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Asha Hirahara is the daughter of a wealthy Japanese family. Because her parents are barely ever home, they hire a caretaker for her– a caretaker that Asha utterly despises. When the caretaker isn’t looking, Asha sneaks out of the house (borrows a pair of roller skates from her next door neighbor) and wanders off to the park, where she tries to practice skating, although she knows that because she has Hemophilia, it would be too dangerous to ever become a figure skater. One day, while she is practicing in the park, she falls and hurts herself, and a boy named Haru comes to her aid. Almost immediately, the two strike up a friendship, and Asha finds herself wanting to associate with the strangely shy boy. Little does she know that this boy has the power to heal her, and that his very life is in grave danger...

Sci-fi, Drama

Haru | Asha | Hikaru | Ari

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