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Gifts SaxGirl: Happy birthday & a happy 2013!^^ *hugs* Michiyo Shimizu: Happy V-day, missy |'D SunfallE: Happy Birthday Mew! *huggles* sakurasista: PIE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LinaMiyazaki: Happy Birthday!!! Michiyo Shimizu: lol |D you busy you... HAPPY HOLIDAYS. � Shishou: Mystery pill. :B Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* : :) Shishou: Here, have my heart, I dun vant it. SaxGirl: Happy Easter!^__^ *hugs* PaperButterfly: Happy b-day... If you remember me ;w; Raina: Happy Birthday! >8D Timcanpy14: Happy birthday and happy New Year~ ^^ : Some New Years Ramen =D : Happy Birthday! =D Indi: Art Paper For The Birthday Mew!Kitteh Knowmad: Happy BDay Mew! Have a great one! :] reirei18 : happy birthday and happy new year..~~<3 SaxGirl: Happy bday & happy 2011!^____^ *hugs* Michiyo Shimizu: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEW 8DD <3 SunfallE: Happy Birthday Mew Kitteh! =3 : Merry Christmas! ^_^ : Happy Easter! ^_^ LovelyRisa: Thanks for being a subscriber! ;D : Happy St. Patrick�s  Day! ^_^ Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty Day =3 Japan: happy valentines! ^_~ Shishou: GO DRAW ME A PICTURE : LOVE BRICK! 8D Michiyo Shimizu: I LOVE YOU MAH TWIN SISTA~ happy v-day : Happy Valentines Day! ^_^ : KITTEH WITH TEA, BRUCE? : STALKAH CHIQUITAH Aaryanna: You can never have enough basement cats! : I don't buy it's your b-day but grats :V : Chiquita Banana. Clyne Lacus: Happy (very belated) birthday xD RickHunter33: Happy Belated Birthday ligth: happy b-day Knowmad: HappyBirthdayMEWS! :D innocent heart: GAH! I missed your bday. T_T Sorry! cassandra5322: happy birthday! (nice birth date) reirei18 : happy new year..~~~ <3 reirei18 : happy birthday..~~ <3 Linden Rathan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEW~ Angel Zakuro: Happy new year/b-day! <33 ^_^ wh2000: Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! RedJ: A ninja gato for your birthday :3 Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEW!!! :D : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MEW!!! : Happy Birthday! ^_^ AnimeArchAngel: Happy birthday Mew! :3 Sage of Magic: 8D happy getting old day! *hugs* SaxGirl: Happy birthdaaaay Rachel!^o^ *hugs* ShadowLight: Happy Birthday, mew! :3 saiyukiluver: LUFF YOU <3 :D Happy Birthday Buddy! Furry-Chibi: Happy Birthday, Rachel! :3 Strawberry4U! Raina: Happy Birthday!!! =3 wh2000: Happy New Years : Love your fan art! ^_^ Hiko: Merry Christmas even if you dont do it SiSero: MERRY CHRISTMAS SWEETY ^ 3 ^ <3 reirei18 : merry christmas'09..~~ *hugs* MandaNoel07: Merry Christmas :) somegirl: BRING IT ON BRING IT ON HA-HA! 8D somegirl: Throw this @ anyone who annoys u today<3 somegirl: o3o merry chritmas FUNimation: Merry Christmas!<3 RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! :D cuz ure wonderful<3 ily<3 =] i.luv.kiba: Merry Christmas, Mewlett~! SojiRem: Merry Christmas! darkapocalyps: HO, HO, HO! MEEEERRY CHRISTMAS! somegirl: Be like Edward. Here's stripper glitter! Jigoku Sakura: ty for being such a great friend ilu : Chi-qui-ta! SiSero: SUM sweets 4 a sweety!! ^ 3 ^ <3<3<3 Shishou: Valentine Sushi from the Sushi Bear. <3 chibigurl116: here u go mewmew-chan ^^ u a great frand SiSero: YUR AWSUM!! TT U TT thk U 4 da feature!! : �Cause you deserve a cupcake. : �Cause you deserve a cupcake. krow666: thank you Michiyo Shimizu: Feel betta! Twins feel the same! ;o; Stixx: Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Raina: A Foof plushie for your birthday. ^.~ somegirl: I CAN'T GET THE STUPID BOX OPEN! LovelyRisa: Thanks for being a subscriber! twilight samurai: Mmmm! Tasty jeweloflife: ;D Getting a gift for you. LOL : Thanks for your help Team Plasma N: Send me a gift purty please! TenshiHoshino: Thanks for the comments on my art.
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