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Gifts Kazumi Chi: Hi! 21Emmz12: You're welcome & thanks!!! xD X MAGE X: Happy Birthday!! :D 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D Kibalover42: happy birthday (sorry its late) =( LoveLoveKitten24: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! wallpaperotaku: happy belated birthday! DistantStar: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :) Cloud998: Happy Birthday!!! Allie Elric: happy birthday! :3 : Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful one! ^^ ItachiSasuke: Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one :D Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy B-Day Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have an awesome day! :) vampirehitsugaya: Happy Birthday!!! (=^.^=) Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!! MikiTsubaki: Thanks for subscribing! Have Pocky!~ hetcheywerewolf: XD AAAA! pumpkin! meets MR. DUCKY!!!! :3 hanawa: Roses are red, but this one is pink! XD Vivianlove: Happy New Year!!! hetcheywerewolf: heheheeee :DD hanawa: Yeah, haven't see you in a while too! ^^ hetcheywerewolf: num num num! and thats ok! *licks lips* Oni hime: haha yes it would and thank you for the KiKaiya: Thank you so Much! ^^ Oni hime: from your biggest fan girl!!! Vivianlove: Love for October <3 Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY! ~ *throws noodles in the air* hetcheywerewolf: hahaa ok *chucks and lands in some1 eye* cheriepy: Thankies~ yuuki fiedell: Congrats on the promotion akatsuki! =D alexea arescia: Congratulations!may members promotion hetcheywerewolf: cake 4 eating! :3 ahahahaaaa Vivianlove: Have a nice day!! yuuki fiedell: etto? maybe we talking bout nickname..^^ hetcheywerewolf: XD lol haz a kitty 4 gd luck! meow!!! :) X MAGE X: Thanks for the sub :D IcarusCry23: thanks for the gift hanawa: Is this pink tyre yours? XDD Portal GLaDOS : Aperture Science Welcome You yuuki fiedell: hmm... i think its fun~ X3  hehehe Neko Hikaru: na ah, i win ^-^ hetcheywerewolf: heheee thanks XD Its goin well :) heheee Neko Hikaru: i missed you more :D Neko Hikaru: *hugs* missed you Neko Hikaru: AKATSUKI-SAMA! *glomps* hewo :3 Sabriela Hellena: HBBD TamaDoodles24: sorry im late- happy b-lated b-day! XD LoveLoveKitten24: HAPPY b-day ecnelisterger: Belated birthday!!!! :D : Happy Birthday! ^-^ RevengeAvenged: Happy birthday Nyan Neko: Happy belated birthday ^.^ MaraBruckner: happy birthday : happy birffday~! :3 : AKATSUKI-SAMA!!!! *hugs* lol i got bored Heart in Chains: HappyB-day(u don't have enough gifts ;D) : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D foxfireburn: Hey there! Happy Birthday! =] chocolatemud: Happy Birthday! XD Hevn: Happy Birthday!!! :) Lady Vendetta: Happy birthday!!! khbleach: Happy Birthday! Chitown16: happy birthdayyy! :) 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D Sakaira: happy birthday :D Amestar: Happy Birthday Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!XD Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!!!! LightFykki: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! hetcheywerewolf: OMG!!! ITS UR BDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! wallpaperotaku: Happy b-day!!!<3 curaneko: happy birthday, hav a cake Katty Shouto: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! ^_^ yuuki fiedell: panda!! XD i buy this at disneyland~ yuuki fiedell: birthday cake~  yummy~ ^___^ Allie Elric: happy birthday! =] PureChaos406: Have a happy B-day! : Happy Birthday!! Have a nice one! ^_^ SparklyAlice: Happy Birthday! lilyliod: happy  birthday! nin-chaz: happy birthday,have some cake! Minnano Kimochi: happy birthday! have a good one! <3 :D sakurasista: happy birthday! : bye bye Akatsuki-sama, have a good bday : DUCKY!!!! awwww, it quacked at me : im sorry i lost it,it fell into my mouth : XDDD yummy cake, have some pocky : then have some cake : then i'll talk to you next time your on? : well, your making me hungry*eats a book* : for me it's comments and pm's : i don't know...but i WANT RAME! < : our shop didn't have any ramen *crying* NoirAngel: Happy Birthday ^_^ : im talking to you,while awaiting replys : i'm only talking to 2 people now, not 4 : yummy *drools* ramen......... kobato chii: Happy Birthday!!! ^_^ Otanjoubi Omedetto : many convosations going on right now : i would send more but i have to   (next) : yeah, but it's a likable chore <3 nummy : your welcome <3 :3 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKATSUKI-SAMA! : chocolate eating is a chore for him : HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKATSUKI-SAMA! