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Birthdays :3

Me: OWO ESTELLE!! Estelle: Yes, Miss Nae? Me: It's your birthday tomorrow !! My GOD ! Your turning 17! Estelle: *smiles* Yes, I'm well aware of that. Me:... It almost slipped my mind. I believe the 10th of January is Lu...

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Thanksgiving .. ?

Estelle: Zaishi .. Zaishi! Wake up!! *pushes and shakes Zaishi on his bed* Zaishi: ... Hmmm... Huh? E.. Estelle?? What is it? Estelle: *stands back and sweetly smiles* Happy Thanksgiving, Zaishi. Kanshasai Omedoto . Zaishi: Th...

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Zaishi's Voice EDIT ::

Me: Zaishiii ! I found voices for youuu ~! Zaishi: Awesome ! Lets hear 'em Nae. Me: Kaaays ! Viewer , tell me what YOU think! :D Japanese Voice- Ichigo from Bleach ...

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Estelle XReo Pictures ! :D

Me: Nae here! Still on DeviantArt! Here are some cute EstelleXReo pictures! Yup! Espeon and Umbreon! To my surprise, they had A LOT of these! Estelle: NAE!!! Me: Come on Estelle! I know you wanna see!! Estelle: -////- Well.......

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Estelle X Lux Pictures !

Nae here! Not Estelle. She's busy doing something right now. I was DeviantArt Yesterday and I found the CUTEST pictures! Here are some EstelleXLux pictures I've Found X3 Forgive me for not resisting! Their Pokemon Picture...

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