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Gifts Felix the Cat: Happy Birthday! I can't gift hearts D: Felix the Cat: This was the closest, colourwise. > >;; Michiyo Shimizu: SHISHISHISHISHI, happy holidays xD : herd u liek pandas Felix the Cat: So you have more work :B Felix the Cat: That's just wizard! Michiyo Shimizu: You can have a cupcake from me <3 : Y U NO HAVE GIFTS??!?1/!?11 Felix the Cat: ohoho : :) SolemnSerpent: Epic promotion time activate!Congrats.:) MewMew: HERE'S ICE CREAM Felix the Cat: For making them more interesting :P Raina: A rose for the sweet Nana. <3 TimeChaser: Late Birthday Panda is late. :P Pleiades Rising: It's Pandamonium Time! Wayward Warrior: HAVE A BIRTHDAY BOW!  GO KILL SOME MEESE : Happy birthday fellow April baby :D~ SunfallE: Happy Birthday Stabbit! ;3 Furry-Chibi: Happy Belated Sheesh~ Sorry I'm late. =/ noirassasin: panda! :D noirassasin: Happy Birthday! SunfallE: A fuzzbutt plushie for your birthday. =3 Knowmad: Happy Bday!!!:DYeah I panda cheated.u_u Michiyo Shimizu: HA I broke ze chain, happy bday shishi8D TimeChaser: Dept. of Redundancy Panda :P Driffter: a happy birthday panda. Ace: MYSTERY BOX! o_O Nehszriah: Here's some birthday luck for you! :D FlowerKiss: BUON COMPLEANNO~~~!!!!!!!! SRV: Birthday pandas are a joy! Raina: Happy Birthday, Nana! =3 Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 LystikinenaXP: Thanks~ another one for u! <3 :] IchigoShirayuki: I mis you too. <3 Raina: Happy Valentine's Day! =3 Angel Zakuro: Thank you! *hugs* Happy V-day! :) Michiyo Shimizu: happy v-day shishi, u get a Futa pie 8D Japan: :D Katana: Share the love...and the art. :D Miss Anonymous: There's hearts on dat dere ice cream. :V Miracle Star19: *Cupid strikes* HAPPY V-DAY!!! X3 : LOVE BRICK! 8D Pleiades Rising: Pretend It's Holding a Rose LystikinenaXP: For a nice and kind person, gracias :3 Pleiades Rising: New Year's Panda SunfallE: I GIV U BASEMENT KAT FUR GUD LUCK! Kaerlyn: Happy new  year :3 Furry-Chibi: Merry Christmas Sheesh! ^_^ <3 x3 :3 xD tiggerola: Has yourself a Merry Little Christmas! noirassasin: Merry Holidays. :) somegirl: So Merry christmas shishou!!!! <3 somegirl: I've never seen a cookie. You are first! Pleiades Rising: Everyday is Panda Day FlowerKiss: Happy SUPAH Birthday!!! Pleiades Rising: Hello tharr! : Can't forget! Happy birthday! XD Ace: It's protien. Good gift, not at all lame Kei: Happy birthday, Shi-sama!! X3 Linden Rathan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHISHY! ^_^ : Happeh barfshday, Shishou~ Kimmeh: Happy Birthday Shishou! :D Hiko: If you dont like cake I has cupcake :D Hiko: I gots you cake too :O Hiko: ZOMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOOOOOOOT!!! Knowmad: Happy Birthday Shishou! :D TimeChaser: Have a great birthday! 8D Furry-Chibi: Happy Birthday Sheesh! :3 ^_^ Angel Zakuro: Happy b-day, shishou dear! <333 TwistedCyberChick: A special person deserves special things ShadowLight: Happy B-day Shishou!!! =D NinjaGirlSango: Happy birthday! Here, have a cookie. :3 Raina: Happy Birthday, Nana! X3 deadly neko: Happy Birthday :D Selene Shri: Birthdays are good for you! ^_^ Desbreko: Happy birthday! It's almost pork buns... Indi: Happy Birthday Stabbit! =3 The Shirt: I hope things are well. -misses you- MewMew: *piles you with kittehs* <3 Michiyo Shimizu: HI SUSHI BEAR *shot* happy v-day =D The Shirt: Your avatars are always so outrageous xD Kaerlyn: Hat of joy! Furry-Chibi: For sucha great conversationalist! ~ ;]] The Shirt: Do I really need a reason? ::*heart*::<3 noirassasin: Thanx 4 all ur help on myo, Sempai <3 =) FlowerKiss: Happy Halloween!!!! :D Ryo: Here is some Pie for a great friend, ^^ : Ice Cream for meh child twilight samurai: You're cute as a button! :3 The Shirt: To an old friend and future role model.. noirassasin: Ur site helped me alot when i was on myo FlowerKiss: Hi!!! Driffter: XDDD I painted you a picture! LystikinenaXP: Hope you like the little panda :)
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