My Attire

Winter Outfit: Soft Purple (or lavender) long sleeved turtleneck sweater, dark purple ruffled skirt with black bows, black hair bows, white long thigh high socks, and black Lolita doll shoes. Sometimes is accessorized with big black scarf.

Summer Outfit: Lavender short summer dress, black dress belt, white big bow in the back, white ruffled garters on arms and on left thigh, white thigh high socks, large black bow-tied ribbon around neck (a bit loose), and white ribbon in hair. Hair in high ponytail OT braided in low ponytail.

Spring Outfit: Light purple ruffled dress (black ruffles) with black belt, long black boots, white stockings, black kitty collar, and black ribbon on tail.

Fall Outfit: Lavender dress (shoulders bare) with white ruffles, long purple arm warmers, matching leg warmers, Black ribbon on tail, matching black hair bows and loose large bow-tied ribbon around neck.

Battle Outfit: Short tight dark purple monosuit (turtle necked) diamond chested, black long sleeved leather under-suit shirt which are also gloves, white long thigh high protective socks, and long knee high boots. Can be accessorized with a big red traveler's scarf. Hair can be let down or braided up.

Swimwear: White ruffed, Lavender Bantu top with matching bottoms. White Polka-dots.

Work Uniform: (Maid Cafe)

Work-out/ Training outfit: Purple sports bra, black spandex shorts, White socks, & grey and purple tennis shoes. Hair in high ponytail. Can be accessorized with sweat bands.

Night wear:
1) Lavender Silk night gown.
2) Lavender lingerie top with white sheer hangings, with matching panties, Hardly worn.


Formal wear:

Pictures coming soon....