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Gifts Bleachic: Hey Berry Baby~ >P lunastarz: Luna : Happy Birthday, Ichigo~!!!!!!! ^^ lunastarz: Happy Anniversary <3 lunastarz: I miss you. KingofRavens: You're weird. Banana. : Sry it's late; happy birthday! :) Bleachic: Happy Birthday, Ichigo~ 0:3 Gin Ichimaru: Happy birthday, ya little punk 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D vampirehitsugaya: Happy Birthday!!! (=^.^=) : Happy Birthday, Ichigo~!!!!!!! : *gives chocolate fangirls gave him* .... : Happy Valentine's Day, Ichigo <3 sakurasista: Hey hehe :3 : Happy Thanksgiving!! :) : *beats the sh-t out of him with broom* : For you, mah Nii-san~! ^w^ Nanao Ise: Happy belated birthday strawberry-kun. : *shoves Icecream all over his face* Oops : *Bashes with Brick* Boredom...*smirks* ReiKiba: Happy Birthday, Strawberry!!! >u< Behind Blue Eyes: Happy Birthday Friend ^_^ Bleachic: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ICHIGO!  *PARTY!* lunastarz: Happy Birthday!!  *<8D *snags kiss* <3 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D WhiteFlame96: Happy Birthday Strawberry-kun!!! <3 clueless101: Happy b-day : Happy Birthday, Ichi~!!!! :D byakuyarox1: Have a great day! : :) clueless101: Just felt like sending you a gift : Happy Easter, Ichi~!! x3 lunastarz: Happy Easter <3 Support KIRA: Thought Id send you something, Berry Boy Kc Inoue: Happy Valentine's Day Ichigo! sakurasista: happy vday! : Merry Christmas, Ichigo~!! <3 Kc Inoue: Merry Christmas Ichigo! mimistar98: mimistar98: Happy Holidays Ichigo-san AlexaClyne: I miss my strawbewwi~ <3 <3 Bleachic: Happy Halloween!!!  Bwahahahaha!!! *^^* : To my favorite strawberry~!!! :D clueless101: Thank you for the gift ^^ : Oh look! A strawberry! RedPandaAlchemist: Happy B-Day!! -Repaa RedNekoMimi15: HAPPYHAPPY BIRTHDAYDAY! InuYashaNeedsHelp: Happy birthday, Ichigo! LoveKouichi: Happy birthday Ichi-berry :P : Happy B-day and lot of funny materials! beloved blood: B-DAY RAMEN!!!! 1dev13: Happy Birthday! I hope it's awesome! ^-^ Kensei Muguruma: Happy Birthday Ichigo. Kc Inoue: Happy birthday Ichigo~!! 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ICHIGO~! =^D Felcie: Happy b-day, have a lot of strawberries! jenuchiha: Happy Birthday, Ichigo! Pantera17: Happy Birthday #1 Gaurdian!! ;) : Happy Birthday, Kurosaki-kun! :) sakurasista: happy.b-day!!XDDD *hugs* lunastarz: 'cause Sending a Strawberry is Overrated AlexaClyne: Hiya, 'Iiiiichigo' ~ >D : To the best substitute ever!!!! ;D : JOIN THE CUPCAKES! Puppet Mistress: HAPPY EARTH DAY! : *hugs* Miss you~ Puppet Mistress: Happy St. Patty's Day! ^^ RedPandaAlchemist: Stay Positive!! CrimzonN3k0 z: 4 you ^^ just because I wanted to : Thank You For Beeing Great ^_^ CheyCheyRawr: Im sorry for the late reply!!!!! ^-^ aoi bara: Happy V-day to u too! Thanks, mmuahh!! ElementalNinja: Happy Valentine's Day! :D Kc Inoue: Happy Valentines Day Ichigo!! :D Pantera17: Happy Valentines Day, Kurosaki! XD ouransgirl: Happy Valentine's Day, Number one!^^ : Happy Valitines Day! lunastarz: Happy Valentine's Day Ichigo-kun <3 Pantera17: Hey Ichigo! Enjoy the strawberry! ;) Puppet Mistress: Happy Valentine's Day Sugar! : *hugs* Spread the luv <3 RedPandaAlchemist: Happy V-Day!!! ElementalNinja: A Strawberry, for my Favorite Strawberry AlexaClyne: Just wanna give ya. ;) : Hope we can be friends:) : An 'ichigo' for Ichigo! VongolaRightHand: happy new year., man! Felcie: Happy new yeaaaar!!!!!! >_< sakurasista: merr xmas! so sry 4 da late gift! *bows* beloved blood: hey hey, ichi-kun!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! beloved blood: Happy holidays!!! XD aoi bara: merry X-mas too ^_^ : Merry Christmas Big Bro � Puppet Mistress: Have a X-Mas strawberry Mr. Strawberry! ouransgirl: Merry Christmas to my favorite host! Kc Inoue: Have a Deadly good Christmas !! XD One Without Love: ^//^ thanks Ichigo lovethataly: Get it??? :D aoi bara: ^_^
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