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Pet Projects ~ Expressions & Designs pt. 6

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Expression work for the other three main members of the L&F -- Everett, Veli and Avery.

Stories: Pet Projects ~ Background and Jargon

Setting Pet Projects takes place in a not-quite-dystopian version of a future U.S. A civil conflict rooted in political differences and resource rights has split east and west. Though military...

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OC Analysis: Found-Family Dynamics

This month’s OC Analysis puts a spotlight on found-families. We’ll look at brother figures, sister figures and parental figures and how these relationships affect the characters. Beware, for there be spoilers afoot! ...

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OC Psych Analysis: Characters Who are Driven by Their Weakness

This OC psychological analysis is for the underdogs. Here we’ll look at four characters who are driven by their lack of strength to be the best they can be. SPOILER ALERT IN EFFECT for the content that follows! Most p...

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Stories: Pet Projects ~ Secondary Cast Profiles


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