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Chip 'n' Dale -- 07/06

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Time for a Sporadic Update!

Hey, guys! Kita checking in!

Hard to believe it's already been just about a year since COVID started. My job has been kind enough to allow me to keep working from home, and my family is well, so I am grateful for that.

On the art/writing side...

  • "Eternal Rain" is at an eternal standstill while I try to figure out how to dig it out of a great big pit of poor planning. Haha... -_-||| *slaps 15-year-old self for her patchwork worldbuilding* Good news is, I'm slowly...slowly getting there. I'll post a more detailed update in Eternal World sometime.
  • "Pet Projects" has gone a little bit off of its planned path as the past part of the story is going a little longer than I meant it to. But it's good; it's character development for Shay.

I've been collecting some Webtoon series recently. I'm hooked on one called "Soleil". I was looking for something cute and harmless, and I got cute, mostly harmless and A SURPRISINGLY GOOD STORY. If you're looking for something cute and funny, there's also "Pixie & Brutus" -- because laughter is good, especially right now. Feel free to share what's been making you smile lately!

I've been seeing a lot of returning "faces" here, and that's really nice! A warm "welcome back" to them! Hope all of you are doing okay, and hugs through the screen! ^-^

Stories: Pet Projects ~ Main

Life in the backstreets of Innova City’s Harlein quarter is rough for the gangs of discarded human-animal splicing subjects that call them home. A young cat-hybrid named Shay was a fighter for one such gang. But meeting a sickly stray named Tristan changed her view of the gang life, and she left to protect him. Now, Shay and Tristan run the Lost and Found, a ragtag group of stray hybrid kids. When the L&F inadvertently foils the kidnaping of a young human girl named Aisha, they find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for. Will they be able to safely return her to her family?

Sci-fi, Drama



Stories: Pet Projects ~ Preview

It was a nasty clash in a cold, autumn downpour. One of the Wild Dogs came at me, and I threw him over my shoulder. From my left, a boy came at me and swung over my head as I ducked, slicing my right ear. Thankfully, that was all he got before I t...

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Stories: Pet Projects ~ Cast Profiles


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