Ask Us!!

You or your OC can ask these guys anything (appropriate, of course)! And I'll draw you a sketch with your answer!

Ask 'em!

Reka (Eternal Rain/Eternal Storm) - "Doggone it, I don't want to be interrogated!!" >_<#
Kita (Eternal Rain/Eternal Storm) - "Reka's all bark. Just ask away! I'll take whatever you throw at me! d>u<b
Sora (Eternal Storm) - Hello. ^-^
Naoyuki (So Distant) - o_o *hides behind me*
Hikari (Search for the Sky) - "Do we get food during the interview??" :D
Haru (Dreamer) - *stiff* "I'll try my best!"
Nikkou (Keyholders' Legacy) - "Hi! Ask me!!" :D
Kaori (Keyholders' Legacy) - "I'll answer you when I feel like it." -3-
Khalil (dis-colour) - "Do you like hot chocolate? I'll make us some, and we can chat."
Toki (Eternal Rain/Eternal Storm) - "Hello!" *bows* "I'll try to answer your questions!"

(If you want to ask any of my other OCs, you can shoot me a question for the "Adventures in OCdom" Interview Corner!)

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