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKATSUKI-SAMA! : i agree! even the bunny kind ^-^ AIloveAkuma: Happy Birthday!! :DD : happy birthday hanawa: Here, a cigar for you. Do you smoke? XDD : you thinking of Mello? dairy chocolate! : CORRECT! next question? : your question now. what's down? : I KNOW!  I KNOW!  THE SKY! : irashaimase Akatsuki-sama : pressie for you Akatsuki-sama *^-^* hanawa: Nope? Aww... anyway here's a Chocobo! Sasukes: everyone loves pocky hanawa: Here's a Bomb from Final Fantasy series! silent tear: Thank you .. ^__^ : same. but we have eachother,so who cares : well, why wouldn't i be your friend? :3 : BFF'S! thanks for being my friend *^-^* : BUNNY!!! i'm random when i'm bored *^-^* : 2 of the meanest teachers.there are more : Mrs Singh....they are now in hospital : good idea! ummmmm...... Miss Witty and.. : yummy brick....now who to throw this at? : yummy.......you have some too <3 : YUMMY!!!!!!!! all gone! *^-^*.... ramen? : *^-^* ONE OF THE BEST!!!! DEFINATELY!!!! : eggs are one of the best choc's ever! : STRAWBERIES!!!!! *yummy*umm...pet ducky? : hmmmm? what else? CHOCOLATE!!!!!? : never!pocky is the best sweet ever!more? : and MORE POCKY!!!!! XDD : it was ok, how did you sleep?want POCKY? : HI, HI!!!!     AKATSUKI-SAMA *^-^* : yeah only people in the world would suck : life would be boring without animals : i grew up with budgies...they're so cute : YAY! exciting life! XD : horses, dogs and cats understand me : oh well, everyones differenet : mine, is maybe horses, its hard to pick : ANIMAL LOVE!!!!!!!! lol what's your fav? : it's too upsetting for me : i can't handle seeing sick animals. : SAME!!!they make the world go round! lol : I KNOW!!! i can't resist their cuteness : AND I LOVE DUCKY'S TOO!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 : yeah......panda's are cute <3 <3 <3 : it's a panda, who wouldn't love it?  <3 : OMG, PANDA!!! SOOO CUTE *suffocates you* : KITTY!!! ANOTHER BEST *hugs tighter* : BUNNY!!!! *hugs tighter* ONE OF THE BEST : 10:11pm....my computers slow so 10:12 : what time is it over there right now? : I LOVE PUPPY'S TOO *more hugs* ^-^* : I LOVE PIGGY'S THANKS!!!!! *hugs you* : the opposite is night!lol morning to you : MORNING!!!   lol ^-^* : k,i'll probably wake up at random,night! : *^o^*   i'm kinda sweepy...lol : yeah, you don't wanna know : don't worry about it, it's really creepy : i'm having an ok/really creepy night : hope your having a good day/night <3 lol : Thanks! : do you recomend any good DS games? : i collect the pokemon games.got most now : OSHAWOTT!!!!!!!!!(playing pokemon black) : BUNNY!!!!..ummmm.............YAOI!!!!!!! : PANDA!!! oh...sorry.....AKATSUKI!!!*^-^* : ZEKROM!!!!!!!!!! : CHARIZARD!!!!!! : RYUZAKI!!!!!!!!!!! : I LOVE TEDDIES!!!! umm....DRAGON!!!!!!! : ok then..RANDOM TIME!!!....ummm..CAKE!!! : ......now what??? : BURN IT!!!! : no way am i using that book.you have it! : BRICK!! wheres my people hate list?? lol : THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! i owe you! : *all gone*  lol   one more? *puppy eyes* : THANK YOU!!!!...*YUMMY!!!!!!* more? lol : RAMEN!!!!!.....*gone* more please! lol : yeah, i guess.... : it's just down stairs in a mall.not much : the shop is kinda messy, but good food! : no. but we've got an asian super market : don't know what part of shop to find in : i want to try ramen.it looks so tasty... : YUMMY BUNNY!!!!!!!!   lol....ramen? : yeah.....(awkward) lol. edible bunny? : O.o    i have a really bad memory : i like sweet and i love spicy foods.you? : i rarely have them too, but soooo good! : i love melted chocolate and strawberry!! : a strawberry in chocolate! yummy! : OVEN!!!!!!!!!!...lol... randomness rules : chocolate or strawberry? i don't know! : and trading is fun too : CHOCOLATE!?!?!?!?! : randomness is good! you gotta love it : *^-^* bored so...GIFT FOR YOU, FRIEND!!! : edible rose?!?!  try it!  yummy!!!  