Kiba, Sai, King Kyo and those guards”.
Kisa was looking at them and waking her mother up then dragging her out of the room. As soon as I saw Kisa had left the room, Kiba moved his sword telling the others to attack. I flow up and disappeared and then popped up behind the guards the kicked them in the backs sending one flying at Kiba, one flying at King Kyo, and the last one flying at Sai. As they moving to dodge them I flow right to Kiba and as I passed Kiba I said with a smile “it will take you a hundred year to beat me and if you harm Kisa or her family I will rip you apart no mater what I lose even my eyes” then I jumped out the window. I disappeared in a black flame. Kiba froze “how could he have beaten me and why did he have the devil’s eyes” said Kiba to himself.
King Kyo ran out the door and saw Kisa’s mother alone in the hall and Kisa gone. “Sakura, where is Kisa” he said, his wife looked up and said “she is fallowing her heart just like we did all of those years ago; we can’t stop her even with the most powerful army”. King Kyo looked at his wife and set down and they silently cried. Sai, who heard what they said, looked at Kiba and said “Kisa has left after Renji, what do you want us to do?” Kiba looked at him and said “Sai again your gift of the all hearing ears have come in handy, we will let them go and get ready after all Kisa will not leave her family behind”. “Kiba, I have a question, why did he wait until he was outside to disappear” Sai asked, Kiba looked at him and said “Renji can only disappear in the area he is in like he can disappear anywhere in the castle but he can’t disappear out of it to somewhere else unless he inters a new area and outside he can go anywhere outside, do you understand”. Sai looked at him and said “yes but then how did he get into the castle to help Kisa?” Kiba said “he can disappear anything in the area like the window or my sword, which is why we have not killed him yet, the only way we could is if he is too weak to move, or knocked out”. Sai nodded his head and walked away.

6. Is This Idiot Really My Brother…He’s SO Stupid

Kiba walked away to his father’s room, he did not even look at the crying Kannos. He knocked on his fathers’ door and heard a loud Come In. He opened the door to see his mother hanging from the sealing died. “Oh my god, Father where are you” yelled Kiba. His father was looking out the window looked over at his son and said “I am here what is it you need Kiba”. “Who did this to mother” said Kiba with a looked of death on his face. “I killed her, she is the reason we suffer, take a set I have something to tell you Kiba” he said still looking out the window. Kiba walked to the window and set in the set across from his father and asked “what are you talking about?”
“Your mother had you on February 2, 2122. We named you after my father’s little brother and I gave you the eyes of thoughts from the devil. I thought everything was perfect until a stormy night on February 1, 2123. Your eyes had been hurting you and so had mine. The Heaven Kingdom was getting stronger every day and King Kyo and Queen Sakura were going to have a child soon. I was in the library looking for away to make you and me stronger to protect ourselves and our kingdom. Then I remembered what my father had said “To make you stronger you must ether get new love or lose old love”. So I want to my room to talk to your mother. She was gone at the moment I did not think much of it. Then my brother came in and said “Haru, you don’t look well let’s go for a walk and talk I have something to tell you”. As we walked around I keep hearing my father’s words in my head. I looked my brother and said “to be more powerful to protect our kingdom I have to do this I need your powers. So goodbye Haku. I will rule the world and never forget you”. My brother jumped back away from me and said “I can’t let you do that, I have a reason to leave”. “What reason do you have but to die to help your kingdom” I yelled at him as I heard someone scream in pain. He looked up with a tear in his eye. “Today, my son will be born as you can hear and I will not let you kill me and leave him with out a father” he yelled with black flames on his fingers he snapped his fingers and a tree fell right above me. I moved out of the way but he had another waiting.
But after 15 minutes of swords and flying objects, a maid ran to us. She had a baby in her hands, when she saw us she froze. I smiled and flew right at her before she disappeared next to my brother. “Please take my son away from here and please find him a good home if I die and tell the person you give him to his name is Renji Kouga and tell them mine and his mother’s names” then he smiled and kissed his new born sons head. After that the maid ran away and I killed my brother for he had taken a death blow instead of his son and the maid. My brother looked at me and said “you do know that if you kill your own blood you lose your devil’s eye to the oldest son of theirs”. “That is a lie” I said as my eyes bleed.
