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OC Analysis: Counseling for Grumps

Why are these characters perpetually wearing a scowl? Riffing off of a recurring series within Adventures in OCdom, we’ll put our grumps under the magnifying gla...

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Stories: Search for the Sky ~ Preview

"Search for the Sky" is posted in graphic novel format here. A few alterations have been made to quicken the pace. _____________________________________________...

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Stories: Search for the Sky ~ Profiles w/o spoilers

Joel Onno
Age: 13
Hair Color: Black/Dark-brown
Eye Color: Brown
Personality: Headstrong and a little on the distrustful side. He's very protective of his little sister.
Miscellaneous: Comes from a family of five, himself included. He likes to go to the park.

Michiru Onno
Age: 6
Hair Color: Black/Dark Brown
Eye Color: Amber
Personality: Stubborn, but sweet, and a little spoiled. She is very cheerful, but can get downright clingy where Joel and Hikari are concerned.
Miscellaneous: Only her family members call Michi by her full name. Her favorite food is ice cream, and she likes to hitch piggy-back rides on her brother and Hikari.

Age: 14
Hair Color: Bleached Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Personality: A little air-headed. He is bumbling and awkward, but tranquil, preferring to 'grin and bear it' rather than pick a fight.
Miscellaneous: Has severe mood swings and periods of memory loss. Hikari tends to spoil Michi.

Stories: Search for the Sky ~ Main

After a mother falls terribly sick, she leaves her children, Joel and Michi, with the enigmatic message, “Find Sky, one of the Gifted.” Hoping for a last chance to save their mother, Joel and Michi set out on a search for the mysterious “Sky” and the “Gifted”. However, their search will take a drastic turn when a bumbling wanderer named Hikari – who has some connection to the "Gifted" – joins their ragtag crew. Who are the "Gifted"? Why are they feared? Hikari is the key to solving the mysteries surrounding Sky and the "Gifted" – but can Joel and Michi find the answers before their mother's time runs out?

Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Psychological



Comic format