So Bored

I am so freakin bored out of my mind! I dont even know why...i like have all this free time but have no motivation to do anything. I cant even comment on artwork or blogs! I think it's because of my family. I cant stand it when they are all talking and i'm trying to be on the computer.

Now, my computer is not in my room or in a seprete quiet place. It's in the freakin living room! Omg, sooooo annoying because that's where everyone hangs out! And everytime i try to write a pm or a comment of some sort their voices become louder to me! I cant stand it. I get frustrated and annoyed and agh!

Sorry i havent been commenting. I havent been drawing either. I've been wanting to but....ugh. Too many interruption. My little brother constantly walks in while i'm trying to concentrate and ....i dont even like thinking about it.

I have been wanting to draw for some upcoming challenges
s just been so hard. I hate it. I cant wait until everyone is off vacation!

Anyways, just thought i'd update. Frustrated out of my freakin mind and need to be alone but cant. -___-, I hope i dont get worste i just want to be alone....silence....silence.