That night my brother died and I lose my eyes to Renji Kouga. When I went home I saw my wife covered in blood. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and yelled in hate “I am the mother of Renji Kouga and I love Haku not you.” I looked at her and grimly said “Haku is dead and your son is dead too but since Kiba needs a mother I will not kill you”. After that day, I and your mother had pretended that never happened and tonight she learned that the person you wanted to kill and has been attacking us was Renji Kouga, she tried to attack me then you. So I killed her to protect us.”
Kiba looked at his father letting every thing soak in. “You said his father was a warrior here who died and he wants to kill us because his father died protecting you, it was all a lie, so what do you want me to do I can’t kill him unless I want to lose my eyes” he said. His father smiled and said “since he is only your half brother you can kill him and only get a little pain, so will you still try to kill him to help our kingdom”. Kiba nodded his head then turned and left the room leaving his father alone, “It is May 10, 1239; and for all of these years why is he only telling this now and I can’t wait to kill my little brother. It is his fault my mother had to die and my father has been in pain for the last 16 years. He will had to pay and that stupid Kanno princess too” he thought until he got to the Kanno’s then he looked at them and pulled out his sword and with one swing beheaded them. Then he walked to Sai’s door and knocked on the door and told him of what happened.

7. I got Angels chasing me…That kind of cool

As Kisa ran after me she felt that in her heart something had happened. As Kisa ran around the city she stopped and looked around to see every one glaring at her. A kid threw a rock at her but before it hit her, I caught it then looked at her and said “this is not a place of a Kanno who still does not have her powers”. She looked at me and said “Renji, I need to talk to you about something”, I looked at her and grabbed her hand and we disappeared in a black flame. Then in a second we were in front of a small run down looking house. “It might not be up to your liking but you can live” I said as I opened the door.
Inside there was the normal home with a bed for one person, a table with two large about a foot long and two feet tall baskets. One basket had bread, apples, grapes and other fruits and food in it and the other had medicines, band-aids, and more health care items in it. There was a small book shelf with books on it that have been used a lot. There was a closet and a door that lead to the bathroom which had a toilet and a shower. Kisa looked around and saw there were holes in the roof and walls that had been covered by wood. “Did you make all of the furniture or find it some where” asked Kisa. “The table, closet, bed, books, and baskets were here, I made the bed stand, bookshelf and fixed up the roof, bathroom, and walls” I said. Kisa looked at me and could tell I had been thought things she could never imagine. Kisa looked at me and said “you said your father died the day you were born but then how did you survive”. “The maid, who had went to tell my father, when he was fighting King Haru, I was born raised me until I was 10 years old then she died but she had taught me how to read, write, fight a little, and more. So after she died I lived on my own and was able to use that to my advantage” I said. Kisa looked at me and said “you are a very strong person if that was me I would have died”. I turned and looked at her smiling “I am sure you would find away”. “By the way, have you awoken your powers of Heaven yet?” I asked. “No, I don’t even know if I had them, my parents have never used any powers like yours or Kiba’s.” she said.
Then realized something she had forgotten until now. “I left my parents with Kiba, I got to go make sure they are ok” Kisa yelled. I covered her mouth and said “must you yell, I will go check on them ok, just stay here don’t leave no matter what happened ok”. Kisa nodded her head, “good girl” I said and patted her head and walked outside and disappeared in a black flame.
When I got to the castle a few seconds later, I saw my mother hanging died and the king looking at me smiling throw the window and then I kicked the window open and him. King Haru went flying; I grabbed his throat and said “why did you do that you bastard”. He smiled at me and said “it is your fault if you had died she would had lived so blame yourself and your fucking father”. I thought him to the wall and said only one word “Die”. I snapped my fingers and his heart was in my hand and he was dead. I looked at my hand with his heart in it. I had never used my powers to kill and why was he so weak there is no way my father could have died to this man, mother must have fought him before he killed her. I dropped the king’s heart then I left the room with blood still on my hands and walked around the hall and saw the Kanno’s dead (and headless). Kiba must had killed them after all he is the only one who is this good at sword fighting to make a single stick to kill them both. I grabbed their bodies and disappeared to Kisa’s room, then jumped outside and disappeared to Heaven Kingdom and a maid from the castle ran to me and I said “they were killed”. “Where is Kisa, is she ok, does she know” she asked. I looked at her and said “she is fine, no she does not know” I did not tell them where Kisa was nor did I plan to. She looked at me and said “does she know her powers yet” I shook my head no.
