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Gifts Moka: a cookie to help you feel better LGA775: Promise I'll be back soon love..Mwahzz teapartyprincess: IM IN LESBIANS WITH YOU!!!! ;D teapartyprincess: im so sorry sis TwT teapartyprincess: you cant resist my cuddleyness!! teapartyprincess: too bad i can see throughit lol teapartyprincess: of course not XD teapartyprincess: lol  love ya too ^^ teapartyprincess: ok, only so you won't get jelly nomore teapartyprincess: well i only mean to with you~ ;} teapartyprincess: *eskimo kisses* you don't have to ask teapartyprincess: why hello there hotty ho hotty~~ ;D mofta0211: thanks for the cherries! : congrats on the promotion! :D Spectre: a sword from your sword ^_^ pandaman08: enjoy a box of pocky, my friend :D LGA775: Neva 4get U Love.Even thou I'm quiet superstarpanou: For the sub, and being so kind~ Thank u! teapartyprincess: happy easter oneechan <3 Shimuzaki: Easter is here. Enjoi! =3 Moka: happy easter! : I hope sumbunny is having a good Easter Spectre: Happy Easter sis :D LGA775: Happy easter Hunni^^Hugs mofta0211: hope this cookie brightens your day! Kami-chan.x3: Long time no talk!! :D *hugs* : Thanks for the bday wishes~ Spectre: I'll always protect you Sis :) LGA775: A rose 4 ya..hehe^^ Hyper Vampp Boi: Happy Leprechaun Day!! XD LGA775: A kitty for you..Feel better soon..Hugs Spectre: keep fighting, I will be at your side LGA775: Thank you Hun..Same for you^_^ LightFykki: Thank you for all the favs and hugs! ^_^ KyanChan: Happy Valentine's Day, Amarie! Roxas 69: Happy valentines day Omnia!!! Skulduggery69: Here has A Cookie catsworld: Happy Valentines Day to you too! ^^ kawaiiMisuzu: happy v-day :) Heken: lol banana kitabug69: 2012 TheO Story Writer piggyback garu: of course i'll be your pancake this P.D. piggyback garu: Be my pancake this pancake day? <3 :D Hyper Vampp Boi: Your Welcome! ^^ LGA775: Aww thank you so much for the reply^^ catsworld: Mewwy Christmas Owner!!! :3 : Happy Holidays~! :D : would you be my friend? kaylabee1056: thank you !!! segunda etapa: Thanks for subscribing! : Thanks for the sub :3 time line: can you be my friend AlainaTheRawr: Have a nice day! ^-^ Row76: to my new friend,happy belated birthday : happy birthday! have a great one! :D Reenigrl: thank you ^_^ : thanks for sub! :D I appreciate it a lot yuuki fiedell: congrats for the promotion! <33333 : congratulations 4 promoted!! X) mofta0211: just 'cuz ur u junshu: ...just because you're you... : Happy Easter! ^_^ mewnicole: Happy Easter Morbid Dollie: LOVE YOU CHEER YOU UP <3333 winterlionheart: und to hurt someone like you want >D winterlionheart: to be happy! winterlionheart: to heal wounds izsah: for a new awesome friend.. ^.^ piggyback garu: will you be my pancake? (yeahthat'snot1) teapartyprincess: happy valentine's day! WingedBanshee: Thank you for the sub! AllHopeIsGone: Aha! Your Welcome and back at you :3 : for you >_< harvestmoonluvr: You're very welcome :) aminesick: Very nice to meet you!!! =P belletoile: Thanks so much for subscribing � aminesick: Happy 2011!! ^_^Best wishes 4 the future littlepooch: :D Thanks for participating~<3 CDCDCD89: Congrats!!!! Kokorojun: Happy Halloween teapartyprincess: happy holloween ^^ teapartyprincess: happy birthday ^^ Amestar: Happy Birthday Omnia^^ LindseyW: Happy birthday and blah, blah, blah. :P : Happy Birthday! Enjoy it with some ramen Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! =3 kobroshi 66: happy b day 1 SimpleMonkey415: Happy Birthday Sissy! ^_^ Bleachic: Happy Birthday, my friend! itemilicious: happy birthday!! >v< Bleachic: A gift for you and thanks for the sub. Blue Latte: No gift!! DX Well, I give you one >__< gunArt: thnk u 4 d sub :3
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