Hello, and welcome to my personal World!

Here's where I'll share some personal notes, fun/random stuff, and my original writing. Enjoy!!

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TO-DO list!

Simplified list to be edited as I see deadlines coming up. Might not get to all of these, but I hope to be able to do them!

1. "Excel in Cipherland Activity Contest" -- 09/02
2. "Creating Your OC" Fan Art challenge -- 09/10
3. "Summer Fun" Fan Art challenge -- 09/13
4. "Otaku Fashion" Fan Art challenge -- 09/22

Other projects...
1. DA Contest -- 09/30
2. Draw adopts (1/4 complete)

Ask Us!!

I see these are making their way around. XD Jumping on the bandwagon! And coming up with questions!! You or your OC can ask these guys anything (appropriate, of course)! And I'll draw you a sketch with your answer! ...

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Commission Time!

Commissions are open! PayPal is now available. ^-^

Unplugged for a Week...

Yup, I was unplugged for a week, and I've only just caught up on all the updates/comments in my backroom and posted my 2nd-round 4-Koma Round Robin. So, after trying for years to get in, my family (minus one) got to San Diego Comic...

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It's been a while since I've written about myself, huh? Just been trying to save up some money and not getting enough hours at work -- That's pretty much what's up. I'm trying to get my commissions up and running over on DeviantArt, so I've set up a PayPal, adjusted my prices and prepared other things to take cash commissions as well as DA points. Commissions will be on hiatus until next month, but if you're interested, please check out my info over on DA!