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Character Comparison: The Psychology of Abuse

I've realized recently (thanks to the crossover stories I was working on) that out of my four major writing projects, child abuse is a prominent theme in two, and the character I created for that DA roleplay a few years back has the same backgroun...

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OC Library - Index

Eternal Rain Universe Toki | ...

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Congrats, Keba!

Keba announced that she has been added as a new moderator on theO! Swing by and send her your congrats or repost to spread the word! ^^

Home and Still Busy

Hey, guys!

I'm home, but I'm still working. That feels kinda weird, and it's easy to lose track of the days when you're not in your workplace and your whole family's in the house.

Webtoon is hosting a short story contest. Deadlines and I don't get along too well (when it's not work-related XD), so not sure how I'll do, but I wanted to give it a shot; so, most of the drawing I'm doing on the weekends is for that. Hope to share a draft page with you guys soon!

How are you guys doing? Please stay safe and well!

A Brief Update

Hey, guys!

Been a while since I've done a check-in, so here's what's new with me:

  • Leasing a car can be a pain. Liking my most recent lease so far.
  • I was down with a cold for a week but now am better.
  • Got a good six inches or so of snow this past Saturday.
  • Binged Haikyu -- so you'll be seeing a new review soon!
  • And, last but not least, did a couple drawings this week, so should have some actual art posted soon.

What's new with you guys?