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Gifts yummy suika: YOU'RE THE BEST <333 yummy suika: poke-y 8DD superstarpanou: Thank u for participating in my contest! : Raisha~ LGA775: Hugs U tightly back^^ You're welcome^^ kuryuki: HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!!! cake = too mainstream LGA775: Always glad to see you 2 my friend.Hugs AlexaClyne: Happy Hearts Day Bic-kun! <3 LGA775: Happy Vday my dear friend..Huggles you.. GIDRA: thnx for subbing LGA775: Hungry?? Hehe here's a cookie itemilicious: Happy Holidays <3 : Happy holidays Bic-senpai~ x3 playitbakinslomo: Merry Christmas! 2012 Zuzu Uchiha: ^_^ Happy holidays : Happy Pocky Day~ XD Blaze023: for the awesome art^^ somegirl: Thanks love :D <3 Glad to see ur here! GIDRA: thnx for subing :) gomdorri: I love everything you draw. SO TALENTED okeimon: thanks so much for subbing! ; v ; <3 MangaKid: Thanku 4 the sub & GB sign, Bic-chan!!! LGA775: Happy easter my dear friend^^Hugs : Happy birthday!! <3 : ur sweetness more than ur lazyness! T__T superstarpanou: Happy Valentine's Day, Bic-chan! ^u^b <3 : Spreading the NY cookie of happiness! XD AngelBest Dream: Merry Bicmas ! Artgrrl: MERRY X-MAS!!!! =D AlexaClyne: Merry Christmas! <3 Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* superstarpanou: Thankies for the sub~~ Love your work~~~ Vivianlove: More energy to you :D : :) kita mikichi: Congrats on earning Otaku Eternal! magicbut3rfly: hugs and happy belated easter reirei18 : happy easter..~<3 : Happy Easter! zyxcixen: lol ^_^ thanks, sorry for the late reply : hope you like magicbut3rfly: happy birthday if i'm not mistaken <3 : Birthday Pocky~8D 'coz it's cheaper =3=; reirei18 : have a happy lucky birthday bic.. mua~<3 reirei18 : dont forget to share some cake..~<3 reirei18 : *hugs* TheBitterRose: Happy very belated xmas and new year :) : This is the lucky new year BANANA~<3 krokun: Happy holidays for u 2!!! *glomps* X3 ched: Happy Holidays! (^^,> Erie Machista: awww X] you too!!! <3 <3 <3 itemilicious: belated MERRY CHRISTMASSSS~ :) AngelBest Dream: happy holidays for you 2 *hugs* Kitty K.O.: Have some wonderful holidays! =D HaterofLove: Thank you HaterofLove: merry christmas krokun: thanks friend! the same 4 u! *huuugs* Mr Sword: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas~! reirei18 : happy holidays bic..~~<3 Haxelo: Merry Christmas!! <3 *huggles* ;3 harvestmoonluvr: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3 SparklyAlice: Merry Christmas! Water Nymph: Happy Holidays! Artgrrl: Merry Christmas! ^_^ Haxelo: Your works inspire me a lot <3 aisha-z: *your a graet artist.* FalseDelusion: with a fat panda =___=;; FalseDelusion: 'n you ruined my gift collection FalseDelusion: In side my head FalseDelusion: The phantom of the opera is here FalseDelusion: At night he sang to me in dreams he came FalseDelusion: I've gone so far, to lose it all FalseDelusion: In the end it doesn't even matter FalseDelusion: Tell me babe,how many do I shad my tears FalseDelusion: I want to change the world~! FalseDelusion: Hold tight baby~ Timelesss FalseDelusion: JingleBell JingleBell Jingle all the way FalseDelusion: Santa Baby~ Comin down the chimney tonit FalseDelusion: Show me the meaning, of beeingg lonely~ FalseDelusion: MUAH! somegirl: You should teach Jae how to draw :D neh? magicbut3rfly: ~~ chuuuu *u* : cupcake 4 u �0�!! HaterofLove: Thanks for letting me write off your art itemilicious: thank you!!!! stinamuffin: love your work! keep it up! :D Carbon Frost: thnx for inspiring me :P Artgrrl: Thank you! ^_^ zyxcixen: ^_^ just thought of giving gifts haha... zyxcixen: hey there! i'm still lovi'n your arts ^_ reirei18 : happy pi day.. <3 vampire kiss: 3rd place winner-pencils rule!!!:) reirei18 : happy hearts day..~~ <3 LGA775: Just to say thanks..^^ hahaha Again. vdr-07: Thanks for everything! ^^ Gadriann: Happy New Year! :D : I WISH U HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR~<3 Haxelo: Happy New Year! X3 : *You rock!* <3 FalseDelusion: Happy Christmas and Merry New Years~ <3 vdr-07: Because you are a great person! =) narutofangirl8: happy holidays! reirei18 : merry christmas'09..~~ *hugs* itsumademo: merry christmas!! thanks for subbing me! Haxelo: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! X3 Haxelo: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! X3 itemilicious: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!x3 : Thx for drawing Faust so well!! :D : Happy 2 Know Gr8t Person Like U =^__^= Gadriann: A cookie for ur insanely inspiring arts~ FalseDelusion: Darlin' Moochi!! <3 Haxelo: YouAreAnAwesomeAndWonderfulArtist! vdr-07: Thought about giving you a gift ^.^ zyxcixen: thanks ^_^ love your works wallpaperotaku: May you never lose inspiration! reirei18 : ur works are inspirational.. *fangirl* Markus wolfe: For tipping me off on 'Sins of the Past'
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