I guess I'll update

WEll, the date was nice. I'm not really up for talking about it though since it like happened ....a gagillion days ago. Well not really, just one. But the moment is lost you know? You dont feel the inpsiration to write about something that's old in your memory.

So you guys get the blah version, ha ha ha.
We did end up going to see sherlock holmes. Which I thought was going to completely blow dice, but it was pretty awesome. I liked it. But the enemy Lord Blackwood would sometimes remind me of my own character, Akinauni. And I was like noooo now that they did this character mines going to seem like a copy. But in the end because...well you'll know if you watch it, ha ha ha. Dont want to spoil the big ending, ha ha ha. ...eh heh heh heh.

Also, we had sushi like twice. It made my stomach turn but it was okay...because i loooove sushi. We also went down to the beach, but the time we got there the waves were really close and it was too late to go into the water. It still ended up captivating my vision. The ocean has always been a huge inspiration to me. I alway get into this...silent daze. It's kind of relaxing i guess. ha ha ha.

Then we went home and playe Asassins Creed. He's not much of a AC fan but, it was oay because .... he didnt play i did! Ha ha ha.

Oh, yeah he also took me to the doctor because of my bug bites, 0_o he was concerned for me, ha ha ha. The doctor gave me two medicines...that i'm somewhat taking. I kind of feel i need to because Joe bought it for me and all.

The whole thing was pretty great. But I hated how touchy he was. If it's one thig i hate I hate being touched...it gives me the chills and makes me very uncomfortable since, I still dont know him that well and I dont know, it made me mad that he kept doing it when i told him not. So I think ...i wont be dating him for a while. I didnt really feel a connection either. One reason why I think dating is ridiculous. I just like to go for the free prizes, ha ha ha.

Uh...what else is new. Oh right, I have started on a short comic about Akinauni. Akinauni's past. I thought it would be a nice project to work on and give you all the oppurtunity to see where he comes from and yadda ya ya.

The Otaku has been pretty empty. I hope more members start looking at art again. It's been a long time since one of the arts got 234 hugs. ha ha ha.

Well that's enough small talk. I have to go to the markets and buy food even though I am feeling absolutely exhausted because my mom woke me up saying she couldnt breathe. Ugh....I did what i could to help her with my doctor like skills and she is now feeling better.

I could tell you the spiritual sides of the situation, but i dont think many of you would understand.

Lifeless....well that's going to have to wait until school starts, ha ha ha. Almost finished with Chapter 5 though...but I think I need to make a lot of changes to Chapter 4. I wrote that one too fast..and it's lacking a lot of detail.So, yeah, i have no idea when that's going to be updated, ha ha ha.

I almost have 300 subscribers! Woo hoo! I'm excited. That's like..300 away from Iruka Sensei, buh...-__-.

Also, I chopped 3 more people of my subscription list. Going to go snoop around the place in new ones.....reliable ones. Also, i'm changing my layout to a more ....well a different yazoo theme, ha ha ha.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading or skimming, whatever it is you do when you come here.