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Gifts SuitLea: HI !!!!!! dfdfdfdf: happy belated birthday hope it was fun morningmusicheart: happy b-day!! :D Spectre: happy B-day dear ^_^ crazyanimegrl: happy valentines day crazyanimegrl: happy valentines day : you are the only one who makes me happy. : Forever and ever...I'll be by your side. crazyanimegrl: a cupcake for you to be childish anise fiedell: nice to meet you!! : A rose for you ^^ crazyanimegrl: i hope you have a better day today crazyanimegrl: ramen for you!! crazyanimegrl: PIEE!!! crazyanimegrl: puts cupcake on your head crazyanimegrl: *sad eyes* pwease don't kill me crazyanimegrl: baaaanananaaaa crazyanimegrl: weee!! im showering you with gifts^^ crazyanimegrl: a brick for you to beat people with crazyanimegrl: its a witch hat kool huh? crazyanimegrl: ^^ crazyanimegrl: PUMPUKIN!!!! crazyanimegrl: ik ur going to kill me later sorry ^^ crazyanimegrl: sorry im sending so many crazyanimegrl: wow look its so adorable ^^ crazyanimegrl: its a cat!!!! crazyanimegrl: its a puppy!!! ^^ cuteness overload crazyanimegrl: its a piggy!!! OMG!!! its soo cute!!! crazyanimegrl: this is adorable!!! please send me one^^ crazyanimegrl: i know im pissing you off lol crazyanimegrl: here throw this at the doushbag crazyanimegrl: a witch hat for you! crazyanimegrl: evil pumpkin for you crazyanimegrl: here ,master : :D crazyanimegrl: for you my master crazyanimegrl: for you mashtah~ crazyanimegrl: thanks : Happy Easter! ^_^ jonzgirl: ur goin out w who jonzgirl: yea thankz : Thank you for subbing! ^_^ deidara310: happy birthday- love suna and kuzu deidara310: welcomes!!!!!!!
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