Then I disappeared to my house before the maid could ask anymore questions, why everyone in Heaven Kingdom must ask so many questions. As I opened the door Kisa turned and saw me covered in more blood and ran over then said “Renji, what happened did they see you I am sorry to ask you to go”. I looked at her and hugged her and said with a tear almost in my eyes for her and my lost “Kisa, they killed your parents and Queen Mei, and I lost it and killed King Haru, please don’t hate me. If you want you can hate me tomorrow”. Kisa started to cry and asked threw the tears “where are their body’s, you did not leave them there did you?” “I took their bodies to Heaven Kingdom, if you want I will take you there now” I said. Kisa looked up at me and said “but if I go what will happened to you, I will never see you again and you will be alone”. I looked at her in shock for a minute then said “I have been alone for years so it is fine”. Before Kisa could say a word I grabbed her and walked out the door and disappeared in black flames to Heaven Kingdom. I put her down and said “this kingdom needs you, you are the last Kanno left and being in Hell Kingdom with a rebel prince will not be safe. So stay here where you grow up and never come to Hell Kingdom again”. Kisa looked at me and said “if I stay here I will never see you again and I will miss you. I want to be by your side even if it is in Hell Kingdom because I love you”.
I looked at her and turned way from her and said “how could I ever want to stay here in Heaven Kingdom with a Kanno, you are pathetic all you care about is yourself. Your people need you and you want to turn you back on them just because you want to leave with someone, who is dangerous, and not even care about the death of your parents and I hate you so how could I ever love you, you’re just a burden to me. Goodbye Princess Kisa. Find your prince charming somewhere else; I am going back to the world I belong in”. Before I left I heard Kisa cry and I disappeared in a black flame. Kisa looked were I had been and said “you belong in my world and I had already found my prince charming it was you, Renji”. She turned and headed for the castle crying the whole way. I appeared in front of my house, with no tears in my eyes but I could feel them coming. I had told Kisa all of those horrible things because I did not want to lose her, like I had lost everyone else important to me. Even though I love her I would rather her be in Heaven and safe then here with me and scared. Anyway she will find a person, who will make her happier then I, a person who only brings death to those close to him, ever could. I walked in my house only to have a sword go in to my shoulder that this morning the guard had got before I meet Kisa.

8. Don’t Take Me On Unless You Want to Die

It was Kiba’s sword; he looked at me with blood red eyes. “You killed my father, you will die for that” he yelled at me. I snapped my fingers and the bed in my room when flying at him and hit him at full force and he went flying out side. I had his sword in my shoulder still and pulled it out as more blood dripped down. “Are you really that stupid, Kiba” I asked then snapped my fingers and sent the sword through the heart of Sai, who was standing on the roof with a bow and arrow ready to kill me. Kiba looked up and saw Sai’s blood dripping down and ran at me will a stick in hand. I looked at him and said “Kiba, I told you I would rip you apart no mater what I lose even my eyes if you harmed Kisa or her family and you killed her parents”. I said then snapped my fingers and the house I had lived in for my whole life moved to be above of me and Kiba.
Kiba stopped in his tracks and said “you would not kill yourself” I looked at him with my eyes half black and half red “I had to give up Kisa due to you I have nothing to lose anymore” I said. He looked at me and nervously laughed “was she that important to you, you know that I sent my army to Heaven to kill them all, even Kisa. So if you die no one will tell her. So will you let me go since you are after all you are my little brother”? I looked at him and smiled “I will save Kisa and kill you even if we are brothers after what you did to Kisa I can’t forgive you but since we are brothers I will kill you fast, say hello to Uncle Haru for me”. I said as I dropped my house on top of Kiba and myself but right before it hit me I disappeared to the forest behind my house.
