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OMG I'm making a challenge. I've been afraid to do so since I might be lazy in prizes...but no, I'm disciplining myself. Lol. NOW THEN. DETAILS.

What I want you to do is to make an ecard that relates to sports. It's that simple. It could just be the quote that references a sport (or sports terminology), whether humorous, serious, chock full of innuendos, or whatever else you'd like. Or the quote could be anything, but the card must be from a sports anime/game or real life players. So just as long as it has to do with activities formally known as sports, then you're good.

Some sports anime/manga, if interested:
Oofuri (Big Windup!) - baseball
Slam Dunk - basketball
Dear Boys/Hoop Days - basketball
Major - baseball
Hajime no Ippo - boxing
Ashita no Joe - boxing
Prince of Tennis - tennis (dur)
Basquash - some kind of basketball hybrid, lol
Eyeshield 21 - football
Whistle! - soccer
Overdrive - cycling

I know there's tons of others, but those were the first that came to mind. :) Little notes: I accept martial arts, kendo, swimming, and even street racing (Initial D, anyone? Lol) as sports. If you have concerns about what you wanna use, just ask.

1st: an ecard made by me with any scan you'd like, as well as an icon/avi
2nd: an ecard with a scan of your choice
3rd: an icon/avi with scan of your choice

Submission Limit is 3! So you may submit up to 3 entries for this. :) Good luck everyone!

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Rule of Life...? ~ichitaka05
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