XD : yeah lets trade. lol : did you burn Misa's and light's DN or 1? : seriousness, is a crime! : *^-^*       you can have my choc : thank...you! love strawberry! *num,num* : XD funny, don't ever  get serious! lol : yeah. go choc ice-cream. lol : love!but have'nt done archery in a while : your fun with gifts.wanna cookie? *yum* : lol, that was fun, what else can we do? : *brings over evil book* : that's axactly what i was thinking : i don't want Misa's either. take it back : well i could , but im not killin for fun : take back your creepy book. lol : yeah, but your avatars AKATSUKI!! my fav : whyd you give me the evil death note?lol : i was thinking about the dark choc to : *^-^* : how did you think of it? : how'd you get his death note? lol : lol! your so much fun!   ^-^* : the dark chocolate side. lol : ^-^   every vampire needs roses.     lol : no, strawberries better than choc.   lol : thanks.wish they had oranges for you : i always want to type akatsuki-sama : my dogs,hypo, she barks alot (Heidi) : LOVE STRAWBERRIES! : my fav is strawberries. nummy! : i like chihuahuas. they'r cute : do you like strawberries? : bananas are my second fav fruit.cherry? : do you like bananas? : i like big dogs.i have a german shepard : dont think ive tryed strawberry,but yum : love dogs too, what's your fav breed? : mmmm, strawberry cake*eats* all gone! : you know budgurigars,hope, spelled right : yeah, kitties are very cute : i've had 3 budgies,so i want a duck next : yum.... *eats pie*  i love pie, thanks : gifts, gifts, gifts=fun : i might get  a duck one day : love pandas : how alike are we?!?!?!  ^-^ : you know,how many duckies does he has? : Ohhh! kawaiiiii, wittle panda, thanks : OMG! PIGGY! i love animals.ty : thanks. i love duckies, they're so cute : of course gifts are nice : yeah! pocky never gets old : gifts are nice, thank you : yay! a broom ;)    thank you! : *eating pocky*huh?..more pocky? ty : your fun! ^-^* : i like sweet and spicey food : mmmm...salt.lol. COOKIE?! : thank you. i kinda like cherries : same. i don't like too much spagetti : ohhh. i love noodles ^-^* : YAY! more collectables! lol. : pocky makes me happy.you? : YAY! colletable paint brush. thanks! : don't know what ramen looks like : yummy pocky! *stuffs face* thank you : love the teddy. thanks : RAMEN.never tasted before,but i want to : well, now you have one.its a collectable : lol : don't know who doesn't like choc eggs : got a brick.adds to my gift collection : love easter eggs. thanks! : mmmmm....*eating choc egg* ....huh? : no, thank you for the cupcake : choc, leaves a weird taste in my mouth : yeah, kinda weird to not like cupcakes : BFF's? : i prefer strawberry, but ty.*yum..pocky* : AKATSUKI-SAMA ! Hi! any time. pie? : enjoy! lol. i love manga too : pocky's good for you, you know : thanks for the ramen. ^-^*  CAKE! : you love giving gifts too? : yeah, oh well, just means more choc : they should have made coffee : you need cake too ^-^* : ^-^* wanna cookie? : thanks i love roses. so pretty : ty for being my friend do you like roses LoveLoveKitten24: Thanks for the gift ^^ nin-chaz: thank you :) sasoriofredsand: YES! getting kidnapped xD sasoriofredsand: Happy Late Easter xD ecnelisterger: ^^ Happy Easter~~~ kakashi fangirl 1: Happy Easter : Happy Easter! ^_^ kikkima: Happy Easter :D Hevn: Have A Happy Easter!!!^_^ : Happy Easter! : Happy Easter! ShiningHime: Happy Easter Suki! hanawa: Here, a cigar for you. Do you smoke? XDD hanawa: This is a moon, but looks like a cookie! hanawa: Whoops! Wrong one. THIS is TOM lol~! hanawa: This is Jerry, but without Tom XP hanawa: Poke POKE poke POCKY! XP hanawa: Here's a Mickey Mouse for yah~ inuyashakutie25: kain u spoil me hanawa: Did you miss me? XDD LOL *shot* hanawa: Likewise dear, I've missed you so much! hanawa: How have you been dear? =D hanawa: Dang I've missed you soooooooo much! DX MariaCarlotta: Belated happy valentines day. :) MariaCarlotta: Nothing beats ice cream though, I think. ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion! :D kobato chii: Be happy...^ ^ kobato chii: Be happy...