30 Days of Art - Prompts and Work

Day 1: Share something about yourself.
Day 2: Draw your first original character (OC).
Day 3: Draw a favorite character in an original outfit.
Day 4: Redraw your very first submission to theO.
Day 5: Gender-bend an OC.
Day 6: Draw yourself/your OC jamming to music OR draw a picture of yourself/your OC inspired by a song.
Day 7: Draw a picture that includes water.
Day 8: Make a character design reference sheet.
Day 9: Make your OC act the opposite of how he/she usually is.
Day 10: Draw yourself interacting with a favorite character or OC.
Day 11: Draw something that makes you feel happy.
Day 12: Draw a favorite place or a place you'd like to go.
Day 13: Draw an animal you'd want as a pet (real or fictional).
Day 14: Draw something you've never drawn before.
Day 15: Draw something silly/crazy/crack-tastic.
Day 16: Draw a favorite character/OC in 1950s clothes.
Day 17: Turn an inanimate object into a person.
Day 18: Draw fabric with folds.
Day 19: Turn yourself/your OC/an animal into an anthro.
Day 20: Draw in another artist's style.
Day 21: Draw a super hero in a dynamic pose.
Day 22: Use a friend's character reference sheet to draw the character.
Day 23: Draw something creepy.
Day 24: Draw something heartwarming.
Day 25: Draw a cartoon character doing something crazy/funny.
Day 26: Draw something having to do with age.
Day 27: Draw yourself/your OC counting down to day 30.
Day 28: Show theO some love through a drawing.
Day 29: Interpret "gifts" through a drawing.
Day 30: Draw your reaction to this being the last day (and add some color).