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Name: Nicole c. W.
Age: 19
Birthday: August 29th...meaning I`m like a Virgo
Location: WonderBread Land!
Fav. Food: Meat ...sweet delecious RAW meat! ((drool))
Fav. Anime: I dont have one...anymore, ha ha ha.
Fav. Game: MGS(Metal Gear Solid)

Current Theme: Ezio Auditori, Assasins Creed 2


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Pfft! Art Class

Yeah right, art class my butt! I wake up at freakin 4 in the morning, get two busses to go to the school, and walked two miles, and for what?

Art class was canceled because my teacher didnt show up. I was hoping she'd be fashionably late but after 20 minutes she never game and we all just had to sign the sign in sheet saying that we were here and leave. It totally blew jockey. I was soo looking forward to going to art class and meeting my peers and seeing how they draw and agh! To be honest I was kind of scared of the students that were in my class. They all looked like they were better than me and, agh! I was so little in their glory. Ha ha ha.

There were a bunch of people in my class. It was sort of dissapointing...i hope the majority of them drop out or move to the main campus. I hate dealing with large crowds....the largest i can handle is...two people including myself.

Uh...I think that's about it. I posted up a new piece of art. I hope it does well, havent really been posting so it probably wont do so well, XD.

I'm just going to...oh wait! Ha ha ha, I got a new theme. Ezio Auditori, from assasins creed 2. It took me a while to find good pictures but I managed, hee hee. Hope you like it to!

Question: Have you ever climbed a mountain?

I guess I'll update

WEll, the date was nice. I'm not really up for talking about it though since it like happened ....a gagillion days ago. Well not really, just one. But the moment is lost you know? You dont feel the inpsiration to write about something that's old i...

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Typical Friday

Okay, i swear a guy just sneezed and spit on his computer from laughing, ha ha ha. The sound effect from his expression is constantly replaying in my mind...trying to remember it so that it may make me happy in the future, ha ha ha. Asniizzzz! ha ...

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Bye Bye Loves

No, i am not leaving. I am just informing some of my rare readers that I have chopped off around 20 people off my subscription list. If you arent there....oh well. ha ha ha ha.

Sorry about that folks but you should learn to pay attention to me. I'm tired of having friends that i have to keep running to and keep track of when i get nothing in return. So please do not beg, do not be shocked. You know who you are. ((evil shark music plays))

So, now instead of having 45; was it? I know have 19. If you are unsure of whether I dismissed you or not, you can go check for yourselfs on my portfolio. Have a wonderful evening.


So Bored

I am so freakin bored out of my mind! I dont even know why...i like have all this free time but have no motivation to do anything. I cant even comment on artwork or blogs! I think it's because of my family. I cant stand it when they are all talkin...

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