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Gifts : HI :D john3:16: just because :D : Happy New Year! Red Dawn Rising: Happy New Year!! : I WISH U HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAYS~<3 : *You rock!* <3 zero guardian: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! beloved blood: Happy holidays!! X3 Bluesen: I hope the best for your newyear friend! winterlionheart: Happy Hoolidays ^^ Morbid Dollie: Hope your Xmas was awesome as you! :D Gadriann: Keep it rockin with your art! :D SiSero: MERRY CHRISTMAS SWEETY!! ^ 3 ^ <3 FalseDelusion: Happy Christmas and Merry New Years~ <3 Erie Machista: Merry Christmas and Happy new year!! X] reirei18 : merry christmas'09..~~ *hugs* Support KIRA: Happy Holidays! :) kukki-chan: happeh holidays~!! =D : Merry Xmas, Nicole! <3 xXWhitePhoenix: Merry Christmas!! :D itsumademo: merry christmas avarice! ^-^ harvestmoonluvr: Merry Christmas~! :D Quiet Noise: Merry X-Mas!!! natisaku: You're so sweet you deserve ice cream :) winterlionheart: A little soon, but Merry Christmas ^^ corn: Merry X-mas! Keep up the good art! :D sasuke uchia: congratulations on promotion^^ Morbid Dollie: WELCOME BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!! Creme Of Rolo: Thanks helping me out with art~ Shineska: for being an amazing artist. luv ur stuf Morbid Dollie: Just cause you're too awesome!! x3 winterlionheart: ^^ for being so awesome Morbid Dollie: Here's to my greatest friend! <3 winterlionheart: thanks for being a great friend!! ^^ Morbid Dollie: For always being such a great friend!!!! Morbid Dollie: Here be a gift! Hope your day was great! winterlionheart: Happy-late-birthday!! hope it was good!! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ sasuke uchia: sorry its late ima bad friend-happy bday FalseDelusion: Happy birthday!!.. (Dont choke on berry) Sensei Ryuu: No candle But I will draw you something! littlemissharriet: happy b-day MissGoldenAngel: A cupcake for your bday! :D Bluesen: Happy B-day Avarice-San!! Ur amazing!! cassandra5322: I hope you like Mudkips in your pie SamiJun: Happy Birthday dear! <3 Paulini: Happy b'day! :D itsumademo: here..I give a BRICK for your b-day..^-^ Kaerlyn: Box of birthday joy! :3 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : YEAH. HAPPY B-DAY BUD!!!^^ harvestmoonluvr: Happy Birthday! <3 ILU YOU'RE AWESOME 8D zero guardian: Happy Birhtday Doctor Avarice!!! darKatana: Happy B-day!!! :D nightmaya: Happy Birthday !!! : Happy Birthday! have a great day! :3 : Happy Birthday~~~ >W<)/ SigillumDiaboli: Thanks for being a good friend Kachikamac: Thanks so much for being there for me. � Estheryuki: for my mentor and friend (^^) narutard92: Just somthing for your support :) enjoy! : sry for being an inactive person winterlionheart: thanks for being a awesome friend winterlionheart: Thanks for everything! Cheer up!! ^^ Morbid Dollie: thanks for the gift!! you're so awesome! Bluesen: YOU and YOUR ART are the BESTEST EVA!!!! : you as sweet as this strawberry <3 Morbid Dollie: just because you're so awesome-like!! x3 Morbid Dollie: yet another gift cause you're awesome XD itsumademo: love your art! for that, I send you fish itsumademo: I send you ramen...because I can Afterglow: Thanks for being so friendly~ :D <3 LawlietLover13: You're so nice + Your artwork is awesome : you, me...and this cookie >:D Morbid Dollie: This is for being an awesome friend!!! TwilitWolf: Aw thankyou! *hugs and pocky!* C cat: Cherries~! Elix3r: I givez yew a cookie but I eated it...<3 reirei18 : *shares pocky* ur awesome.. *hugs* zero guardian: A cookie for your win <333 zero guardian: A cookie for your win <333 KiKaiya: I LOVE your art work! It is so Amazing! RavenK49: for being soo cool! : 8D Pie! john3:16: because you're such a wonderful friend MashMadness: Instant Guinea Pig: Just Add Guinea Layla Culein: a broom for a fellow white penciler ^^ : Your art is beautiful too~! : You've a kickass portfolio yourself >:I Black Dragon99: heres a pressent coz you deserve it ^_^ : 'cause you'r sweet!! ^^ zero guardian: From your Fun Panda Loving Vampire Zero : A rose for you. :3 For being so awesome! : awsumness!!!! <3 zero guardian: Thanks for being a AWESOME friend <333 : It could be ANYTHING!!! O.O Black Dragon99: heres some pocky for ya. enjoy =P kitty fat tits: inspirational portfolio. Teapot Domescam: Yummerz
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