littlepooch Half Breeds

:D Well! This is my...I forget how many challenges I've done, but it's a challenge >3

To put it simple-A half breed(this is my definition -.-') a person and animal mix.

So basically this challenge is for my rp Community Fusion to draw a halfer!

1-Sky the Cat (c) Littlepooch
2-Sora the Hawk (c) Littlepooch
3-Zero the Panther character (c) AnCiEnT OnE art (c) Littlepooch
4-Kasumi the Soricid character (c) GreenLeAf863 art (c) HalfwayVamped
5-Io the Dragon (c) HalfwayVamped
6-Lucy the Rabbit (c) Moonsailor
7-Kasumi the Soricid (c) GreenLeAf863
8-Tomotsu as a Blue Jay (c) GreenLeAf863 (xD Yeah, he's actually just a human...)
(Note: They are only examples, unless they are YOUR OC (or you are a member and know the creater wont mind you drawing him/her) DO NOT DRAW THEM!)

So yeaaahhhh,as you can see, the half breed doesn't HAVE to have ears/tails/claws/fangs/etc., but they can. ^^

Rules/Guide Lines~

  • Follow theO rules.
  • Do NOT just make a neko!! D< Do not be lame like me!!! You can use a kind of cat, just make it more creative than just having ears and a tail and possibly slitted eyes...
  • You may use mythological creatures (i.e HV's lovely OC, Io~ ^^)
  • You may also use extinct animals (i.e Gem's lovely OC, Kasumi ^.^)
  • It must be colored.
  • Do not just submit a sketch -.-'
  • Credit where credit is needed.
  • Please dedicate submission to me so I can see it.
  • Specify what kind of animal it is please~
  • You do NOT have to enter if I sent you a invite ^^;;
  • You can enter as many times as you want

Judged On~

Choice of animal..Jk XD *cough*but really, I do favor some animals and would like to see them as a half breed*cough*like a shark*cough* xD
How well you followed the rules.
Over all drawing/color.

If You Win~

:D I will draw the submission that won! <3 *is shot*

"oTZ I'm sorry, I fail at requests and they always pile up and I end up taking months on end to finish them....

1st-Full color of the halfer, medal, me looking at your other art (It's not much but oh well XD), a gift. (75 points if you are a member + the option to create a OC with out having to wait..Or a 5th OC if you seriously want .__.'' and a "free pass" <-meaning you can get out of my wrath about you not posting XD *shot* "oTZ or you can go a month without posting and I can't b*tch yell at you for not)
2nd-Line Art of the halfer, medal, me looking at your other art, and a gift. (50 points if you are a member, the option to create a OC with out waiting and a "free pass")
3rd-Sketch(It'll be slightly shaded cause..That's just what I do..), medal me looking at your other art, and a gift (45 points if you are a member and free pass.)

Other entries-Gift and a medal for trying :3 (20 points if you're a member)

To Members of CF~

You can use your OC for the rp, but you do not have to and you can just draw a random halfer XD

Got questions? Comment away! (Or PM me XD)


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