Stories: Eternal Rain

The Water and Fire Gates, two dimensions on a collision course, are engulfed in a war for land -- and for the Water Keys, which, according to legend, are supposed to endow their holders with amazing powers. Used correctly, the Keys could fix everything. Young Takeshi Miyahara of the Water Gate is determined to gather the Water Keys along with their proper holders. Soon, one of the Keys winds up at his doorstep, and trouble follows close behind...

Enter Toki Shimizu, a teenager from Earth. She's awkward, unpopular, and below average in academics and athletics. After school one day, she receives a package in the mail -- a gemstone pendant. She puts it on, and suddenly, she finds herself in the Water Gate, where she meets Takeshi Miyahara. Toki quickly learns that she isn't the only one who has been transported to this strange world. Now she and the other "Keyholders" must set aside their differences and come together as a team. Can the arguing band of misfits become a band of heroes in time to save the Gates? The clock is ticking, and many lives hang in the balance...

Sci-fi/Fantasy, Drama, Action/Adventure

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Eternal World