Tips on RPing with Me :3

Hello, there. It is me, Estelle! Are you having trouble getting my persona correct while adding me into your stories? Well, please look no further! I am going to help with by giving you a few tips! So pay attention! Alright, nya? :3

Here a few things to remember while in RP:

  • If I am meeting you for the first time, or even just greeting you, I will most likely greet you with a warm smile before speaking.
  • I ALWAYS speak proper. Yes, that would mean less conjunctions, such as it's or you're. Although it is not always like this, so you could use conjuctions sometimes. ^.^
  • I tend to be extremely polite to everyone. Please try not to get on my bad side, or else that politeness will begin to fade. ^_^
  • I am a person of strong intellect. I hardly use any.. how do you say... "slang" words.
  • I hardly ever swear! (curse) But if I do, I must be upset or provoked to do so.
  • To show excitement, I say "nya" at the end of sentences! sometimes, it just slips out in regular sentences, nya- ... ^.^'''
  • Sometimes, I am just clueless! >.< I can admit that!
  • Please do not let my graceful countenance fool you. I am qutie strong for.. "a girly-girl" as Lupe would say.
  • I am less of a.. "cry-baby-" now! So please do remember that!
  • Since I am Japanese, I will sometimes speak Japanese. The Japanese phrases aand words are very simple , though. Here's a word bank if you want to know what I say: :)

    • Wakarimasen- I do not understand
    • Hai- Yes/ Sure ( Depends on how you use it)
    • Doushite?- Why?
    • Nani?- What?
    • Kawaii- Cute
    • Kareii- Scary
    • Sumimasen- Excuse me
    • Gomen nasai- I am sorry
    • Arigatou- Thank you
    • Arigatou gozaimasu- Thank you very much (more polite)
    • Ohayou/Ohayou gozaimasu- Good morning
    • Oyasumi/ Oyasumi nasai- Good night
    • Konbanwa- Good Afternoon
    • Sayonara- Goodbye Forever
    • Daijoubu?- Used as a question. "Are you okay?"
    • Sugoi!- Amazing!
    • Oishii!- Delicious!
    • Baka!- Stupid/ Idiot! Used when referring to someone else.
    • Ataashi...- I....
    • Urusai- Shut up
    • Uno- Um...
    • Eto- Uhhh...

    * Ja Ne- Later!/ See ya!

Well, that is all for now. Thank you so much for reading!
Ja Ne, until we meet again! have a wonderful day, nya!! :3

♥ Estelle