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Hello and thanks for viewing my challenge. I am in desprete search of a character design for my story; Lifeless. And that character is no other than Princess Yelena. The woman of Kapranova's dreams, ha ha ha.

Mission: Design a princess based on Princess Yelena's description.

It's just that simple folks. I will not be judging based on how good the art is ...AT ALL. I am looking for design and inspiration that I can work with.

Name: May Yelena
Age: Around 16-18 years old
Height: you can choose
Weight: you can choose (who says beautiful is always skinny!?)
Eye color: Pale Blue
Skin color: pure white (you may add skin tones, naturally)
Hair color: Dark brown


- You can not make her naked. Be respectful of her design
- The artwork must be yours Do not steal your designs
- The picture must be dedicated to me
- The colors must be the same as the ones listed in her profile
- You may submit two images. Any additional ones will be disqualified


- I will judge on creativity and design.
- Please color, It will help me greatly if your work is colored
- I will be looking for details
- Try not to do just a head shot.
- Because the images are dedicated to me I will be personaly judging them. Be prepared for my critique.


First Place: Your design of Yelena in my style and drawn in many different pictures. Also, your character design will be brought into the storyline of Lifeless. (a colored, full background request of your liking is also included)

Second Place: Your design may be used for Yelena's younger sister. And also a sketch request.

Third Place: A chibi art request, colored.

Please be fair, and play nicely! Thankyou again for reading.
Judging will end in two months. If I am to continue writing my story I need more details on her design.

For a better feel of the characters please view my story: Lifeless

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