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Gifts Goku s girl: Sorry i was late....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!(Hug) twilight samurai: Happy Belated Birthday! T_T Miss ya! Knowmad: Also, where r u? Long time so see. D: Knowmad: Happy freaking belated b-day Andrea! O_O : a b-day pie 4 u!! happy b-day!!! :)) TifaLockheart15: Happy Birthday rorozoro: Happy 21st Birthday!!! ^.^ yay!! Quiet Noise: Happy birthday TD, my friend !!! ^_____^ haseo luver92: Happy Birthday my friend! luv cat SolemnSerpent: Happy Birthday, have a darkside cookie! sasuke uchia: Happy birthday^^ xixisuoh: happy b-day!! :3 : *crescendo* YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU : HAPPY BURFDAY TOOOOOOOOO : HAPPY BURFDAY MY BBY : HAPPY BURFDAY TO YOU : HAPPY BURFDAY TO YOU : Happy brithday Tea!~^^ reirei18 : *hearts and hugs* ~rei reirei18 : pots for leveling up..~~ HBD..~~<3 TenshiHoshino: Have a Great Birthday! : Happy Birthday Ritona: Happy Birthday! Ritona: Happy Birthday! Kaerlyn: LEGEND! <3 Elix3r: Mishes yew!!! xOXo Lament: KEEP DRAWING :D : Happy promotion to you! : You are in my fail meme :D SolemnSerpent: Congrats on the promotion, home skillet! zero guardian: CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION <333 : Congrats on your recent member promotion VivaLaParadise: thx for being awesome <3 Morbid Dollie: Thanx again for delivering my mssg :3 natisaku: PRIZE: Congrates on 3rd in Wild OC's! :D Yu Fang: You are such a Diva! SolemnSerpent: Happy V-Day, have some pocky!  C: Ritona: Happy Valentine's Day! : Happy Valentine's Day! Angel Zakuro: Happy valentine's day, sweetie! <3 : BE MY VALENTINE PLZ K THNX :D zero guardian: Happy Valentines Day Darlin' <333 : Happy Valentines Day! Knowmad: Yo-Yo-Meow says: Thanks for the Sub! :V : You rock! :D haseo luver92: Thanks for everything! Love ya! Sensei Ryuu: heres a present for you b/c ai lurv you. bonitachika792: Happy new year! (I'm late)..... : Happy New Years! >:3 Red Dawn Rising: Happy New Year!!! zero guardian: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Kaerlyn: For writing happy thoughts <3 winterlionheart: Happy Xmas FalseDelusion: Happy Christmas and Merry New Years~ <3 reirei18 : merry christmas'09..~~ *hugs* Support KIRA: Merry Christmas!! :3 : Merry Xmas, Andrea! <33 kukki-chan: happy holidays tea-chan!! best wishes 4u Ritona: Merry Christmas! :) itemilicious: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! RadiantSun: this is the end of humanity : Happy Halloween! :D winterlionheart: Thank you for being a great friend ^^ killua2512: Thanks 4 everything, my friend..... lucariogx: To do HomeWork winterlionheart: this is for you being awesome! : I appreciate all your lovely comments<3! Goku s girl: Happy BD!^^ LawlietLover13: You're so nice + Your artwork is amazing LawlietLover13: You're so nice + Your artwork is amazing sasuke uchia: happy b-lated birth day banana^^ : HappyBirthdayâ�ºâ�¥im glad i got to know you miniwolf tribe: Happy Birthday! : Happy Birthday!!!! Love, Rachel <3 reirei18 : *shares pocky* ur awesome.. *hugs* : Happy Birthday!!! : happy b-day!!!!<3 Tamster224: Happy Birthday~! Angelic Song: Happy B-day! Hope its great! :D haseo luver92: Happy Birthday! SystemMalfunction: Happy (early) Birthday! Cramp my Style: For my Teapot Domi....pickle! BAHKANA! kukki-chan: ~thanks for eveything tea-chan! ;___; Elix3r: Cuz I LOVE your art <3 HelloKatty: thanks for supporting my sister:macaiah! : You're an awsome artist!! Luv ur Art^_^ : Hey! just dropped by 2 give you a gift Tamster224: For all your nice comments! =^.^= Sensei Ryuu: Be happy, be healthy, says I and Puppy. john3:16: spanish speaking buddeh!! ILY!! : ur art iz awesome!, your otaku soulmate Ganesa: 4 U  a little dog :3 : Te Amo Tambien~ : Te Amo Tambien~ BanisherOfSouls: Enjoy my strawberry joy stick! :) HAHA! zero guardian: Happy Valentines Day! <333 zero guardian: Hello from the Panda Loving Vampire Black Dragon99: here ya go. have some pocky =P AvariceTears: You suck for being so adorable! ha ha ha IronicJester: you draw so cute AND sexy! Kaerlyn: You are a berry lovely person ^^ : One creamy treat deserves another. X) The Kaze Dancer: Happy Halloween, Andrea!! >8D kukki-chan: here's your own personal panda heehee!* TreatXxmexXKindly: I love you cuteness it shows in your art TreatXxmexXKindly: A Banana For M´lady, hee hee InsaneAndroid: You are the cutest!
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