Estelle's Room

Nae: Hey ya'll! It's Nae ^_^

So I've been working on how Estelle's room looks (since I've never done it yet) and even though it took some time, I THINK I got it.

Of course the colors are off but I'm pretty sure you get the jiff of things.

Her bed is a Canopy bed.

Her furniture are white. (dressers, end tables, etc.)

The carpet is a white-ish (off white) color.

The Light yellow symbols you see indicates lighting. The huge one in the middle you see is a Chandelier, BUT KEEP IN MIND IT'S NOT REALLY YELLOW! It's like crystal with lavender rhinestones. The yellow symbols on the end tables are set sets, then there's lighting in the closet.

There's also a ceiling fan. Not really that color.

On her shelves, she has a lot of plushies and stuffed animals. The blue one is her Tangrowth Plushie Tanner won for her at the fair a year or two ago. The brown one is Mr. Monkeykins.

The white thing next to the door is her sewing machine.

Then there's a big pink mirror next to her closet.

She has a balcony and on it there is a tea table set with two chairs, where she sips on her tea and hot milk.

By the balcony door, there's her work study, where there's fashion magazines, a picture frame, and roses and daisies.

There are also pictures hung on the walls for decoration.

The carpet is white and the walls are Lavender/purple.

PLEASE don't ask me about the closet's location because I wouldn't know what to tell you DX

Her bed looks more like this:

External Image

And her balcony kinda sorta looks like this: (NOT THE BACKGROUND)

External Image

I hope this is okay! ^__^