^ ^ Aiden Elric: happy valentines day!! infinatelove42: happy valentines day!!! *huggles*^^ kakashi fangirl 1: happy Valentine's day ^_^ kikkima: happy V-day ^_^ MariaCarlotta: No I haven't but I did eat ramen before. hanawa: I hope u dont eat this, its unhealthy DX MariaCarlotta: Well, bananas are too. :D hanawa: Hey sushi is healthy~! *noms some* MariaCarlotta: Pies look so yummy. :D hanawa: A dumpling. Happy Chinese New Year! =D MariaCarlotta: Ramens are delicious too. :D MariaCarlotta: I agree! But I like pastries more. :D MariaCarlotta: But dogs are nice too. :) MariaCarlotta: I agree. And so is cats. :) MariaCarlotta: Here's a panda! :) MariaCarlotta: to friendship too. :) hanawa: Gift-attacking nao huh? *throws bomb* hanawa: *evades* *pokes* *pokes* XDD hanawa: *mega vampire glomp attack* XDD NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub  ^_^ hanawa: Heya there, long time no chat! *hugs* MariaCarlotta: Thanks! Happy New Year to you too! :) LightFykki: Thanks and Happy New Year to you too!^^ : Happy New Year too! vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! : Happy New Year!!! ^^ 2011 ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D : Happy Holidays! MashMadness: Merry Christmas! envythejealous: Happy Holidays!!! Quiet Noise: wish u Happy Holidays! ^_____^ SparklyAlice: Merry Christmas! LightFykki: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! : Happy Holidays! ^^ 2010 AnnaKanda: Happy Holidays! : merry christmas! MariaCarlotta: Happy Holidays! :D Demiyah: HaVe a HapPy HoliiDaY!  .(^.^). Demiyah: HaVe a HapPy HoliiDaY!  .(^.^). ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! kikkima: merry Christmas!! RedVelvetCake: Thanks for the gift ^_^ RedVelvetCake: Thanks for the sub ^_^ ecnelisterger: SUBS!!!! ecnelisterger: the ecnelisterger: for ecnelisterger: Thanks : !!! Happy Halloween !!! Quiet Noise: I wish you a happy Halloween! : happy halloween!!! MariaCarlotta: Happy Halloween! :D Beachan: Thanks for subscribing~! : CONGRATULATIONS!! SakuraHanahime: hope you'd like it sasoriofredsand: *wants chicken ramen now* xD sasoriofredsand: For being Pwnsome xD Sabriela Hellena: stock up w/ pink:) : =] Plueberry12: Thank you for the sub! /cupcake of yay firefox360: you get pawky for subbing :D firefox360: you get pawky for subbing :D TimeWithoutEnd: thx 4 d sub in my 2nd account. *subs* : just a gift.. hanawa: A (note)book for a bookworm! ;D FrozenRoze: Thank you for subbing me =D yokos grrl: Happy a-little-2-late Birthday!!! vksan: Happy belated Birthday~! ^^ : Happy Birthday RedNekoMimi15: >-< !HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAYDAY! XD : happy b-day!!!! hope you got big cash!XD : Happy birthday : HAPPY B-DAY AKATSUKI15!!!!!!!!!!! Sakaira: Happy Birthday! kikkima: Happy Birthday Akatsuki-chan!! ^_~ marcinha: Happy Birthday!^_^ Kimi Sihu: happy b-day RimaUmiToya: Happy Birthday :) -Rima Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =3 Artgrrl: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D foxfireburn: Happy Birthday! :D  i hope its a great 1 KiKaiya: Happy Birthday Akatsuki-san! Have Fun!! itemilicious: happy birthday!!<333 Immortal Queen: Happy birthday Kain have a good day ^^ Namie Kamikaze: Happy, happy Birthday akatsuki san ^^ : Happy Birthday! Have a pie! vanieturnip: happy b'day!!! Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday! X3 thelostsindar: Happy Birthday! Gravity4Ever: ~~~Happy Birthday!!~~~ MoonLight Pearl: Happy Birthday!!hope it rocks!!!^^ LoveLoveKitten24: Happy Birthday ^^ make a wish RedPandaAlchemist: Happy B-day from da Panda!-Repaa White  Rose: Happy Birthday!!!!!^^ Gaby4646: Happy Birthday! sasoriofredsand: Happeh day of birth~ MariaCarlotta: Happy Birthday! :) Champire: Thanks for participating!!!!!!! 8D hanawa: You are soooo sweeeeeet! ;) AdiosXDKokobongo: thank you so much!! kucingkepanasan: enjoy! ^^ : I <3 Pie..can't blame me.lol ^\^ RimaUmiToya: Here ya go. Gaby4646: Would you be my host? : thank you! ^^ : Your so SWEET! lol : Happy Easter~!~!~!  =^.^= Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 AyakoBlossum: thankies for the gift, here have a panda : Heres a brick to throw at Zero! lol LovelyRisa: Thanx for your support! : Thanks for the gift,dude! lol KiKaiya: Thanks for Sub!!! : Happy St. Patrick�s  Day! ^_^ : Happy St.Patricks Day! Miracle Star19: Happy St. Patty Day =3 : Thanks For the gift!^^ : Here's a Strawberry from yours truely! : thanx for being an awesome friend! hitori mitsuki: hi! nice to meet you! serenityxx: HEYLLO!!!! Duskyskies: MLIA sasoriofredsand: HAHTZ! First gift^^
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