Fighting Style

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Nae: This is a post dealing with how Estelle's hand-to-hand combat battle styles are.
Her moves and martial arts is eaxatly like Kasumi's from Dead Or Alive.

I apologize for all the video game references, but this is the only way I know how to explain it as easy as possible to you all. So please do enjoy the video game action!

Kasumi Reference Videos

Now when it comes down to Kasumi, I see A LOT of Estelle in her.

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They are both kind and gentle at nature. They choose not to fight, but it comes down to protecting herself and having something, someone, or a reason worth for, they summon their strength and fight. Watching these videos remind me when I use to play DOA ALL THE TIME , when I was little (but not that little). Kasumi was my FAVORITE character.

Hmm.. I guess you could say Estelle was referenced off my memories of Kasumi as well!

Some of Estelle's new outfits WILL be referenced of of Kasumi's outfits. :3 Just so you know!