Then I noticed something that before I was to mad to notice. “Damn it, I wasted all that time for nothing” I said the snapped my finger and in a black flame was at Heaven Kingdom, the same place only about 15 minutes ago I was dropping off Kisa. I turned to the Heaven palace and said “so this is where the little Princess lives”. As I walked in the shadows of the palace I could hear voices but none of them were Kisa’s voice. “This girl is more trouble then she is worth” I thought. After 15 minutes of walking around the palace I took to the sky. As I flow around I noticed a figure on the roof as I flow up close I noticed it was a crying Kisa. I flow slowly behind her and was about the say something when I hear her say threw her tears looked at the ring on her finger “Renji, if I called would you come or would you laugh at me and my feelings, why did I fall for a devil”. I looked at her and then said “why every time I see you you’re crying”.
She spun around then punched me so hard I about fell down. I looked at her and asked “was that really needed”. She looked at me with tears in her eyes “you left, why you came back? I did not call a devil like you, so get the hell out of Heaven Kingdom. Devils like you killed my father and mother. They want to kill me and my people. Just take your stupid ring and get out and never show me your face again.” I looked at her getting more pissed with every word she said but I did not stop her.
“Renji I can’t believe I thought I loved you but after I set down and thought about it I found I only loved your brother. I believe you are the liar and killer not him. I beat your father got killed because he wanted power like you after all if Kiba and his father died you are next in line for the throne”. That was what made me lose it “why you little bitch, Kiba kills your family and all you can do is blame it on me. If you love Kiba so much then why did you run to me leaving your parents for died? Also never say anything to harm my fathers name if you say one more thing rude about him I will throw you off the roof with your wings tied. To think is Devil come here just to say the Hell Kingdom’s Army was on their way to kill you and everyone here but instead of working and taking care of business like a good ruler, you are up here crying your eyes out over a fucking devil you hate. Just so you know your majesty I am not next in line to the royal family. I am a rebel with no parents, home or anything only my hatred for the rule family. If you want me gone then bye” I yelled at her then under my breathe I muttered just to get to her “to think I loved a cold witch from Heaven Kingdom like her”.
As I was about to fly off I turn to her and grabbed her left hand and putted off the red ring on her middle finger and said “happy now, Princess Kisa”. She looked at me with teary eyes and as I turned to jump off the roof and fly away she grabbed my hand and yelled “why, why, why did you come here to tell me that, aren’t you betraying Hell Kingdom, your home. And I am...!” Before she could finish I grabbed her hand that was holding my hand and pulled it off then said “I don’t have a home and if I did it would be worth it to save you. After all we are finally even now, bye Princess Kisa”. Before I could fly away she grabbed my hand again and said “Renji, I am sorry I didn’t” was all she could get out before a boy flow up to the roof and said “Kisa, oh who is this little dog, honey”. The boy was dressing in white jeans, shirt, and shoes even his hair was white but his eyes blue. “Lee, what are you doing here, and don’t call me honey I told you before I will not marry you” said Kisa still not letting me go. “Hello I am Lee, the son of Masataka the Lord of Queen Capitol, I came here to ask Kisa if she happened to want our marriage to take place sooner now that her parents are dead” said Lee to me. I looked at him and said “I am Renji, the son of none-of-your-business from not-need-to-know, I came here to talk to Princess Kisa and I believe she said she will not marry you, Lee. I am not a dog, you little snowflake.” He looked at me then at Kisa and said “you are not planning to marry this dog are you, Kisa, look at him he is covered in blood and eyes are red as the blood on his shirt. I can’t allow you to marry him. Your father would not want this either”. “Her father died in a carriage accident to the castle the night before she was born so he couldn’t have a say in her life he could only give her his last name before he died, and her mother only gave her the name Kisa after her great grandma before she died in child birth. Kisa, the people you know as your mother and father were the servants and great friends of the real king and queen. After they died, we were afraid that Hell Kingdom would attack us and the king had a son, who was already was one year old, and had lost the king’s younger brother to an unknown cause. So they became the king and queen and raised you as their own they were planning to tell you on your 17th birthday. But they did love you with all of their hearts so please don’t hate them for not telling you” said the voice of a women who was now on the roof bowing to Kisa. Kisa started to cry “I could never hate them, after all they will always be my real parents to me” she said as more tears feel.
