Town Descriptions


Capital: High Ash
Port City: Newgale
Trade City: Reshen
Border Fort: Summercourt
Mining Stronghold: Arkfuth
Island Village: South Darling Breeze
Forest Village: Knight's Briar
Fishing Hamlet: Tregaron

Other Landmarks, Geographical Features, and Misc.

Moorside Inn & Ferry Service - the ferry to the island
Cyprin's Rest - a treehouse turned into an inn, situated in Irongrass Valley
Violetcrest Lighthouse - the island lighthouse
Cinhil Lighthouse - lighthouse near the border with Angrova
Redford Mill - situated on the river above Newgale
Carzog Ruins - the sunken temple that the Darling Channel empties near

(misc. names for the various watchtowers marked on the map.)
Westdell Tower
Silverlake Watch
Lochwell Fort
Carisa's Watch

Issodun Mountains - the mountain range that cuts a giant T through the continent that Camese, Angrova, and the northern country are in
Northden Pass Upper - northern entrance to cave that connects Arkfuth with a path outside of High Ash
Northden Pass Lower - the lower entrance to the cave pass connecting Arkfuth with High Ash
Irongrass Valley - the big windy plains area
Fa'arth Woodland - the woods surrounding High Ash
Abandoned Forest - to the left of Newgale
Fearow's Thicket - at Knight's Briar
Windy Timberland - the big mountainous forest that separates Camése and Angrova
Faded Magnolia Grove - on the island, surrounding South Darling Breeze

Violet Sea - the ocean to the southwest
Darling Channel - separates the island from the mainland. The remains of countless failed bridge attempts lie on the banks of this channel.
Gildas River - the main river that rushes down in a fjord from the mountains and empties out around Newgale
Gildas Fjord - the glacier-carved canyon where Arkfuth is located