Typical Friday

Okay, i swear a guy just sneezed and spit on his computer from laughing, ha ha ha. The sound effect from his expression is constantly replaying in my mind...trying to remember it so that it may make me happy in the future, ha ha ha. Asniizzzz! ha ha ha. ((smiles))

Oh right, Today is Friday...and I have a date tomorrow. woo hoo? I dont know. It's this guy name Joe who I have been talking to for a long time. He's pretty cool, likes to play video games and is always at the gym. Not tonning muscle but trying to loose weight. But he isnt overly fat people, sheesh. -__- when i told my mom she just said; "How'd I know you were going to go with a fat one?" 0TL! I dont know why my mom always thinks i like fat people, it's totally not true! I just dont go by looks and i dont know, it's personality that matters, and James...had no real personality and was as dull as a board. Atleast I can talk to Joe and he can make me laugh. (then again who cant) ha ha ha.

But anyways, we are going to the movies most likely to go see sherlock holmes or something like that. I hear it's interesting. But to be honest i kind of want to see Avatar again. But then I think of all the scenes and how long it is and dont want to see it anymore, so i think i'll just go see Sherlock Holmes, ha ha ha. He says he has a lot of random anime junk he wants to give me because he dosent want it anymore, so i need to see what that is all about, ha ha ha. I hope it's just not random advertising magazines. Oh well, new refs and ideas......i guess!

School starts next week and I'm going to be taking my first art class! I'm really excited about it but at the same time I'm nervous. Like I cant draw right off the bat and i already know what the first assignment is going to be. It's going to be a self portrait....so the instructor can see where we're at and what not. And to be honest, i dont think i'll do so great on drawing myself, ha ha ha. I'd make myself like ten times more glamourous, ha ha ha! JK. I'm still not used to my new hair or anything...so i'll try my best, but i just might fail. But the good thing is is that it's going to be a beginner class so mistakes arent too fatal, lol.

I got new glasses today. They are square and black. Give me a new sharp look. I can see like perfectly it's crazy! Like my vision is in HD now, XD. That's the only way i can describe it, ha ha ha. But I love it. If i look to fast though my vision gets kind of blurry and i have to weight for my eyes to focus. The eye doctor said it'll take a week to get used to. But if not, they're going to have to change them. I'm so greatful that my aunt sent me the money so i could get them. My vision totally changed! I'm not used to seeing so much detail, ha ha. It's like the happiest moment in my life right now. I cant wait until i get Lasik eye surgery! ....in the future, because i imagine that this happiness is what it'll feel like but ten times better!

I am going to take good care of these glasses so that they dont get messed up, ha ha ha and scratched and crazy. ha ha ha. Like my other spongebob ones...bleck!

Hey, did you know that now on the Otaku you can see who favored your pictures! How awesome is that? ha ha ha. I have been waiting for that to happen. I just wish it had...nah, i like it the way it is. ha ha ha. ((shifts eyes)) for now!! Dun DUN DUNNNNNN!!!!

Wow, that was a hell of a post, sorry for the rantings. just havent updated in a long time, ha ha ha.

Well thanks for reading anyways. Ha ha ha. I have more to say but i dont want to write a four page novel of my day er week, ha ha ha. Bye bye, take care.

Oh and since i'm starting school, i'll be able to post up new art again, woo hoo! I feel horrible because i didnt draw anything on my break, ha ha ha. Byes