I pulled her close to me and let her cry as I held her even thought I was still mad at her for the words she had said before the little snowflake, Lee came. Lee looked evilly at me and I flashed my red eyes at him to make him stop. Then Lee said “Kisa, your father wanted you to marry me. So to do that last wish, will you marry me”? I looked at him and said very loud almost at a yell “shut up you snowflake, all you talk about is marriage. If you love Kisa you would not force her to do what you want then she is in pain or when she is fine you should put her feelings first! Also her father wanted her happy and if she would be miserable with you he would hate his choice! Kisa looked at me smiling through he tears and said “thank you, Renji”. “

9. Family. I hate Family. Especially Mine

“Did you say Renji as in Renji Kouga the son of the second king of Hell Kingdom” the women who had just told me the truth of my parents. “I have no idea what you are talking about” I said with a straight face. Kisa looked at me a little worried that I was pissed at her. “Hell Kingdom is attacking” someone yelled. We all turn around and could see fires and what looked like million of little birds flying this way.
“Princess, you must use your powers of your parents to save us from the Devils or we will die” yelled the women. “I don’t have any powers” Kisa yelled pissed she talked to her like she was an idiot. The women looked at Lee and then said “Help her take her to the cemetery and try to get her to tap into her powers before it is too late for Heaven Kingdom”. I looked at Lee and said “snowflake, if you love Kisa take us to the cemetery now”; Lee looked at me and Kisa then nodded. I grabbed Kisa and we flow down to the cemetery.
There were millions of tomb stones. I looked at Kisa then Lee, “have either of you been here before” I asked, both shock their heads no. I rolled my eyes and muttered “perfect just perfect”. As we walked around, Lee said “what are we looking for here; a key, a clue, a person, or something else”. “If we know that we would tell you, well maybe I do enjoy you walking around like an idiot looking for his brain” I snapped. He looked at me and was about to say something before an arrow landed an inch from my head.
I spun around to see Sai and Kiba. “I had a feeling you both live but I did not think you would be so low to use a shadow body change on your own guards” I said with a evil smile on my face, which half scared Kisa and half made her feel safe. Kiba looked at me and said “I am impressed you figured it out but since this is the real me it will not be such an easy kill”. As Kiba pulled out his sword, my eyes changed from red to half red and half black. Sai looked at Lee and said “who is this trash, well it looks like it will be easy to kill him, May I Kiba”, Kiba nodded his head yes. Lee looked at Sai said “don’t think it will be that easy to kill me, you worthless servant”. Sai laid down his bow and arrows and pulled out his sword as Lee’s eyes turned a bright grey-white color which looked like the eyes of the blind. Sai looked confused at him and said “I have the all hearing ears and what might you have”. Lee looked at Sai and said “I have the eyes of the blind but don’t think any less of me you will have a hard battle a head of you”. Kiba ran toward me as I snapped my fingers to have a tomb stone go flying at Kiba, who had to hit the ground and roll to miss it but still received a large gash on this left arm with stone and rock in it. Kiba jumped back up and said “you are much harder to kill then the Kanno’s I will give you that”. Kisa froze thinking it was true what I said and yet she had called me a liar for it. I looked at Kisa for a second and said “I told you if you harm Kisa or her family I will rip you apart no matter what I lose even my eyes so you ready to die, big brother”. I snapped my fingers as Kiba ran at me and swung his sword and the sword went throw my shoulder, it got it the middle of the shoulder before Kiba fell to the ground with an arrow in the back of his head.
Sai turn to see Kiba died with an arrow in the back of his head. “When did he move the arrow I had first fired” Sai thought. I had been facing away so they couldn’t see my face, said “I picked up the bow and arrow you had dropped and fired it at him so it is half your fault he is now died, Sai but don’t worry I am sure you will die like him soon. Snowflake, do you want me to kill him or you”. Lee looked at me and could tell even thought I was trying to hide it, I was at my limit. “I will kill him then is no way I will let a devil, no I will never let a heartless killer defeat me” Lee said and headed to Sai with his blind eyes ready to prove they were not a burden.
