30-Day Drawing Challenge!

Two of my KG Comics buddies -- Chrizilla and MetalLegendAlpha -- invited me to join their drawing challenge on DA! Here's what I've got so far...

DAY 1: Challenge face (stoked for the drawing challenge)

DAY 2: Your favorite OC

DAY 3: Another participant's OC

DAY 4: "I thought...I was alive..."

DAY 5: A group of adventurers

DAY 6: If your story was real

DAY 7: Your Pokemon Adventure

DAY 8: A Battle Between Rivals

DAY 9: Blizzard

DAY 10: Your Support Team (Your OCs supporting you in the drawing challenge)

DAY 11: Original Creation Poster (cover/poster/splash page of original work)

DAY 12: Design an Outfit

DAY 13: Sketch Page (Fill a paper with sketches of anything)

DAY 14: Battle Scene - Final Fantasy Style

DAY 15: Halfway Point (You/Your OCs celebrating reaching halfway mark)


DAY 17: A Journey

DAY 18: Two Eyes and a Mouth

DAY 19: A Villain

DAY 20: Poses

DAY 21: Fighting Game Selection (Draw a fighting game selection menu using your OCs)

DAY 22: Younger OCs (Draw some of your OCs when they were children/toddlers)

DAY 23: OC Ref-Sheet

DAY 24: The first page of a comic series you haven't done yet

DAY 25: Your Katamari ball (Put your favorite things in a ball)

DAY 26: Let's Dance! (Draw you/your OC/your favorite character dancing)

DAY 27: Super Hero (Draw your own superhero)

DAY 28: Tribute (Do an OC art for the challenger you were not assigned to on the third round)

DAY 29: Draw yourself and your fellow challengers celebrating the upcoming day 30

FINAL DAY 30: Congratulations!!! (Draw yourself in a victory pose)