Espeon Information

Okay, so I was looking up stuff for an Espeon so I could fill out that long new character profile and I found some things I thought were pretty cool! You should read! AND you should do this on your gijinka as well! That way we can all know a little something something on your gijinka's pokemon :D

Soo ... Did you know:

The Espeon. Resembling a cat, it has lavender fur, large ears with dark purple or blue ear insides and long tufts of fur below them, a red gem on its forehead and a pair of pupiless eyes with white irises and purple scleras. Espeon has four slim legs and tiny paws. Its slender tail, which is forked into two at the end like a Buizel's, helps it to foresee possible futures. Its catlike appearance and sparkling red gem have caused some to mistake it for a relative of Persian, however, this gem merely augments its psychic powers.

Espeon has developed Psychic powers due to a combination of great loyalty to its trainer and sunlight, with several signature special abilities attributable to its fine, sensitive fur. This very fine fur, which has the look and feel of velvet, is so sensitive, that as air currents pass through it, Espeon is able to sense things such as minute shifts in the air, and predict changes in the weather or the opponent's next move. Like most fully evolved Pokémon, Espeon can learn Hyper Beam or Giga Impact. One would also assume that Espeon can learn Power Gem due to being a gem-bearing Pokémon, but it cannot. Connecting with its affinity to sunlight, it is able to learn the healing move Morning Sun.

(So I'm guessing Lux kinda trained Estelle to be an Espeon when she was a Eevee. Great going Luxieeee !! :D Also I think I should say that the healing process Estelle used on Tanner probably could be Morning Sun. )

Espeon are very loyal to their trainers (in this case friends :3) and will protect them from harm. They enjoy basking in full sunlight. The tip of its forked tail quivers when it is predicting its opponent's next move.

Espeon, the Sun Pokémon. It uses the fine hairs that cover its body to sense air currents and predict an opponent's movement.// Espeon, the Sun Pokémon. Espeon are able to read air currents allowing it to predict the future as well as its opponents' next moves. (Soooooo Cool !!!)

Its fur is so sensitive, it can sense minute shifts in the air and predict the weather. ( Oh HELL YEAAH 8D )

Neat, ne ? Go ! Go now ! I wanna learn about your pokemon !!!