Sai looked at him and laughed and raised his sword and as soon as Lee was in rage. Sai pulled down his sword about to cut him then Lee spun, turned then touched Sai’s eyes. Sai’s eyes started to turn blind and Lee’s eyes turned brown with the all hearing ears just like Sai. Lee then took Sai’s sword out of his hand and kicked Sai in the chest sending his in to a tomb stone feeling around for something and cussing under his breath. Lee raised his sword and said “my eye of the blind can still your eye and power of about 30 minutes or until you die” then Lee with one strike killed Sai and Lee’s eyes turned back to the blind then back to his blue eyes. “Good job, Lee I didn’t think a snowflake had that much power and speaking of power we need to find a way to tap in to Princess Kisa’s” I said still not turning to them. I walked over to them and they saw my eyes were bleeding and Kisa said “when did your eyes get harmed I did not see him attack you there”. “He didn’t but since he died I guess I get his eye now but damn it hurts like hell” I said with a halfhearted smile then turned to Kisa and said “I hope the blood was not too much for you Kisa”. Kisa hugged me and said “you finally called me Kisa not Princess Kisa just Kisa I am so glad”. I smiled at her and said “you have finally stopped crying too, we need to find the way to open you powers before this place turns in to Hell, really if Hell Kingdom wins this will be Hell Kingdom too”. We start to look around then Kisa saw a grave that made her skin shiver; she turned and yelled “Renji come look at this grave”. I come over, the grave said Kisa Mai Kanno, May she rest in peace and we will all remember her and love her. “This is my grandma’s grave but I fell connected to it can you have a look with your eyes around” Kisa asked. I only nodded and his eyes turned a brighter red after a few minutes in silence Renji turned and looked at me and said “this is only a small box there, no coffin, do you want me to disappear it up here?” She looked at the grave and hoped she could for give her for having someone digging up her grave but she was here with a Kouga, so her spirit must be hating Kisa already so it don’t matter she nodded yes to me. “Lee get your butt over here and make some use of yourself” I yelled. Lee walked over and looked at me and said the first thing nice to Renji (well kind of) “Dog, are you ok, I mean it looks like you have lost a lot of blood before you came here”. I only nodded my head then I stuck my hand in the dirt and snapped my fingers then pulled out my hand and the box out of the dirt.

10. Surprise…What a Pain They Can be

I handed the box to Kisa and said “you better open it”. She dusted off the dirt and found a lock on the box. “We need a key” she said before I snapped my fingers and the lock was in my hand off the box. “Wow that sure comes in handy, doggy” said Lee looking from the box to the lock in my hand. Kisa opened the box slowly as a bright light come from the box and she must have heard me hitting the ground behind her and she slammed the box shut. “Renji are you ok, what happened” Kisa asked me. She was right I was on the ground and had smoke around him. I looked up and said “I am fine just open the box the light is made for hurting devils. It is fine I will live”. Lee walked over to me and grabbed one of my arms and helped me off the ground then said “I will take this dog out of here so he won’t get hurt so go ahead and open the box”. “No I am fine and we both need to be here if Kisa is attacked, so open it Kisa. I am fine trust me” I said with a smile. Kisa picked up the box and looked at me then opened the box and the light returned and she heard a loud thud “Don’t close it just hurry I will be fine” I yelled.
She opened it more and she could feel the tears fall from her eyes. Then all of the sudden the light in the box when into her hands and the box was empty all but a letter. Kisa opened it and started to read it. She looked at the letter for a second then closes the box. Lee and I looked at Kisa then I walked over to her slowly and put a hand on her shoulder, “We must go help your kingdom fight Hell Kingdom” I said in a soft and caring voice. Kisa looked up and nodded then she finally noticed I had lost even more blood, “must be due to the light from the box” she thought. Kisa suddenly raised her hands to the wound on my shoulders and said “I am sorry you keep getting hurt when you are around me, Renji”. Light escaped her hands; Kisa could feel a warm feeling in her heart then in her hands. I looked at my shoulder then at her and said “Thank you Kisa and it is worth it to be with you anyway, I will take a hundred swords for you” then I messed up her hair. Lee looked at us a little pissed off that I was so close to Kisa then he said “shall we get going then”. Kisa and I nodded and we flow off to see the Hell Kingdom army was leaving.
Renji, Lee and I looked down and saw no one was killed and looked like no injuries to be seen. As they looked around and only saw the gate was broken and some of the building and the castle were damaged. One of the soldiers of Hell Kingdom had stayed behind and flow up quietly and said “You have to die Kisa Kanno” and throw his sword at Kisa not knowing I would block it. The sword went through my heart. Every thing went black. All I remember is Kisa yelling my name.

11. Love shouldn’t Die- Kisa

I yelled “Renji No” as Renji’s died body fell down to earth before I flow down and caught it before he hit the ground. Lee turned around and grabbed the man’s neck and broke it. The man’s body fell to earth and landed with a thud. Lee flow down where I had laid Renji’s died body and said “Kisa you are not thinking of giving up your powers for Renji’s life are you?” I looked at him with tears in my eye “Lee, I can’t let him die because of me, if he dies I might as well too. I need him in my life, I love him” I said. Lee looked at me and kissed my head and said “Renji said I had to put your feelings first if I loved you and I do so I will let you but I must say I don’t think someone from Hell Kingdom could love an angel from Heaven Kingdom. I will tell everyone you lost your powers to make Hell Kingdom soldiers leave our home”. I looked at him and smiled “thank you Lee for everything, I know you will find someone better than me”, Lee smiled and walked away.
I looked at Renji’s cold and pale face as the tears fell from my eyes to his face I bent down and kisses his lips. I felt my heart beat and the power, which I had felt from the box and had when I healed Renji’s shoulder, the power moved from my heart to my lips then it left me. Slowly, Renji’s eyes open and I pulled my lips away from his and he breathed in air still looking at me. I felt more tears leaving my eyes. Renji looked at me then I pulled him into a hug “thank god you are alive; I thought you were gone forever” I said with a giant smile. He looked at me then asked “why did you use your powers to save me, Kisa?” I looked up at his red eyes and said “I did not want to lose you; I always want to be with you because rebel, devil, or Kouga, I love you Renji with all of my heart”.
Renji looked at me and smiled and started to cry for the first time “you idiot, what if the power had killed you I would have been alone again and lose the person I love the most in the world. Kisa, how did I ever get an angel like you to fall in love with a devil like me?” He kissed me; we might have stayed there forever until it started to rain. We both looked up at the sky then at the other smiling and laughed.
“Princess Kisa, I am so happy to see you are alive. Lee had told us you gave up your powers to get the Hell Kingdom army to leave, Thank you” said the women who had told use about Kisa’s parents. I was about to say something but Renji said as we stood up “Lady Yui, why are you in Heaven Kingdom after all you are the sister of Mei Kouga and now the last heir to the throne of Hell Kingdom”. Lady Yui looked at Renji and so did I, “so you are Renji Kouga, the son of my sister and Prince Haku, which means you are the true heir to the throne before me”. “No, you are the only heir left, everyone in Hell Kingdom believes me died and I plan to keep it that way, but Hell Kingdom needs a ruler and that is you unless you have a reason to stay here” said Renji. Yui looked at him and smiled “you are the living image of your father I will go after all the only reason I was here was so King Haru would not kill me to get to my little sister Mei. Good luck where ever you are going” she said and then flow off in the way of Hell Kingdom.
I looked at him and asked “how did you know who she was, Renji”. Renji looked at me and said “she looked a lot like my mother and she know that the queen was my mother that only someone close to the queen would know and once I had heard the queen had an older sister who died the night my father died so I guess she was her”. “Renji, where are you going to go now that Kiba and the king are dead and you are supposed to be dead” I asked. Renji looked at me and smiled “I have been thinking of that and I have a question to ask you first”, Renji got on his knees and snapped his fingers and a red ring apart from the blood on his shirt, and “Kisa, will you marry me” he said. I smiled and cried saying “yes”. Renji put the ring on my finger and kissed my hand. I got on my knees and hugged him. “I love you, Renji!” “I love you too, Kisa!”
Then Renji kissed me on my lips. As we were hugging I know in my heart, I know everything was going to be fine as long as I have Renji by my side and Lee stand with us too. I had found my prince charming, and he is everything my father could have wanted and more. I know he would be proud of me. I knew more then anything that Renji had found the place where he belongs.